Weekly Catch Up & Memorial Day

Hello and happy Memorial Day to everyone. Especially our veterans who gave all for us. Let us never forget them and what they have given for our freedom.

The weather here has been chilly. I’m not sure if this would be considered Whippoorwill Winter or as some of the old timers call it, Woolen Britches Winter. Whippoorwill Winter usually occurs middle to late May so that is what I think we are actually experiencing these last few days. Woolen Britches is the last winter we have before late spring or summer temperatures hit us. I know my jacket felt really good this morning.

Being in tourism the days leading up to and including Memorial Day is very busy for me. People have started vacations and traveling is on everyone’s mind. My work has been so incredibly busy. I actually worked part of the weekend. Memorial Day is our kick off to summer and the Labor Day sort of ends the busy tourist season. All of the days in between are busy.

Because I only had one day off I had to cram a lot into it. This included visiting my mother in law and taking her supplies, buying groceries, doing laundry and trying to get some time in to chill and do a few fun things.

I had a few minutes to catch up on a book I was reading and have some coffee and a muffin.

I made a blueberry cobbler. I love to make one of these on Sunday and have it for the entire week.

I also wanted to try these lasagna cupcakes that I had been seeing all over Facebook and TikTok. These are made like lasagna but instead of using pasta you use wonton wrappers. This makes them very calorie friendly. I will trim the wonton wrappers on top next time because they stuck a little bit. I used a muffin pan. I made my usual lasagna sauce for regular lasagna. You can use whatever you want. You can also use grilled veggies or anything you might want to chop up and use. But you don’t have a lot of room in the muffin tins. I used ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese. I layered a wrapper then ricotta cheese then my sauce, then mozzarella and parmesan. I then added another wrapper and repeated the layer. For the sauce I used marinara sauce with ground beef but you can use ground turkey or whatever you would like. Basically you can make them just about any way you want to. They are delicious.

I finished the sock I have been working on a cast on the second sock. The second sock is never as much fun to knit as the first one. I can see the striping will be off a little but that will just make it interesting. Nobody will notice when they are inside my shoes. HA!!!

Other than working all I have had time to do is SCRATCH!!! The poison Ivy is slowly starting to dry up. I told you about the IVAREST I had been using. It really does the trick. It is so soothing. I think it has calamine lotion in it or something like that. I listed it on my Friday Favorites last week. If you missed it you can catch that blog post here But the problem was the biggest area affected was on my wrist and it easily spread to a few other areas.

So how was your weekend? Did you do something fun? Have a wonderful week!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. I am sad to say that I am battling poison Ivy. I got into a patch of it at work. I was thinning some irises and I noticed a bit growing near the irises. I am very allergic and I know better than to even be that close to it. I wore gloves and long sleeves but I still broke out in a couple of spots on my wrist and that soon spread to a couple of places on my stomach and then my leg. But that brings me to my first favorite of this week. Iva Rest. It is the best for poison Ivy break outs. This is the best stuff I have found.

I have been trying to find some cleaning supplies that will make my work easier. I saw the next two items in a fellow bloggers post. I can’t remember now who posted it but she was really impressed. The first one is this dusting wand. I got this from Amazon and I love it. You can clean the tops of cabinets or under appliances. I can think of many many places to use this thing. You can take the cover off and wash it. And you can order additional pads for it. This was around $22.00.

Next, also from Amazon is this plastic razor thingy. I hope you do not have soap scum anywhere in your bathroom room and if you don’t then good for you. But soap, lets calm it residue, an build up fast without you noticing. This rubber scraper is perfect for cleaning it and getting it off of you tub, shower walls or sink. I think this was about $10.00

Last Sunday my sister invited me over to her house for a small Mother’s Day get together. They ordered pizzas and I made a chocolate chip cookie cake and decorated it with icing I made. It was so yummy. My nephew made a yummy banana pudding. My family doesn’t like the huge chunks of banana in our pudding and my nephew Chris knows just how to make it. It is so good. I didn’t get a picture of the banana pudding it was a favorite and went fast.

Since I finished the Temperature blanket I have had more time to get back to my other projects. I dug out this sock that I had started back several months ago. I started working on it again. Man I had forgotten how tiny those little double pointed needles were.

The Day Lilies and the Tiger Lilies are blooming now and they are some of my favorites. They make me happy just seeing them.

Last week I watched a movie called A Man Named Otto. It is from the book A Man Called Ove. I really enjoyed Tom Hanks in this movie. It does deal with suicide so there are some trigger warnings. Otto has lost his wife and his will to live. Tom Hanks is Otto. His neighbor, an adorable woman, and her family bring out the best in him and help him to see that there are lots of things left in his world to live for. There has been a lot of controversy about this movie, because of the suicide issues, but I really liked it and I liked the book, A Man Called Ove, when I read it last year.

A few of my favorites from this week. How has your week been? What were some of your favorites?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!