Weekly Catch-Up

Happy Monday!! It was a chilly 45 degrees F here this morning and I am loving it. The leaves are turning colors more and more every day.

How was your week and weekend? It was pretty busy here at the zoo, which is what I am now calling our house, because of all the animals.

Last Monday it was back to work for me after the Sister Trip so I had a bit of catching up to do. It was also Fall Break for several of the schools around our area so we were slammed at work. It reminded me of our summer attendance.

I started to notice that when Molly walked across the floor she was starting to make quite a clackety clack sound. I checked her nails and they were getting really long. I don’t think Molly has ever had her nails trimmed. She has always been an outside dog, until a few months ago, and her nails were always short. Not anymore, they were starting to get really long. Scruffy has to have his cut regularly. My nephew’s wife Amy, is a vet tech and she has cut Scruffy’s nails before. I asked if she could come over and do Scruffy and Molly. I also offered to make dinner for them when they came over. she said they were getting ready to go on vacation but could come the next night.

I had to work late the next night and knew I couldn’t do dinner for them so I ran by the grocery store at lunch and bought a cheesecake and some dip and hummus so we could at least have some snacks. The babies did great when Amy cut their nails I was so proud of them. Scruffy acted better than usual and Molly didn’t even flinch. Amy is very good and the babies love her.

Of course Wednesday morning I had to leave out early and take Allie cat to the vet to be spayed. She was very sore and not herself for a couple of days. I had to run by the vet clinic and pick up some extra pain meds for her on Thursday but she is doing fine now.

Thursday was Sister Lunch. We pushed it back a day so my nephew Tyler could join us. We also had Birthday cake for his brother, Caleb, who turned 18 on Sunday. I gave Caleb a Birthday Card with money. Which is what I usually do. I noticed he had a bit of a sad look on his face. He thanked me for the money and then we started discussing presents. It was still a few days away from his Birthday and his mom and grandmother was asking him what he wanted for his Birthday. He said he would like presents to open. He said money was great but it was always nice having presents to open. He does have a job now and makes his own money so I guess money in a Birthday card doesn’t hold quite the same appeal. But it really got me to thinking. I myself love presents. Giving money is easy but there is not a lot of thought that goes into it. So I think from now on I will do presents. I picked out a few things for him so he would have presents on his Birthday. And you know what? I had the most fun picking out those gifts. I think maybe in the past I have always been busy and just didn’t take the time and thought into getting gifts for him and his brother. Special occasions deserve gifts!! I also made him chocolate cupcakes and am now committed to making cupcakes for several of his friends’ Birthdays. LOL.

On Saturday I picked up my mother in law at the Assisted Living Village and took her to get a hamburger and go for a drive. It has become increasingly hard to do this. She has a really hard time getting into the car. I always use her car which is a small Toyota Corolla. She can’t get into mine at all. She no longer seems comfortable in the car and she constantly complains about everything. She almost seems relieved when we get back to the village. It’s sad, I certainly don’t want her going out if she doesn’t want to. I think she just feels more secure now being at the village. It’s funny how time can really sneak up on you and change things so quickly.

I picked up groceries on the way home and did a little laundry so I could savor most of my Sunday. I had big plans for Sunday big plans I tell you. Mark had to work so I had the day alone with just the babies. My plan was binge watching Gilmore Girls, knitting and making some cute pumpkins and bats for Halloween, more on those later, and just chilling with all the babies. And that is just what I did. I loved every second of it.

It was back to work this morning. Why do weekends go by so fast? I ran across some very strong words of wisdom this morning when I was scrolling the Gram or TikTok. So it”s not always a waste of time. This is what I read: You need three things to be happy in life.
1. Find someone to love, this could be a person or animal. (Hopefully it’s a whole lot of people or animals.)
2. Have something do do.
3. Have something to look forward to.

I will leave you with that for your week ahead and challenge you to have all of those and everything else you may want.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

The Crazy Cat Lady

Several years ago for Halloween I dressed up as The Crazy Cat Lady, you know from the Simpsons. I searched for weeks for kitty cats to complete my outfit. Who would have thought a few years later I would actually be living the true Crazy Cat Lady Life. But here I am.

I may just have to make this my Halloween outfit again this year.

It has been a stressful week. We were finally able to get our mama kitty, Allie, spayed. I was so happy. I was afraid she had already gotten preggers again. But luckily she was not. It is amazing to me how many kittens a cat can mother every year.

We were worried about how we were going to coax Allie cat into the carrier to get her to the vet Wednesday morning. I wasn’t too concerned because me and Allie have gotten a bond started between us. Mark on the other hand was ready to suit up in head to toe padded gear and go after her. I told him to just let me handle it and I did. I simply picked her up and plopped her into the crate. She looked a little startled but she was actually a very good girl. Some half hearted yowling could be heard from the backseat but all in all she did great.

After she got home that evening she was so spacey and sore. Even though I knew we had to have her spayed I felt so bad that she was in pain. I was worried she would never trust me again. She stayed away from the kittens as much as possible. I had bought her a new soft bed but the four kittens had already claimed it. She got into a basket in the garage and I put towels in it to make it softer.

The next day she disappeared for several hours and we found her on the back deck curled up in a chair. The kittens don’t know about this area yet so she had a lot of privacy.

I got up at 4:00 this morning to check in her and make sure she was ok. She was.

I do remember Kitty Kitty going through the same thing a few years ago. And we will have to go through this again with all the kittens very soon.

This morning I asked hubs if we should continue looking for a home for two of the kittens. He immediately said no!!! Why? I asked innocently. Because you could give up one of your arms easier than you could one of those kitties. He knows me so well. And if that makes me the crazy cat lady then so be it. I will wear that title proudly. I have given up half of the garage for them. Those five stay outside and live in the garage where we will be investing in cat houses for them very soon. They already have a collection of cozy beds and play toys.

Mama (Allie) Cat
Allie Cat Isn’t she beautiful
Buster (Mama cat’s favorite)
Milo ( The goofiest and lovable of all the kittens.)
Sadie (Shady Sadie I call her now because she is the one that went missing for a day and a half. )
Izzy, She is so sweet and cuddly

Molly, Scruffy and Kitty Kitty, know they have new brothers and sisters. Molly is afraid of all the cats, Scruffy is curious and still wants to chase them a bit. Kitty Kitty is not sure how she feels. She knows that she is still Queen of the house and that is all that matters. And the good thing is we have love to spare for all of them. Six cats and two dogs. Too many? Time will tell.

Scruffy and Kitty Kitty

How is your week going?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Sister Trip to Gatlinburg TN, 2021

Happy Monday. Another Sister Trip in the books. We had a really good time. It rained quite a bit but it was not a total washout.

Gatlinburg Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall is such a beautiful place. But let me tell you the traffic there is terrible. Add in Fall Break for a lot of schools around the area and it was crazy. We didn’t spend a lot of time on the roads. We stayed at the condo a lot of the time. We did venture into nearby Pigeon Forge a couple of days.

There’s four of us that goes every year. We left on Wednesday this year. And came back on Saturday. The sisters picked me up last. It took a few extra minutes to get out of the house because all of the babies got excited over different people being in the house. Molly and Scruffy kept running in and out of the doors. It is about an hour and a half drive for us but we always stop for lunch and to do a little shopping.

We stopped in Pigeon Forge for groceries on the way to the condo. We always swear we can’t get another thing in the car and there will not be a spot of room left for the groceries but there always is.

As soon as we get to the condo we unload. Usually we have already done a little shopping on the way up so it is late afternoon and we just get everything into the condo and chill out. The next few days are fun fun fun. We just like to be together and watch movies. I took the production of CATS for the sisters to watch. They were not too crazy about it. My sister Sandy and I always work a jigsaw puzzle. This one with the Christmas cookies was really hard. We eat out a lot at our favorite restaurants. I of course did have an opportunity to buy a little yarn. I also took a bunch of knitting but I didn’t really knit a lot on this trip.

Baskins Creek Condominiums. We stay here every year and we love it.
Our balcony where we spent most of our time talking and solving all the worlds’ problems. lol.
Our view at night.
Lots of people everywhere.
I may never want to eat another Christmas cookie. Well at least not until Christmas.
The Daiquiri Shack is one of our favorite places. It over looks the strip and is a wonderful place to people watch.
My sister Sandy is a stickler for security. She’s also our go to for bringing extra supplies. She always thinks of everything.
Lots of space to chill out and enjoy just being together.
I just loved this little sign over the door. We didn’t see any bears this year.

A lot of fun every year. It seems like we have more fun each year. AHHH until next year sisters.

How is your week going?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!