Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hello friends and Happy Mother’s Day!!! I hope you have had a wonderful day with your family and loved ones.  It has been a beautiful day here in the south.  It has been really really cool.  I told you last week we were in Blackberry Winter so the mornings here have been almost cold. If you missed my post about the different winters in the south check it out here This morning it was only 36 Degrees F.  A lot of people have covered up their outside plants to keep them safe.

    The roses are blooming.  This one was at my father in law’s house.

A full weekend.  I did the Saturday morning grocery run yesterday.  Things are still somewhat tense at the grocery store.  It’s like if you get near anyone you jump back like they’re on fire or something.  Still very uncomfortable.

  In honor of Mother’s Day,  I decided to wear my Dog Mom cap to the grocery store yesterday. Please excuse the no make up look.  

My little mother in law lives in an Assisted Living Center in Sweetwater. Because of the quarantine we haven’t been able to visit her in over two months.  She has been dealing really well with it.  We call her every day. For Mother’s Day I have been taking photos all around the house of us and the babies and the flowers and things.  Walgreens had a special on 4×6 photos, .10 per copy if you printed over 100.  I did, no problem. I got a photo album for her and put all the photos in it.  I also took her some of her other favorite things and some flowers.   We took all of the things over to the Center yesterday so that she could have them today.  She called me and told me how much she liked the photo album.  She said “Do I get to keep it here with me”?  I laughed, of course you do, I said. It is so funny how happy you can make someone with a small gesture since she can’t see us she can at least look at the pictures.   We also took flowers to the cemetery for my mother’s grave and Mark’s grandmother’s grave.

So today was Mother’s Day and usually it is a hard time for me.  I did a post a couple of years ago called I survived Mother’s Day.   You can read it here.   I don’t have human children and Mother’s Day has always been sort of a hard time for me.  But you know what?  This year it wasn’t at all.  I am trying to figure out exactly what is different.  Of course dealing with COVID-19 this year has put a lot of things in perspective for everyone.   I also think that as I get older and more comfortable in my skin I am happy with me just the way I am.  Instead of thinking about surviving I rejoiced in the day.  I am happy with the way my life is.  I had a wonderful day.  I cooked a rack of baby back ribs in the crock pot, they were amazing!!! I will share the recipe for the rub I used soon. I worked on some cross stitch and some knitting. I read.  I spent time outside, I spent time with my precious sweet family and it was just awesome!!!

   This is the heart cross stitch I have been working on for quite a while.  I had hoped to have it done by Valentine’s Day.  But it will probably be next Valentine’s Day, maybe, HA!! 

Me, my sister Carolyn, My Mom, my sister Sandy, My sister Pat.  This picture was taken a few years before my sister Carolyn and my mom passed away.  We were on one of our famous “Sister Trips”. These women have played such a role in my life.  I can’t begin to tell you how they have guided me and made me the person I am today.  They were and are amazing mothers!!  They mean everything to me.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!


Work And Life-How Do You Balance?

Well it is Sunday and May!!!  how can we be that far into the year already?

I am back at work full time.  Last week was my first week back every day all day and let me tell you it sort of kicked by butt!! We are still not open to the public but we have a lot to do to get ready for opening.  Looking at the bright side, and I do try to do that every chance I get, it is a luxury to be able to work on our gift shops and paint and clean without our guests in the middle of everything.  It does make it easier to get things done in a more orderly fashion.

For three weeks I worked mostly from home and only went in to work a couple of times a week for a few hours.  I loved not having to get out of the house at a certain time every day, not having to worry about what I would wear to work, when I would do laundry, etc.  I am very fortunate that my job allowed me to do that.  There are so many people without a job and having to rely on unemployment benefits to get them through this tough time.

Last Monday I put on real work clothes, packed my lunch, loaded my bag with my laptop,  grabbed my favorite to go coffee mug full of coffee and headed out.  Scruffy looked at me like  I was leaving him forever. And let me say right now if he was ever attached to me before it’s even worse now.  He will not let me out of his sight once I get home.  I’m thinking of getting one of those Moby baby carriers and strapping him onto me.  It would make things easier and keep me from tripping over him every step I take.

It felt really good being out and getting to see a few of my co-workers.  I am a people person and I like being out and about and around people. But I have to admit those weeks of quiet and solitude were actually really nice too.  I didn’t like the reason we had to stay in but I did enjoy the down time.

During my three week “sabbatical” I noticed that my stress level had gone down so much.  I was nicer, laughed more, had more energy.  I was talking to my niece on the phone and we were laughing and talking about a million different things and she said “Wow quarantine really agrees with you”. I guess there is a lot to be said and read into that statement.

I promised myself right then that I would not let stress get to me to the point that it made me not me.  There has to be a work life balance and I have never been good at getting to that point.  I think three weeks of taking it easy made me realize just how much I need that balance.

Over the weekend I took it easy and watched some things on TV I had been waiting to see.  One was, My Darling Vivian, a documentary about Vivian Liberto, the first wife of Johnny Cash.  It is on Amazon Prime and I highly recommend it.  It is quite a story told by their four daughters,  She also wrote a book called I Walked The Line, My Life With Johnny Cash.  As soon as I finished the show I ordered the book.  I can’t wait to read it.  Scruffy and I took a lot of walks, and I did a little cooking and reading and knitting and just enjoyed my time at home.  For me I think this is the best way to recharge and regenerate for my work week.  Work is a huge part of my life but I must not make it all of my life.  See? there’s that balance thing again.

    The weather today was just perfect

   The Rhododendron are blooming!!!!

 Scruffy in full running mode!!

       Kitty Kitty loves to lay in the patches of sun coming in.  She also loves my spinning wheel.  She thinks it’s a big toy.

 Molly always goes on our walks with us.  She sometimes gets tired and goes back to the house before we do. She’s an old lady so that is fine. 

So I have decided that when the world gets in the way.  I will find my quiet spot and my loved ones and enjoy my own little world.  How about you? What do you do to balance your work and your life?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!


Weekends And A Project

Happy Monday friends how are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  I finally talked Mark into doing a project that has been needing to get done for quite a while.  More on that in just a minute.

Last week I discovered Downton Abbey.  I don’t know why I never watched this before because lord knows all of my family did.  One reason I didn’t was because we had satellite internet and it sucked rocks, I may have mentioned that a few hundred times. We did not have enough bandwidth to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime or anything.

We recently got fiber optic cable in our area and I have been enjoying some things I hadn’t been able to watch.  I started watching the Downton Abbey series and I love it!!!  I collect vintage hats and purses so it inspired me to get my hats out and try them on.  Unfortunately a lot of the vintage clothes, including hats,  run really small.  I have a rather large head.  I am sure it is because my brain is so big.  So I can’t always wear the vintage hats and usually not any of the vintage clothes, although I do have a few vintage coats that I wear.

  One of my favorite vintage hats.  The netting is a little rough in places but still in pretty good shape.

img_8702I spent some of the weekend catching up on the Downton series and knitting.  I also had a lot of walks with Scruffy and Molly.




Last year we had new French doors installed in our house.  We had our deck redone and decided to add new doors while we were at it.  I had always wanted the doors with the window blinds on the inside.  How cool would that be, right?  Maybe you have them and maybe you have never had a problem with them. I am happy for you. The doors were installed maybe in February last year 2019.  We didn’t get to add them as soon as we finished the deck because the wrong ones were ordered and the doors had to be sent back and more doors were ordered.  Anyway,  the doors were installed and I loved them.  No more cleaning blinds.

Well only after a month or two I noticed that the blinds inside the glass, on one of the doors,  was not sliding up and down as easily.  By October it was totally twisted and would not go up or down.  I innocently ask my husband how to get the glass off to get it untwisted.  “You don’t” he said, “we will have to get another insert for the door”. The doors have a ten year warranty.

  This is the twisted blind insert.  It is in the garage waiting for Mark to take it back to the Building Supply Store.  

Mark called the building supply place to let them know what happened.  They said we would have to call the supplier directly.  Mark called the supplier and the supplier said “that never happens”.   Mark is so much nicer than I am.  He told the man it had happened and we could send a picture of it if he would like.  The supplier pretty much blew Mark off and wasn’t interested in doing anything about it.  Again, I tell you he is much nicer than I am. After I made several threats that involved me calling the building supply salesman as well as the supplier and possibly a large amount of money for bail, Mark called the store again and told our salesman what the supplier had said.  He was furious!!!  He said “don’t worry I will call the supplier and take care of this”.   He did, and within a couple of weeks a new door insert arrived and was dropped off in our yard.  This was just after Christmas.

I’ll admit I am somewhat muscularly challenged so when I tell you it was difficult for Mark and I to get the insert into the house it is an understatement.  I asked when the deck builders would arrive to install the insert.  Mark said ” we don’t need them we can do it ourselves” These are words that instill fear in my very being.  The insert is actually the guts of the door.  It was heavy!!!  How are we going to put this in the door frame when we can barely lift it I ask my overly confident husband. “Oh it will be fine” he said “you’ll see it will only take a few minutes to pop the old one out and put the new one in.”

We didn’t want to break the new insert and we really didn’t have anywhere to put it so we just laid it on the rug in front of the French doors.  The other insert with the twisted blinds was still intact.  I would like to say we hopped on that project and got the door put in that very week.  Nope.  The door laid on the rug for several months.  Kitty Kitty quite enjoyed it.  The sun would shine in and warm the glass and she would lounge on it. We vacuumed and mopped around it.  It kind of became a part of the living room.

Since Mark and I have had more at home time together we (I) decided it was time to install the insert.  We carefully removed all the screws from the new door insert and got it ready to put in.  We then took all of the screws out of the old insert thinking once we took the frame from around it it would just pop out.  So we were standing by ready for it to come out and it didn’t. We wound up having to take these little razor blade things around the door frame to break the caulk seal.  Using the blades was scary considering I am clumsy, we are quarantined and the nearest hospital is approximately 40 minutes away.  Once that was done the insert came out pretty easy.  Again the insert was really heavy but we got the new one put inside the door and the frame put back around it and all of the screws back in and it only took two hours!!! HA HA.  But it is done and it looks great!!!  I am not sure how long this one will last but I am skeptical.  This one also has a ten year warranty and maybe the next one will only take a few minutes to install.

The finished project.  When we got the new one in I ask where we would put the old one until Mark could get it delivered back to the store.  He said ” well I guess we will just leave it here where we had the other one”.  NO!!!!  I ran to the garage to make room for the old one.  It is so wonderful to have my floor back and blinds I can raise up and down again.   I think Kitty Kitty misses  the insert on the floor but not me!!

So that is most of my weekend.  How was yours?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!




Easter Memories

Happy Easter friends!!!!  how has your day been? I know that this year things have been very different from past years. Thinking about this got me to thinking about other Easter memories.  More about those memories in just a minute. 

I didn’t do a lot of Easter decorating this year but I did bring out my decoupaged eggs that I did last year.  I did a post about how to make them check it out here if you are interested.  Making decoupaged eggs. 

                                           These are the eggs I made last year.  

Mark and I spent a quiet Sunday at home.  I baked a ham with all the trimmings.  NO DESSERT!!!! only some cantaloupe and grapes that we had.  Too many sweets have gone through my kitchen lately.  I FaceTimed my sister today.  I miss my family so much.   Memories. 

When I was a little girl Easter was a big day for me and my little brother. All of my other brothers and sisters were grown and it was just me and my brother Joe at home.  My mama always made Easter very special for us.

It was sort of like Christmas morning the way we would wake up and my mama would have the Easter baskets and gifts set out for us.  The Saturday night before Easter we would color Easter eggs and put lavish designs on them. Well they were quite lavish to us anyway.  Easter morning my daddy would go outside and hide the Easter eggs.  My brother and I were ordered away from the windows so we couldn’t peek and see where he was hiding the eggs.  But Joe always peeked and he always got more eggs than I did.  I didn’t care I was much more interested in the jelly beans and chocolates already in my Easter basket and how many of them I could eat before breakfast.  

We usually visited both sets of grandparents on Easter and usually took our baskets of eggs to their house and Daddy would hide them there too.  My poor daddy was probably glad when that day was over.  Great memories.

Of course as I grew older my nephews and nieces got center attention on Easter.  We colored eggs and hid them for all of them.  Shortly after I was first married and my nieces and nephews were adults, one of them even married, I decided to play Easter Bunny to them for old time’s sake.  I still lived in the city at that time close to all of them.  I made each one of them an Easter Basket.  There were six of them.  Early on Easter morning I drove to each house and left the baskets on their doorsteps.  I had the most fun playing Easter Bunny before they even got out of bed. They called me one by one when they woke up and said “THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY”.  They knew who had done it. Great memories.

Last year for the first time that I can ever remember Easter fell on my Birthday!!!  I was so excited.  And not only was it my birthday but my wedding anniversary as well.  Yes I know you’re probably thinking, Why did you get married on your Birthday?, At the time it seemed like a great idea.  It has now been almost thirty years and I still think it’s a great idea!!!  I told my husband he was the best Birthday gift I could ever receive and I still feel that way.  

So last year to celebrate Easter and my Birthday and the Anniversary most of my family came to my house and we had a huge dinner, and birthday cake and fun fun fun.  It was so special having everyone there. We had dinner and then some of us took a long walk and it was just the perfect day.   Great Memories.

Easter this year.  COVID-19, Pandemic, N-95 Masks, Social Distancing, Stimulus checks.  Words that we were unfamiliar with just a few months ago.  This year many people spent a quiet Easter Sunday at home.  Alone.  This is definitely an Easter Sunday we won’t forget, ever.  But did we give up as a country?  Heck No!!!  People had parades in their neighborhood, they did online church services and outdoor church services.  I have always been a believer in, you don’t have to be in a church to worship.  Families had Zoom meetings, phone calls and FaceTime with each other.  It was special!!!!  It kind of reminds me of when the Grinch tried to keep Christmas from coming.  No matter what we will continue as a Nation.  Yes we may lose loved ones along the way, some already have. But we will remain strong.  As a group and as a nation.  Ahhhh Memories.  

I hope your Easter was wonderful!!!  I know it was different. But who says different still can’t be wonderful.  Cherish what you have.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!