Another Trip Around the Sun and some fun!!!

Last Sunday was not only Easter but it was also my Birthday and my wedding Anniversary ( I know I got married on my Birthday)  I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly when I did that. Two celebrations in one, what??  But anyway, it all happened on Easter this year. Annnnd throw a family get together for Easter and my Birthday into the mix and this is what you get.  But first let me take you back a couple of months ago.

A couple of months ago, while having our weekly “Sister Lunch” and solving all the world’s problems, me and my sisters were talking about having an Easter get together with all of the family.  You know I have a very large family right? six brothers and sisters make for a lot of in-laws and nieces and nephews.   So I said “It’s spring we can have the get together at my house.” We started thinking about a menu. For Easter, we usually do a cookout at my sister Sandy’s house and my brother in law grills hamburgers and hot dogs.

I was thinking that this would be a good excuse to buy a new grill. Mark and I do not grill out a lot.  We probably haven’t grilled in years.  My husband and I have a crazy work schedule and we rarely even get to eat dinner together.  Mark works a twelve hour shift and alternates days off.  Usually by the time he gets home from work I have already eaten dinner. I don’t like to eat too late.

So the plan was hatched and we would have our Easter get together at my house. I was thinking to myself, sure I have a couple of months to make my yard look good, clean my house from top to bottom, buy some new deck furniture, and a grill.  Being the procrastinator that I am you can imagine how it went down.   Fast forward to two weeks ago and I am thinking to myself, I still have a week to clean my house from top to bottom, do all the yard work that needs to be done, buy a grill, luckily we had bought the new deck furniture but we hadn’t put it together, and get ready for the Easter Birthday family get together. just to explain myself here in case you think I’m acting nutty about my family coming, yes I know I really am. I live at least thirty minutes away from most of my family and to be honest they just don’t come to my house that much. They think I live in the sticks.  So when they do come to visit I like for my home to look especially nice.   And then out of the blue my husband, very nonchalantly. says “oh by the way that’s my Sunday to work”  WHAT??  well there goes the grilling I said to myself.  So the menu changed from grilling to the traditional ham for Easter dinner.  A new menu was put together.  My family contributes all the side dishes and some desserts.  I would cook the ham.

  I did find some time to make this Easter wreath

One week down and counting.  So the week before the big event. My husband did all the yard work which included mowing, weeding and trimming up some bushes.  It still wasn’t everything that needed to be done but at this point we were happy with it. I started cleaning the inside of the house.  Let me mention that I still had to work everyday that week and we had to put the new deck furniture together.

The Friday before the Easter Birthday extravaganza finds me working late and not stopping on my way home to get groceries as I had planned.  I had planned to do the grocery shopping on Friday night and clean house on Saturday and make an Easter cake and do last minute preparations.  But the groceries didn’t get bought until Saturday morning. I live about fifteen minutes from town so it is never a quick trip.   I did get the Easter cake made and it turned out really nice.  My niece and I had seen the cake on Pinterest.  It was blue and a little complicated so I did my own version.


Sunday came and it was Easter and my Birthday and Anniversary and I felt guilty with all the running around crazy and forgetting the real reason for the Easter season. And the fact that I was fortunate enough to be a year older and have another year of marriage with my husband and have all of my wonderful family coming to visit on this day was everything.   So I said STOP IT GIRL!!!!  everything is fine. Have fun!!!!

1C102AEC-542F-447F-B90C-5FA56BE3383E              Birthday/Anniversary flowers my husband sent to my work.

And I did.  The day was great and we had so much fun and food and talking and laughing.  It was so worth all the work.  Was my house as clean as I wanted it? No.  But you know what? that didn’t matter I was with my loved ones and they didn’t care either.

Even Scruffy and Molly enjoyed everyone.  Kitty Kitty flew up the stairs as soon as the first person arrived and did not come down again until they all left.98E5BD3C-DDAA-462D-A797-7EDFB00B97C8
     Poor Scruffy was exhausted

Love you day your way!!!


2 thoughts on “Another Trip Around the Sun and some fun!!!

  1. You’re such a lovely person, Lisa. I can so relate to your thinking and doings. I’m so happy you had a wonderful Easter, birthday and anniversary!! Love to you.


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