Strawberry Moon

Hello friends

I know I have been MIA for awhile.  I have been very busy with work.  I guess that is a good thing or I would simply curl up in a ball in my closet and bawl my eyes out over everything going on in our world right now.  I know that things will be better I know this world and our people have the ability to be better.  As a whole we can do this but it must start with each of us. Never forget.

I am having a weekend off and I am really enjoying it.  I took pictures last night of the Strawberry Moon.  The weather yesterday was a bit unpredictable.  The sun came out and then the rain came and then sun again.  I had no idea what it was going to be like by 9:30 PM last night.  

I got off work and grabbed a pizza on the way home for me and Mark.  I will have to say yesterday was one of the most stressful days I have ever had at work in all my years at my job.  It was just a series of things that kept getting worse as the day wore on.  Not anything major like an accident or anything like that but just CRAZY!!! issues that had to be handled and it seemed like each issue grew and grew and grew before it was taken care of.  You know what I mean right? 

I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to set up the tripod and camera and even attempt to take any pictures.  But I did.  Being at home with the family has a way of calming me and like I told you awhile back I am trying to leave work at work.  Yesterday was really a challenge on that.  

So back to the Strawberry Moon.  Several parts of the country were able to see a partial penumbral eclipse, this is when part of the moon moves through the Earth’s outer shadow.  This makes a part of the moon seem dimmer.  The Strawberry Moon eclipse will be visible above Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa.  So though here in the US we did now see this event the moon was to appear maybe a little darker or reddish than it normally does when full.  I was excited to see it.

June’s moon is called the Strawberry Moon because it comes during strawberry season. Also it is known as the final spring full moon, The Honeymoon, because so many people get married in June. Native Americans also refer to it as the Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Hoe Moon, and Planting Moon.  

Around 9:00 I had my camera and tripod set up to move out onto the deck as soon as I could see the moon. The clouds wonderfully parted and around 9:30 I glanced up and there it was!!!  It was gorgeous.  I jumped out of the chair and grabbed the tripod, the camera was already mounted, and ran out onto the deck.  I positioned the camera but for a few minutes I just had to stare at the moon it was so beautiful.  I took many many pictures.  I stayed out for about an hour or so and during that time the moon changed seemingly in color and depth.  There was a slight breeze blowing and it was beautiful, romantic and hopeful.  I hope you enjoy these pictures:


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      1. Yes it was. And a funny one too. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy that beautiful yard and balcony if it’s not too hot.

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