Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Hello hello happy spring. Let me tell you This girl is more than ready for some spring weather. Over the weekend I felt especially crafty. Sometimes when I get really stressed out about work and things. I need to get out of my head for awhile. It seems like nothing helps me more than creating something new….

A Quick Trip to Orlando

    Hello hello, how are you? I had a quick trip to Orlando last week for work. I left on Monday. My flight wasn’t until almost 2:00 pm. This wasn’t by my choice. I usually like a really early flight so that I can get to where I am going and check things out….

February You May Be The Cruelest Month

T.S. Eliot proclaims April to be the cruelest month but I may have to differ with him. Our reasons for the cruelest month are different.  His has to do with blooming flowers in April.  Mine because of, well, events. I have lost several loved ones during the month of February. My mother died on Valentines…

I Have Cabin Fever!!!!

Hello hello how are you?  The sick bug has hit our little family.  Mark was sick all weekend before last.  I was hoping I wouldn’t catch what he had but being in such close quarters almost makes that impossible. I should have known something was going on last Tuesday when everything I did seemed to be…