“YOU” Have To Make Things Happen

This morning I was staring out the window watching the sun’s reflection through the trees and I felt so peaceful. At the same time I think to myself what do I want to accomplish with my life that I have left. Heavy thoughts for someone feeling so peaceful. I don’t mean this in a morbid way or anything like that, totally the opposite, just reality and thinking of exciting possibilities. It seems like as I get older if I want something to happen I just sit back and wait for it. Like maybe it is going to come strolling through the door and say “Oh hello here I am, that great idea that you thought about but kept putting off, Now let’s get busy.” Let’s face it that is not going to happen. If it did I would probably be sitting in a chair drinking coffee and wouldn’t even realize it for what it is, was, could be.

I am the world’s worst at believing that things will just magically happen whether I take the time to make them happen or not. I have started to realize this is not so. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

It seems like when we are younger we have goals we get a plan, we start working towards it, we set higher goals, We fight to do whatever it takes to make it happen. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!

And then it seems like as we get older we get busy. Life, work, family and lots of other things get in the way. Sometimes our day to day work, job, etc., can suck the ambition right out of us. Those hopes and plans and dreams that we think about fleetingly, in the early morning hours or as we drive to work or do laundry or grocery shop just get pushed to the back of our brain. But you know what?? they shouldn’t. We have to keep them alive and we have to make them happen. ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Only You can make things happen. Things are not going to magically fall into your lap and be wonderful. Life is tough but so are you. Do it!!! Do it now!!! Even if it is a small step to something you have been wanting to do in your life, do it now!!! Write a book, open a shop or an online shop, start a blog or a vlog, develop your passionate hobby, take online classes, go back to school, volunteer, travel, mentor, learn to play an instrument learn a new language. So many wonderful challenging things await you. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!

I would like to __________________. Fill in the blank and then make time for it in your life. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

Are you ready??? I can’t wait to hear what you are up to and I can’t wait to share some things with you that I have in the works. Isn’t it exciting!!!!

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!


I was ever so glad to see the weekend come along this past week. After a very tiring week I was happy to have two days off with not much to do. On Saturday I did my usual grocery shopping and buying supplies for my mother in law. I did get to visit with her through her door, which is glass, for a few minutes on Saturday. I also made a cake for my nephew’s seventeenth birthday and delivered it to him. I made a quick trip to the Mennonite Farm Market close to my house. I bought a few gourds for my front porch and some cucumbers and some cinnamon rolls. These rolls are truly unbelievable. One of my favorite things about visiting the farm market, other than the cinnamon rolls, is the beautiful scenery around the farm. I was hoping more leaves had turned but the color is still a little bland. The weather has turned really dry and the leaves are brittle and falling to the ground in big crunchy piles.

I took this picture while I was at the farm market. Such a beautiful scene.
Some interesting looking gourds. I like the ones that look really different

On Sunday I watched a couple of movies and knitted and snuggled the babies and basically caught up on laundry and things like that. I had the house to myself this weekend because the hubs had to work. I put chili in the crock pot and knitted on a new scarf. I decided that I would like to go out in the back yard and lay on a blanket in the sunshine. I just knew that Scruffy would want to do this with me. I felt like I needed Vitamin C. Maybe even get some color on these pasty white things sticking out of my shorts, better known as my legs. I opened the back door to go out onto the deck and Molly tore into the house and wanted in her room. Yes she has her own room. It’s the laundry room but it is all hers and we refer to it as Molly’s room. HA!! This got Scruffy all freaked out and he refused to go out the back door onto the deck and out to the back yard. Don’t ask, I have no idea why he just refused to go out the back door. I put Molly in her room and got Scruffy outside. Kitty Kitty was looking at us like we had all lost our minds.

I found a good sunny spot for the blanket and got settled on it with my knitting and book. But once I got out on the blanket I noticed that Scruffy refused to get on the blanket. He just stood next to it looking at me like “Mom what are you doing? why are we not walking?” Scruffy likes being outside if he is taking a walk but otherwise he prefers the comforts of the house. I finally gave up and went inside. No ants crawling up my legs and the couch was a lot comfier.

Scruffy just wasn’t too sure about hanging out in the back yard on the blanket. He is sooooo weird.
Kitty Kitty is perfectly content stretched out in the warm sunshine.
This is the scarf I am working on. I love this yarn. It feels so soft and squishy. I am using larger needles, size 13 and it knits up really fast.
A couple of nice walks over the weekend. You can see a little color but by this time the leaves should almost be at peak color.

All in all a very nice weekend just what I needed to gear up for the week. I will be linking with another blogger next week for a post called The Weekly Smile. It will be about things that make you smile during your week. So think about it this week when you catch yourself smiling at something cute or nice or just because you are happy. Hopefully this will become a weekly post where we will share what makes us smile. I think we all need more smiles during these crazy times.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

When You Look Fear In The Eyes

Hello friends, I know I start every post like this but man what another crazy week in our household. Actually a couple of crazy weeks.

About two weeks ago my husband told me he thought he had pulled a muscle in his lower back and abdomen. He thought he had done this from working out. After a few days he had such pain that he couldn’t sleep and had spasms along the front of his stomach. A few days later a rash broke out around his abdomen. If you have ever had the dreaded “shingles virus” you know where this is going. I am not going to bore you with the details of shingles. You can google them yourself. But having them is freaking horrible. Last Saturday night he finally came clean and told me how bad it was. He lifted his shirt and showed me the blisters and rash and I freaked the F out!!!!

Having a transplanted kidney does not make any situation that Mark has an easy one. Having shingles is no exception. I finally got him to go to the doctor on Monday morning. Well I practically had to haul his butt to the doctor but he was feeling so bad by that time he was willing to go. The doctor said it was the worst case of shingles she had ever seen. Of course. She said if he had come in the week before when the break out first started it would have been easier to deal with. Yep that’s my husband. At this point all I could do was glare at him. However, I am scared shitless. Could this affect the kidney? definitely if infection occurs. Could this lead to other issues with the kidney function? It could. Could the meds he will have to take interfere with the anti rejection drugs? They could. Add in the very fact it makes me feel ill to watch him go through the pain he is in. Of course it is never easy watching a loved one suffer, you know that. Why would he wait this long before seeing a doctor or letting me know how bad it was. I don’t know.

The local doctors were a little wary about prescribing a lot of meds until we heard from Vanderbilt. They were not nephrologists and they didn’t want to make that call. A trip to Vanderbilt may still be in our immediate future. I know the four hour trip each way would be hard on Mark but all of our doctors are there. Finally Vanderbilt called in meds to our local pharmacy and Mark started them today. Please pray for healing and comfort during the healing process. The next forty eight hours should tell us some things that we need to know.

So other than dealing with all of this and working between the doctor and pharmacy visits, things are as well as they can be. I try to stay busy when I am worried so that is what I am doing. My husband is my first priority. The babies still need to be cared for but taking care of the house and my job still has to be done also. But in the back of my mind I have a back up plan if we do have to go to Nashville and maybe plan a stay there. I have a plan for the babies, that is the most important part, and other than that we just have to take it as it comes. Did you notice I mentioned plan like three times. GEESH!!!! This is one of the hardest things for me. I want everything fixed before I realize there is a problem. That is not always possible. I think times like this humble us and make us realize just how precious life is and how the day to day boring is not always boring it is something we can cherish. We must take things one day at a time!!!!

This sweet girl loves being on my lap and I love having the snuggles.

A few years ago when my brother Allen was sick, he had leukemia, he told me that he hated hearing bad news from his doctor. Not just for himself but because he could see the fear in his wife, my sister in law’s, eyes. He said that scared him more than anything the doctor could say. WOW!!! those are some powerful words.

What do you look like when you look fear in the eyes? Are you positive? hopeful? scared? the person looking back may need you to be their only courage.

Friends, always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling

Happy Sunday friends it is Sunday morning and I am watching the rain out the window and feeling rather cozy in my cocoon . It sort of reminds me of the song by Maroon 5. (Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin. Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable).  Well, there is no skin being shared unless you count Scruffy and I  snuggled in the chair watching Food Network HA HA!! I don’t know why I love this channel so much it makes me so hungry.  It also makes me want to cook. I have a confession.  I love to make pies but I never make my own pie crust.  I buy the crust at Walmart in the frozen food section.  It is just so easy.  Mark has a friend, David, who makes his own pies and pie crust and the pies seem to taste so much better.  I think I will have to try it.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Can anyone else believe that it is almost July?  That is crazy!!!  I had to work six days straight this past week and it was very tiring. Not just physically but mentally as well. With all the COVID regulations and then hearing people complain about them it is so hard to know what to do or feel about it.   Also,  I had a friend coming over on Saturday so I had to clean my house. You know what I’m talking about.  I got up early a couple of mornings and did some cleaning before work.  As I was cleaning and mopping and dusting I was thinking I really should have people over more often, maybe I would keep my house cleaner.   Anyway we had a great time we laughed and talked and talked and ate.    I baked homemade bread, and a chocolate cake. I also made a dip called crack dip, it is called that because it is so addictive.  I made a delicious pitcher of Ruby Relaxers, this is a very tasty light cocktail that is great for summer.  We took a long walk with Scruffy and Molly and it was just a wonderful day.

   Kitty Kitty has a new favorite sleeping spot.  On my couch in the den on my afghan of course.  

    This one constantly needs attention!!!

  Such beautiful flowers this time of the year.  Vibrant colors are everywhere!!

Pass this on my way to work every day.  Of course I had to stop and get a pic.


Things are still a bit crazy in the world.  Mark and I had planned a beach vacation later in August but I am not sure about it now.  So many of the beaches are reporting record numbers of COVID and I am hearing that some beaches may close.  I am not sure about going.  We will see.  I know we will have no problem social distancing.  We rarely see a lot of people and we pretty much stay to ourselves.  The beach we go to is very secluded.  I will share it with you later this week.  We have gone there for many years. It is our favorite beach.

      This is my favorite beach.  I am doing a post on it this week.  I hope to be able to go later this year. 

We have had such mild weather lately. This past week the temps have only been in the low 80’s and that has been wonderful.   But I saw the forecast for the upcoming week and I think it is going to be really hot.  As a matter of fact I just stepped outside and it is hot and humid.  My glasses fogged up.   Welcome to East Tennessee.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!