Friday Favorites & Some Amazon Finds

Happy Friday. It seems like this week has gone by really fast. How about for you? I wanted to share with you some favorite things from this past week. First up are some of my Amazon finds

I had read about this heatless curling tool contraption thingy on Instagram and TikTok. It is supposed to make beautiful wavy curls just by wearing it all night. So I ordered this one and it was relatively inexpensive. It is very soft and easy to use. Your hair should be fairly wet or damp when you put it in. It is easy to sleep in. I tried it out the other night and I rather liked it. What do you think of the way my hair turned out. I have super straight hair to start with. I put it in my hair while watching the video on my phone. A few choice words were uttered but it’s really not that hard to get in. I was afraid it would fall out during the night but it didn’t it stayed nice and secure.

From Amazon, I know it looks a little strange. You can google a video on how to use this it’s pretty simple.
I liked the way it turned out. Not super curly but that is o.k. I got a lot of compliments at work.

I am also loving headbands right now. I ordered two sets from Amazon. I love wearing them on a day I’m not going to wash my hair. These are so different than when I was growing up. Those were so bad they would give me headaches but these are nice and soft. They are great for second day hair.

So far this one with the pearls is my favorite.

Another hair product I am loving is this Biosilk. One of my young co-workers just graduated from Cosmetology school and I asked her what would be good for my dry hair. She suggested this leave in hair oil. I love it!!! You can use it on wet or dry hair. The first time I used it on my hair when it was dry and I liked it. But the second time I used it on my hair after I got out of the shower and towel dried it. I should say T shirt dried it. That’s what I use to absorb the water in my hair. My hair felt so silky and smooth. I couldn’t believe it. Second day hair today and it feels just as silky.


This is called a cremation bracelet. Mark and I both got one to put some of Molly’s ashes in. That may totally turn you off and gross you out but we love them. It is just a very small amount of ashes that goes into it. It makes us feel close to our Molly.


I love this magazine. I picked this one up at Walmart earlier in the week. Country Sampler Farmhouse. It has so many neat projects I hope I get to do a few of them.


I mentioned a while back how much I love the Neutrogena foaming face wash but hold up there’s a new kid in town. New to me anyway. I couldn’t find the regular Neutrogena foaming face wash so I bought this foaming daily cleanser and I am loving it!!!! It comes out like a gel and then becomes a light lather. I love it.


I finally finished this audio book it was seventeen hours long. It was so good. I got it through the online library with the Libby app. I hated finishing it. I have been listening to it on my way to and from work.

Free through the Libby App

And the best most favorite thing is spending time with my sweet hubs and family. Gus wakes me up every morning, usually around 4:00 AM, wanting snuggles. And that is fine by me.

What are some of your favorites this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Weekly Catch-Up

Happy Monday!! It was a chilly 45 degrees F here this morning and I am loving it. The leaves are turning colors more and more every day.

How was your week and weekend? It was pretty busy here at the zoo, which is what I am now calling our house, because of all the animals.

Last Monday it was back to work for me after the Sister Trip so I had a bit of catching up to do. It was also Fall Break for several of the schools around our area so we were slammed at work. It reminded me of our summer attendance.

I started to notice that when Molly walked across the floor she was starting to make quite a clackety clack sound. I checked her nails and they were getting really long. I don’t think Molly has ever had her nails trimmed. She has always been an outside dog, until a few months ago, and her nails were always short. Not anymore, they were starting to get really long. Scruffy has to have his cut regularly. My nephew’s wife Amy, is a vet tech and she has cut Scruffy’s nails before. I asked if she could come over and do Scruffy and Molly. I also offered to make dinner for them when they came over. she said they were getting ready to go on vacation but could come the next night.

I had to work late the next night and knew I couldn’t do dinner for them so I ran by the grocery store at lunch and bought a cheesecake and some dip and hummus so we could at least have some snacks. The babies did great when Amy cut their nails I was so proud of them. Scruffy acted better than usual and Molly didn’t even flinch. Amy is very good and the babies love her.

Of course Wednesday morning I had to leave out early and take Allie cat to the vet to be spayed. She was very sore and not herself for a couple of days. I had to run by the vet clinic and pick up some extra pain meds for her on Thursday but she is doing fine now.

Thursday was Sister Lunch. We pushed it back a day so my nephew Tyler could join us. We also had Birthday cake for his brother, Caleb, who turned 18 on Sunday. I gave Caleb a Birthday Card with money. Which is what I usually do. I noticed he had a bit of a sad look on his face. He thanked me for the money and then we started discussing presents. It was still a few days away from his Birthday and his mom and grandmother was asking him what he wanted for his Birthday. He said he would like presents to open. He said money was great but it was always nice having presents to open. He does have a job now and makes his own money so I guess money in a Birthday card doesn’t hold quite the same appeal. But it really got me to thinking. I myself love presents. Giving money is easy but there is not a lot of thought that goes into it. So I think from now on I will do presents. I picked out a few things for him so he would have presents on his Birthday. And you know what? I had the most fun picking out those gifts. I think maybe in the past I have always been busy and just didn’t take the time and thought into getting gifts for him and his brother. Special occasions deserve gifts!! I also made him chocolate cupcakes and am now committed to making cupcakes for several of his friends’ Birthdays. LOL.

On Saturday I picked up my mother in law at the Assisted Living Village and took her to get a hamburger and go for a drive. It has become increasingly hard to do this. She has a really hard time getting into the car. I always use her car which is a small Toyota Corolla. She can’t get into mine at all. She no longer seems comfortable in the car and she constantly complains about everything. She almost seems relieved when we get back to the village. It’s sad, I certainly don’t want her going out if she doesn’t want to. I think she just feels more secure now being at the village. It’s funny how time can really sneak up on you and change things so quickly.

I picked up groceries on the way home and did a little laundry so I could savor most of my Sunday. I had big plans for Sunday big plans I tell you. Mark had to work so I had the day alone with just the babies. My plan was binge watching Gilmore Girls, knitting and making some cute pumpkins and bats for Halloween, more on those later, and just chilling with all the babies. And that is just what I did. I loved every second of it.

It was back to work this morning. Why do weekends go by so fast? I ran across some very strong words of wisdom this morning when I was scrolling the Gram or TikTok. So it”s not always a waste of time. This is what I read: You need three things to be happy in life.
1. Find someone to love, this could be a person or animal. (Hopefully it’s a whole lot of people or animals.)
2. Have something do do.
3. Have something to look forward to.

I will leave you with that for your week ahead and challenge you to have all of those and everything else you may want.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Decisions Decisions

Hello friends, Do you know what absolutely bogs me down, stops me in my tracks and causes me to second guess every little thing I do? Decisions. Maybe you’re like that maybe you’re not.

During the course of my work day I have to make hundreds if not thousands of decisions. No I am not a doctor and no one’s life is hanging in the balance but yet decisions must be made. Little things that you don’t even think about. That’s a decision. It can be exhausting: Deep in your brain thousands of decisions are being made.

Some decisions will require more thought than others. Some will make you stop in your tracks and consult with someone else. God? Your spouse? A co-worker? I always turn my decisions over to God unless I forget and arrogantly think I can handle them on my own.

Did I make the right decision?
Did I make a mistake?
Did I give the decision enough thought?
Should I hold onto the decision and nurture it and pet it and name it George?
Will someone’s life be affected by my decision? Not life threatening but you know what I mean.
Will this decision lead to, GOD FORBID, another decision!!!!

You see where I coming from here, right? Case in point. My husband and I are trying to plan a beach vacation for maybe a week. What month?, Which days?, who will stay with the fur babies? the fur baby decision is a biggie. We either have to have someone come and stay at the house for most or all of the time. Molly has gotten so old and feeble we have to have someone here at our house just to get her in out of the heat in the middle of the day. And she stays in all the time now. We can’t take a chance on her being outside especially at night because of the C word. Coyotes, shhhhhhh. And now we have all the new kitties. What days can we both be off together?should we drive or fly? How many days?

WHEW!!!!! I am tired just thinking about it. Is it worth a few days on a sandy beach watching the ocean waves crash gently against the shore and if your lucky gently lapping against your toes? HECK YES!!!!! So I plug on.

I was never a parent, except to my fur babies. So I think when you are parenting you deal with about a million issues and decisions a day. That is what I have observed from my loved ones who are parents. So maybe I didn’t go through all of that and now decisions seem to overwhelm me. Yes I think that is it. Or maybe as I have gotten older I just don’t give a frack about what I do or what happens most of the time. Yes I think that is it. Or maybe it isn’t really important at all these decisions I think I “must” make. Yes I think that is it. Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t decide. And on that. I don’t have to because it doesn’t really matter.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!

And She Came In On Little Cat Feet

About a month ago I noticed a strange colored kitty cat in the back yard near the woods. She had some really unusual markings. I tried taking a picture of her from the back deck but it was pretty blurry. We thought she might be part bob cat or even a baby bobcat. As we were able to get a little closer we decided that she was not a bobcat but a dark colored calico.

Every time we tried to go near this kitty she would run into the woods. We started putting food down at the edge of the woods and then creep outside and peep around the corner to see if she was eating it. I did get a couple of pictures of her while she was eating and to be honest she looked pretty scary. I will even admit that when I showed the pictures to my sisters they tossed around the name demon cat, wild cat, etc etc. Of course my mama bear protectiveness took over and it just made me love her even more.

I will admit she does look a little scary here. It’s amazing what a few weeks of food and kitty loving will do.

After several weeks of putting food out and getting closer and closer to our little multi colored baby, she started coming closer to us. You might as well go ahead and call my husband the crazy cat “man” he loves this kitty and worries himself to death about her being in the woods at night. I reminded him that she had been in the woods for a while before we got to her but that doesn’t seem to appease him.

She is making herself at home. If I had been smart when I looked at this picture I would have noticed what was peeking out from her belly. But I didn’t. I can be clueless like that sometimes.
I love this annoyed look. It’s like she’s saying get your butt out here and feed me!!!!
Isn’t she pretty? She is very vocal and feisty.

So in the last four weeks or so we have broken some of the unfriendly barriers of the wild kitty. I don’t really think she is a ferrel cat because she will let us get close to her. The only problem is she will quite literally scratch the living daylights out of you if you are not careful. She also does this little hissing thing every time we walk near her even when we are feeding her. But she is getting better.

I started working with her every day giving her Kitty treats and trying to pet her while I was wearing a large padded glove. After a week of this and her snuggling next to my gloved hand I tried petting her bare handed. She let me. But she was still a little skittish. She would also disappear for most of the day and only return for food. I told Mark if I didn’t know better I would think she was returning to kittens. But by this time we had been seeing her for about five weeks and hadn’t seen any signs of kittens.

Whoops. Spoke too soon. Friday afternoon Mark went out to the garage and there were three rather large kittens scurrying under his truck. Obviously they had followed their mama back to our house.

This little guy is the bravest so far and ventures out from under the car more than the others.
Just hanging out with mom.
is this not the most adorable face you have ever seen???
And as you can see there’s not three there’s four!!!!!

So far we have only caught a glimpse of them. They have taken up residence under one of the cars on the driveway that we don’t drive a lot. Now we are terrified to drive it until we can get all of the kitties away from it. This could take awhile. I know we will have to give most of them away. I would like to keep mama cat. We named her Allie Cat when she first came so we have really bonded with her. We may keep one of the babies. The next step is to get them tame enough to get them to the vet and checked out. Mama Allie is becoming quite friendly so I think the kitties will follow her lead before too long. You know I want them all and have already started naming them.

I can’t tell you how much fun we have had with these babies. Mark and I are constantly in conversation about all the babies. How much did they eat, what have they been doing. It’s become quite a zoo around here. Of course the inside babies are still a handful. Molly is having to eat several times a day just small amounts because of her tummy. She is doing much better and she has even gained a little weight. Molly does not mind the kitties at all. She usually just steers clear of all of them. Scruffy does not like the kitties and when he goes outside he chases mama cat every chance he gets. I really have to work with him on this. Of course Kitty Kitty stays in the house all the time and is oblivious to what is going on outside except for what Scruffy tells her. And he is keeping her updated.

Scruffy is giving Kitty Kitty the lowdown on what is going on outside.

So that is what is going on in my life. What is going on with you?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!