Easter Memories

Happy Easter friends!!!!  how has your day been? I know that this year things have been very different from past years. Thinking about this got me to thinking about other Easter memories.  More about those memories in just a minute. 

I didn’t do a lot of Easter decorating this year but I did bring out my decoupaged eggs that I did last year.  I did a post about how to make them check it out here if you are interested.  Making decoupaged eggs. 

                                           These are the eggs I made last year.  

Mark and I spent a quiet Sunday at home.  I baked a ham with all the trimmings.  NO DESSERT!!!! only some cantaloupe and grapes that we had.  Too many sweets have gone through my kitchen lately.  I FaceTimed my sister today.  I miss my family so much.   Memories. 

When I was a little girl Easter was a big day for me and my little brother. All of my other brothers and sisters were grown and it was just me and my brother Joe at home.  My mama always made Easter very special for us.

It was sort of like Christmas morning the way we would wake up and my mama would have the Easter baskets and gifts set out for us.  The Saturday night before Easter we would color Easter eggs and put lavish designs on them. Well they were quite lavish to us anyway.  Easter morning my daddy would go outside and hide the Easter eggs.  My brother and I were ordered away from the windows so we couldn’t peek and see where he was hiding the eggs.  But Joe always peeked and he always got more eggs than I did.  I didn’t care I was much more interested in the jelly beans and chocolates already in my Easter basket and how many of them I could eat before breakfast.  

We usually visited both sets of grandparents on Easter and usually took our baskets of eggs to their house and Daddy would hide them there too.  My poor daddy was probably glad when that day was over.  Great memories.

Of course as I grew older my nephews and nieces got center attention on Easter.  We colored eggs and hid them for all of them.  Shortly after I was first married and my nieces and nephews were adults, one of them even married, I decided to play Easter Bunny to them for old time’s sake.  I still lived in the city at that time close to all of them.  I made each one of them an Easter Basket.  There were six of them.  Early on Easter morning I drove to each house and left the baskets on their doorsteps.  I had the most fun playing Easter Bunny before they even got out of bed. They called me one by one when they woke up and said “THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY”.  They knew who had done it. Great memories.

Last year for the first time that I can ever remember Easter fell on my Birthday!!!  I was so excited.  And not only was it my birthday but my wedding anniversary as well.  Yes I know you’re probably thinking, Why did you get married on your Birthday?, At the time it seemed like a great idea.  It has now been almost thirty years and I still think it’s a great idea!!!  I told my husband he was the best Birthday gift I could ever receive and I still feel that way.  

So last year to celebrate Easter and my Birthday and the Anniversary most of my family came to my house and we had a huge dinner, and birthday cake and fun fun fun.  It was so special having everyone there. We had dinner and then some of us took a long walk and it was just the perfect day.   Great Memories.

Easter this year.  COVID-19, Pandemic, N-95 Masks, Social Distancing, Stimulus checks.  Words that we were unfamiliar with just a few months ago.  This year many people spent a quiet Easter Sunday at home.  Alone.  This is definitely an Easter Sunday we won’t forget, ever.  But did we give up as a country?  Heck No!!!  People had parades in their neighborhood, they did online church services and outdoor church services.  I have always been a believer in, you don’t have to be in a church to worship.  Families had Zoom meetings, phone calls and FaceTime with each other.  It was special!!!!  It kind of reminds me of when the Grinch tried to keep Christmas from coming.  No matter what we will continue as a Nation.  Yes we may lose loved ones along the way, some already have. But we will remain strong.  As a group and as a nation.  Ahhhh Memories.  

I hope your Easter was wonderful!!!  I know it was different. But who says different still can’t be wonderful.  Cherish what you have.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


3 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. The eggs look awesome and I sent a copy of your post to my wife in case she wants to make some for next year. I loved your story and your memories. Here also people gathered in groups spaced apart in driveways and in parks. We are close in heart even if we are not close together in distance.


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