A Quick Nashville Trip and Kitty Babies

Good morning friends and happy December!!! I am up early writing this before work. It is a chilly 35 degrees F this morning in beautiful East Tennessee. The day should be partly cloudy with temps going up to about 65 degrees F. I just fed all the babies except our old girl Molly. I will feed her in just a few minutes she has to be coaxed and it can take quite awhile. It is supposed to be a partly cloudy but warmer day today.

Even though we have red skies this morning, which usually denotes bad weather, it is supposed to be a fairly calm weather day.

Sometimes I simply amaze myself and have to question my own sanity. Take for instance last night. It was about 9:00 PM and I was in my garage in my pjs doing my special kitty call, don’t ask, to try and get all the kitties into the garage for the night. I kept going in and out to the garage until I had all of them safely in. I’m thinking to myself, what has happened here? When did I truly become the Crazy Cat Lady. Well we all know when it happened the approximate time of Cat Ladydom was just a few short months ago on July 4th at 6:00 PM. That is the time mama cat Allie first appeared at our house. Things were not this crazy when we got Kitty Kitty I think just having one kitty does not a Crazy Cat Lady make. I guess because she came to our house without it causing too much insanity and I never really felt “Crazy Cat Lady” until we took in the other five.

Yesterday the hubs and I made our quarterly trek to Vanderbillt Medical Center In Nashville. It’s a 4 hour drive each way if the traffic is good, it was yesterday. I got up at 3:00 AM to get all the babies fed and cared for before we left out around 5:00 AM. It is an exhausting trip. But all of Mark’s blood work was great so that is a blessing and well worth that long trip. I think I told you we usually get the blood work results within an hour or so of leaving the hospital and we can breath easy after that. But yesterday the lab was running slow and we didn’t get them until we pulled into our driveway four hours later. It was a very long and nervous ride back. It makes for a long and stressful day but It’s just what we have to do so we do it. There are some things in life like that. But to get a good report and peace of mind, well you can’t ask for more. It’s what we do to keep Mark’s transplanted kidney safe.

A couple of weeks ago I found these adorable little Christmas stockings at Kohl’s. I found one for each of the fur babies with their initials. All but I that is for Izzy so I bought a plain one and embroidered the I myself. I hung them up last weekend and I just love them. I have most of the ornaments on the tree except all of our Star Trek ornaments and a tree topper. I am looking for a different topper this year.

You can get a glimpse of my partially decorated Christmas tree on the right. The tree on the left is my bird tree that I keep up all year. I collect bird ornaments and just keep it up all the time. It now has lots of kitty toys under it. Lol.
I put the stockings on either side of the entryway going into the kitchen. Not the best of pictures but you get the idea. We have four on each side.

Last Friday I took Milo and Buster in to the vet clinic to be neutered. I dropped them off at 8:00 AM on my way into town. I was a little teary eyed dropping them off. I know we have to do this if we are going to keep all the kitties but I can’t bear to think of them scared and in pain. Allie, mama cat, has been spayed and of course Kitty Kitty and now Buster and Milo. We have only our two girls, Izzy and Sadie left to be spayed. We should have that done before the end of the year. I picked Buster and Milo up on my way home from work and they were fine. By the next day they were playing and climbing trees as usual.

How is your week going?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

We Gathered Together

Hello friends how was your week? Your Thanksgiving? Did you spend time with family and friends? We had only a small group at our house for Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, just five people. My MIL was able to leave the assisted living village and come and eat with us. Her Birthday is in a few days so we decided to go ahead and celebrate since we were all going to be together. We had a great time.

My husband loves candied sweet potatoes. I make them just like my mama always did. I just hate peeling them.
Cornbread made for the dressing.
And of course we had to have mashed potatoes too. They’re my favorite.
Making the dressing. We always call it dressing in the south unless you are actually stuffing it in the turkey
and then it is called stuffing. We had ham instead of turkey but Mark still likes the dressing with it.
Double layer Birthday cake which I then split into four layers. You get more yummy icing this way.
She loved the cake and her Birthday Girl Button.

It was a wonderful day. My sister in law and I took all the babies for a good walk after dinner. And by the time everything was cleaned up and the left overs put away I was pretty much exhausted. Mark drove his mom back to the assisted living village and then we settled in to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Unfortunately there was no Black Friday shopping for me and my sister because I had to work. But that is o.k. we already have a couple of shopping trips planned in the next week or two. Also Buster and Milo were scheduled on Friday for early morning vet appointments to get neutered. More on that in the next post. This silly kitty mama was a little emotional about taking the babies in for this procedure but they did just fine. My heart could barely stand it. Silly Kitty Mama.

I could barely keep my eyes open to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It is a tradition we watch it every year.

On Saturday I went downtown, Madisonville. The block around the courthouse was set up with vendors and food trucks for Christmas. It was a lot of fun. I bought a few things for Christmas presents and had lunch at one of the food trucks before heading to get groceries.

Rides were given around the square.
Yummy Kettle Corn. This booth smelled amazing!!!!
An event was planned for later Saturday night with some of our local churches’ choirs performing.
Isn’t our courthouse beautiful. It’s very old. There is a newer annex but I love this old one.
I didn’t get a hotdog at this booth but I thought the name was cute.
This is where I got the best cheeseburger of my life!!!!

I’m getting ready for a busy week, how about you?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Saturday Happenings

Hello and happy Saturday. Come and join me today.

This morning I decided to go and buy groceries really early. I hate buying groceries when the grocery store is so crowded. I needed a lot of things for Thanksgiving so I decided to head out before it got too crazy. Grocery shopping on the Saturday before Thanksgiving can be a little scary.

At 7:30, after doing a full kitty search inside and outside of the car, I took off. It was a chilly 33 degrees F. I did stop along the way and take a few pictures. It was such a frosty morning it almost looked like snow.

We are still having some colorful trees and doesn’t this look like snow. It was a really heavy frost.
Look at my puzzle I found at Walmart. I can’t wait to start it.

After I got home I put up the Christmas tree but I haven’t added the ornaments yet. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

Scruffy and I chilled for a bit, I ate some leftovers for lunch and then we went out for our afternoon walk. I worked on a hat and it is driving me crazy. The yarn is a little rough and it is really making my hands dry although that happens in the winter anyway when I knit a lot. But for some reason this has been the most annoying piece of knitting. I have dropped several stitches and even pulled a lot of the stitches out for several rows. I am almost finished thank goodness. I have barely worked on the afghans for my nephews for Christmas. I will get to work on those this week, maybe, probably, I had better or they won’t be ready by Christmas. Oh well I am sure they would make great birthday presents. Mark worked outside most of the day mulching leaves and making our yard look like someone actually lives here.

To be honest with you now that I look at this I’m not really crazy about the colors.
Oh well I will finish it anyway and maybe wear it when I walk the babies.
Me and Scruffy chilling. I love the way the light filters through the room but it makes it hard to see the t.v.
Leftovers for lunch while I worked on this blog post. Check out my screen saver. HA!!!
Molly is letting me know it is time for our walk.
This little snuggle bug did not want to get up today.
One of my sweet co-workers brought me this snowman. I love him!

I made spaghetti for dinner and continued to work on the dreaded hat. I will let you know how it turns out if I ever finish it.

I hope your weekend so far is fabulous!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!