A Short Trip To Highlands North Carolina

Hello friends and happy Monday. I know I have been a little quiet over here but as I have said before sometimes life gets in the way and it makes it difficult to keep up even with a bit of writing.

Last week something very unusual happened my husband and I found ourselves having to go out of town at the same time. On different trips for our jobs. I tried to think of a time when this has happened in the past and it hasn’t. He had to be gone Monday through Thursday and I only had to be gone Monday through Wednesday. It threw me into a bit of a tailspin at first because I am so used to him being at home with the babies whenever I have a work trip. It did work out o.k. my niece came up and took care of the kitties. They are all inside kitties and they don’t require a lot of work even though there are five of them.

My trip was to Highlands North Carolina. . I was meeting with The Southern Highlands Attractions Group. We meet three times a year. This particular trip took us into the mountains of North Carolina. It was absolutely beautiful and if I hadn’t had to worry about the threat of snow on my way over it would have been perfect.

I had never been to the Highlands of North Carolina and let me tell you it is quite beautiful. I left out early on Monday morning. My meeting didn’t start until 11:00 AM. I had about a three hour drive and of course there was a slight chance of the dreaded snow. I left about 7:30 AM and went through several small towns and over a couple of mountains before I even reached the Highlands. I did see some snow but there was nothing on the road that threatened travel. I stopped a few times to take pictures but I was in a bit of a hurry to get to my meeting. I knew the name Highlands wasn’t just a coincidence and I would probably be traveling to a much higher elevation. I wasn’t expecting the last fifteen miles or so to be straight up with winding and narrow roads. Luckily there was no snow on these roads.

Our meeting was held at Old Edwards Inn & Spa. This place is spectacular. Old Edwards Inn was Highlands’ earliest boarding house, known as Central House built in July 1878. There is a lot of history throughout the years, owned by John Norton, he and his wife Mattie managed Central House. They were known and loved by everyone. In 2001 Art and Angela Williams of Palm Beach, Florida, bought the Inn and restaurant and begin building on the 132-year-old tradition. Old Edwards Inn & Spa is #2 and #5 + Leisure Top Hotel in the South. U.S. News & World Report #2 Hotel in North Carolina, Conde’ Nast #14 Top Hotel in The South. You can read more about the Inn and all of the properties surrounding the Inn here http://www.OldEdwardsinn.com There are now several houses, cottages, and a motel located on or near the property. We stayed in 200 Main. It was so nice.

Photo credit Old Edwards Inn & Spa
Such a precious little town.
Photo credit Old Edwards Inn & Sp

Our meeting started with a panel discussion with the Old Edwards lead team members including, the President and managing director, their General Manager, and several of their top directors. The information they shared was so inspiring and informative. The meeting ended around 4:00 and we drove a short distance to 200 Main, the property we were staying in during our stay. Check out this room. I even had a balcony. The weather wasn’t great so I didn’t spend a lot of time there.

That evening we had a cocktail reception at The Barn and then dinner at Orchard House.

Orchard House

A couple of hours of meetings the following day followed by a tour of more of the property. We were taken by shuttle to Half Mile Farm. It was still early when we arrived and quite chilly. The sun was shining and there was frost on the grass making everything look just magical.

Half Mile Farm

After a quick lunch we met in front of the Motel lobby and climbed aboard these vehicles and headed out for an off road trail ride higher into the mountains. Check out the website here: www.highland excursion.Com it was so exciting. We visited Bridal Veil Falls and Dry Falls and they were both beautiful. I can’t say these were the most Comfortable riding vehicles but it was quite an adventure. If you are ever in this area think about booking a tour with this adventure group. The tour guides are amazing. (Check it out here) http://www.highlandexcursion.com

Me at Bridal Veil Falls

We later visited the Bascom Arts Center. What a beautiful display of art. There was even an area to purchase art made by students. We didn’t have a lot of time to look and that is probably a good thing because I could have spent a freaking fortune there. http://www.thebascom.org.

After we returned to our rooms for a quick refresher we headed into town to Four 65 for pizza and other yummy things.

Two charcuterie boards were delivered to every table. I can’t even tell you how yummy this was.
Look at this pizza!!!!!

The next morning we met for a few hours and then everyone headed back to their different areas. I always learn so much at these meetings. The information I gain from other attractions is priceless. But I was glad to get home and back to hubs and the kitties.

How are you? What is going on in your neck of the woods?

Always remember, Love your day your way!!!

A Long Weekend and Some Snow

Hello friends, it was a busy weekend for me. We actually woke up to snow on Saturday morning. Not much and nothing on the roads but it was a pretty little snow. I did an early grocery pickup on Saturday morning. I came back home and did a few chores. I cooked two meals to take to my sister’s house. She started chemo Monday and has been having absolutely no appetite. She said she had been wanting pinto beans and fried potatoes and cornbread. If you are from the south you were probably raised eating pinto beans and cornbread. I did the beans and fried potatoes and my niece made the cornbread. I also made spaghetti and took to her and her husband for the next day and some chess bars that my brother in law loves.

Such a pretty and unexpected snow. Nothing on the roads and it was gone by noon. Just the kind of snow I love.
I made sure to save leftovers for me. My husband hates Pinto Beans and I don’t cook them a lot.

I had planned for Sunday to be a quieter day but I looked at my Christmas decorations still up and I told my husband that we had to get all of that taken down. So that was what we mostly did on Sunday. I had planned to get everything put up the first week of January but my sister has been sick and I have been spending time with her. We are also building a new entrance building at work and a demolition crew has been at work most of the past week. Anyway that is why I hadn’t gotten around to the Christmas decorations. But you know we just plugged in the Christmas lights every night and enjoyed the heck out of them. It does feel good to have everything back in place. I had put chicken in the crockpot earlier in the day so dinner was easy and quick. I also repotted one of my orchids, Oliver. Oliver was looking really bad and his pot had become so small. I hope he will be o.k. I will keep you posted.

As I mentioned a lot of demo work has been going on at my workplace. We have been relocated to another building on the property because our office building was part of the main building coming down. The building officially came down last Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM. I was there at 6:30 AM. I have been working in that building for more than thirty years and I wanted to be there to see it go down. Several coworkers came out as well. It was both sad and exciting with lots of emotions.

Yesterday I left my house at 5:30 AM and picked my sister up for her first round of chemo. It was an all day event. The first treatment is administered very slowly in case there is an allergic reaction. We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 AM and she had blood work and a short visit with the doctor. We were then led to an area with several reclining chairs. We got her comfortable and she was given warm blankets. The first meds started at 9:00 AM. The entire infusion took until about 3:30 PM Most of the others will only take 1-2 hours. One down and five to go. I was able to go over into the main part of the hospital and grab lunch. And of course I took my knitting. So the time passed fairly quickly, for me anyway. She actually slept most of the time because she also got a large dose of Benadryl. She is doing really well so far. She has had very little nausea. As we waited for the chemo to be administered we watched people come and go for different treatments. I always wonder what their story is. I hate cancer it has hit my family really hard through the years. This type of chemo will make her lose her hair. I took her several scarves and hats to try for when that time comes. She is not worried about her hair she just wants rid of this cancer.

Just look at this amazing sunrise.

It was back to work for me today in my new work environment that we are all trying to adjust to. We had to move offices so quickly we are still constantly looking for things. I’m sure as soon as we get familiar with everything it will be time to move back to the old new office.

How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

A New Word For The Year, Let’s Celebrate!!!

Hello friends and here we are ten days into the new year. I usually pick a word for the year instead of doing New Year’s resolutions. You may remember, but probably not, that my word of the year last year was Time. You can read that post here
the whole concept behind this word was that I was constantly late for things and it made me feel stressed out and behind all the time. I knew that when I allowed myself extra time it made me so less stressed. I was more productive and made for a better experience on everything. Some of my timing improved but some did not. Since choosing the word Time I have been more conscious of time. I do tend to give myself more time for things and that is probably the biggest key to staying on time and focused. I think by choosing that word it did make me more aware of my time and how I was using it.

So I decided my word for this year will be “Celebrate” I think it means a lot of different things. I want to celebrate each and every day. I want many celebrations throughout the year. I want to celebrate moments with family and friends little things and big things. I want to celebrate feelings both good, and bad because I think that is just the way life is. I think you can always find good in almost everything. By finding the good then I think you should celebrate it. Stay tuned for more celebrations.

Back to day to day life: Our office space at work has been moved temporarily to another building on our work property. We will probably be here for a few months while a new entrance building is being built. The building we are in now has stairs and guess what the bathroom is downstairs and we are upstairs. I am going to celebrate this stair climbing this summer by just how in shape I will be, HA!!! We will see about that. I really don’t mind it. It is a great way to get extra exercise. We still have a lot of things out of place and constantly seem to be asking each other where something is. We spent most of last week getting moved. So I have gotten a lot of exercise since the beginning of the year and that is definitely something to celebrate.

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and used my gift card I got at Christmas. Isn’t this yarn gorgeous. I have a thing for yellow right now. It is just so cheerful. It could be because a lot of our days have been gray and cold. Plus Hobby Lobby had all their yarn 30% off. That is about the only time I buy it there. I just wait for the sale.

The first thing I did Monday morning was make my breakfast burrito for the coming week. I use the Carb Balance tortilla shells. I only put eggs, sausage and diced potatoes on mine. I make five of them and wrap them in foil and put them in the refrigerator. I eat one every morning. I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The calories are not bad at all because of the low carb tortillas. They are so yummy I love them. You can also use turkey sausage. The potatoes are just a bit of an indulgence for me. You could use cheese, peppers or anything you like. It’s a quick easy breakfast option.

I am a bit embarrassed to say I still have my Christmas decorations up in my house. I just haven’t had the time to get them put away. Sooo we just continue to enjoy them every night. Heck I may still have them up in July. I hope not because I have some cute Valentines decorations I want to dig out. That might look a little weird but who knows. I have somehow found the time to watch season 3 of Emily in Paris while snuggling with Kitty Kitty. But sometimes you just need that down time.

Just look at the look Kitty Kitty is giving me. She is not crazy about pictures.

I caught this sunset on my way this evening. Have you noticed the days are getting slightly longer. That means that spring will be here soon. I love winter but I am always happy to see spring.

So that is what has been happening in my world. What have you been doing? did you choose a word of the year?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Friday Favorites

What a crazy week this has been. We have a huge project going on at work and we are moving all of our offices and basically everything in our building to another area or two on the grounds. This is so we can build a new entrance, visitor’s center building. I’ll explain more as the process goes along but it has been hectic. I am off today but will go in tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of my favorites that I have enjoyed lately, here we go!!!

These Pond’s makeup remover wipes are awesome!!! I have tried several different types through the years. They are to be used when you can’t take your makeup off properly for whatever reason. Or you can keep them in your car or purse if you are working out and need to wipe sweat away. I kept a small packet of these in my overnight bag when I spent the night at the hospital recently with my sister. I loved them. I got these at Dollar Tree. This is a package of 10 and fits easily into my purse or overnight bag. They also make your face feel so smooth.

These garlic knots I got at Walmart are a meal in themselves. You actually bake them or heat them I should say, in the bag they come in. They are incredibly yummy and addictive. I think they would go great with lasagna or spaghetti and then maybe you wouldn’t eat half the bag like I did. They’re is 8 in a bag and my husband and I shared most of a bag last night. That is all we had for dinner but as I said I think they would be great with spaghetti or any type of pasta.

I got these little boots back before Christmas. I bought them at Burkes Outlet in nearby Athens. Do you have a Burkes Outlet where you live? They have some really nice things. Also very reasonably priced. And their store has undergone a transformation and it is just lovely. The layout is very inviting. Anyway I bought these boots in a size 7, they are Dr. Scholl’s. The 7 turned out to be too small and I had to take them back for an 8 and they fit great!!! I have worn them so many times since Christmas. I find myself pulling them out every other day or so. I just love them.

I am not sure what brand this little cup is. My husband got it at our dirty Santa exchange at Christmas but I immediately took it away from him. It barely holds 16 oz. but it is just the perfect size for me to take on my drive to work. The coffee stays hot the entire time even if I don’t finish it until after I get to work.

Look at this little gardener Santa. I snagged him at a thrift store just before Christmas. I added him to my Santa collection. I definitely don’t have one like him. I also got him 50% off because it was just a few days before Christmas and all Christmas items in this store was marked down. Isn’t he adorable?

This mini Chainsaw was a Christmas present. There are probably not a lot of women who ask for a chainsaw for Christmas but I am her. This is 6 inches, cordless and is made to cut wood and do tree trimming. It has two batteries so I should be good to go for awhile. I haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait to get out in the yard with it.

This is not my kitty. She is a resident kitty where I work. She came to us a few months ago. We named her Anthy, after Anthodite which is a beautiful cave formation, and she is a bit feral. She comes out mostly in the evening and we feed her. Some of our night guards at work have even been able to pet her. She is becoming friendlier so we are hoping maybe someone will soon be able to take her home. Not me!!!!

Guys, this book is amazing. I loved it!!!! Tara Westover recounts her journey from her isolated life in the mountains of Idaho to completing a PhD program in history at Cambridge University. I was so engrossed in this book I was sad to finish it. Tara has appeared on several talk shows and you can google them and watch her. It is an amazing story. If you read nothing else this year please read this book.

The last Friday Favorite is actually a Christmas favorite. My 21 year old nephew bought me yarn for Christmas, soft yarn because he remembered that I told him I didn’t like the acrylic yarn. You guys this touched my heart. Anyone who buys me yarn gets me. Forever. It is absolutely the best thing you could buy me. I was beyond ecstatic and touched.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!