And She Came In On Little Cat Feet

About a month ago I noticed a strange colored kitty cat in the back yard near the woods. She had some really unusual markings. I tried taking a picture of her from the back deck but it was pretty blurry. We thought she might be part bob cat or even a baby bobcat. As we were able to get a little closer we decided that she was not a bobcat but a dark colored calico.

Every time we tried to go near this kitty she would run into the woods. We started putting food down at the edge of the woods and then creep outside and peep around the corner to see if she was eating it. I did get a couple of pictures of her while she was eating and to be honest she looked pretty scary. I will even admit that when I showed the pictures to my sisters they tossed around the name demon cat, wild cat, etc etc. Of course my mama bear protectiveness took over and it just made me love her even more.

I will admit she does look a little scary here. It’s amazing what a few weeks of food and kitty loving will do.

After several weeks of putting food out and getting closer and closer to our little multi colored baby, she started coming closer to us. You might as well go ahead and call my husband the crazy cat “man” he loves this kitty and worries himself to death about her being in the woods at night. I reminded him that she had been in the woods for a while before we got to her but that doesn’t seem to appease him.

She is making herself at home. If I had been smart when I looked at this picture I would have noticed what was peeking out from her belly. But I didn’t. I can be clueless like that sometimes.
I love this annoyed look. It’s like she’s saying get your butt out here and feed me!!!!
Isn’t she pretty? She is very vocal and feisty.

So in the last four weeks or so we have broken some of the unfriendly barriers of the wild kitty. I don’t really think she is a ferrel cat because she will let us get close to her. The only problem is she will quite literally scratch the living daylights out of you if you are not careful. She also does this little hissing thing every time we walk near her even when we are feeding her. But she is getting better.

I started working with her every day giving her Kitty treats and trying to pet her while I was wearing a large padded glove. After a week of this and her snuggling next to my gloved hand I tried petting her bare handed. She let me. But she was still a little skittish. She would also disappear for most of the day and only return for food. I told Mark if I didn’t know better I would think she was returning to kittens. But by this time we had been seeing her for about five weeks and hadn’t seen any signs of kittens.

Whoops. Spoke too soon. Friday afternoon Mark went out to the garage and there were three rather large kittens scurrying under his truck. Obviously they had followed their mama back to our house.

This little guy is the bravest so far and ventures out from under the car more than the others.
Just hanging out with mom.
is this not the most adorable face you have ever seen???
And as you can see there’s not three there’s four!!!!!

So far we have only caught a glimpse of them. They have taken up residence under one of the cars on the driveway that we don’t drive a lot. Now we are terrified to drive it until we can get all of the kitties away from it. This could take awhile. I know we will have to give most of them away. I would like to keep mama cat. We named her Allie Cat when she first came so we have really bonded with her. We may keep one of the babies. The next step is to get them tame enough to get them to the vet and checked out. Mama Allie is becoming quite friendly so I think the kitties will follow her lead before too long. You know I want them all and have already started naming them.

I can’t tell you how much fun we have had with these babies. Mark and I are constantly in conversation about all the babies. How much did they eat, what have they been doing. It’s become quite a zoo around here. Of course the inside babies are still a handful. Molly is having to eat several times a day just small amounts because of her tummy. She is doing much better and she has even gained a little weight. Molly does not mind the kitties at all. She usually just steers clear of all of them. Scruffy does not like the kitties and when he goes outside he chases mama cat every chance he gets. I really have to work with him on this. Of course Kitty Kitty stays in the house all the time and is oblivious to what is going on outside except for what Scruffy tells her. And he is keeping her updated.

Scruffy is giving Kitty Kitty the lowdown on what is going on outside.

So that is what is going on in my life. What is going on with you?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

4 thoughts on “And She Came In On Little Cat Feet

  1. Oh, my. Oh, my! Well, I came over to your lovely blog to thank you for stopping at mine and when I looked down and saw this, I just fell in love. She is really beautiful. Striking. And you have a marmelade baby! Oh, I love orange boys (most, not all but most, oranges are boys! And the most loving cats ever!) My Marmelade Gypsy (I named my blog after him, alas, no longer with us) was probably dumped at about six or eight weeks and lived wild for a bit, till we tamed him. Took awhile. But the best mush ball ever for 14 years. Lizzie was found with her kittens by a friend and ended up with me. They’re the best. (I love you named YOUR blog after you dog!) I wish you well with them. And if it was me, I’d keep the orange boy, too!

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