A Valuable Thanksgiving Lesson

Hello friends,  I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!! Something happened this week and has made me realize how wonderful my life is and  just how much I appreciate everything and everyone in my life.  I wanted to share with you. Stock Photo My mother in law lives in an Assisted Living facility….

What Does Your Favorite Day Look Like?

Hello friends I have so been enjoying the cooler weather. The leaves have turned a little.  This year we just didn’t have the beautiful fall foliage that East Tennessee can be known for.  A lack of rain and the heat made the leaves dry and brittle and lots of them fell off of the trees…

A wake up Call

Tuesday I had an appointment with my doctor for my annual physical. A week ago I went to the office for lab work for my upcoming Appointment. I have the blood work about a week before so my doctor can go over the results with me during my visit. I was concerned about my weight….

The Art of Being Mindful

Do you remember the last meal you ate?  Were you watching TV or scrolling through your phone?  Were you with a person having a conversation?  Do you remember what the food tasted like?  Was it good? was the flavor something out of this world or just meh? O.K. do you remember the last conversation you…