Let’s Get Christmas Started

Hello friends, happy Monday!!! how was your Thanksgiving? As I mentioned mine was very quiet. I cooked only for me and hubs. Although we did take food to a friend in town. It was very nice. My husband said I was cooking too much and too many different things. I told him that just because it was us two we still deserved to have a nice food filled Thanksgiving.

Even though I put my Christmas tree up a couple of weeks ago, I alway think the official “Kick off for Christmas” is the day after Thanksgiving. My sister and I usually stay out all day on Black Friday and shop. However we haven’t done that in a few years. Because of Covid and some other things the last couple of years and my sister having the flu this year it was pretty quiet once again.

I did do a little shopping on Friday in nearby Athens. I had heard that Home Depot had orchids for $5.00. WHAT??? Now I don’t have anywhere to put another orchid and I am not sure how Delphine, Ophelia, Saffron, Zsa Zsa, Oliver and Olivia would feel about another orchid sibling but I just can’t help myself. We don’t have a Home Depot near us but in Athens there is a Lowe’s. That is actually where I bought one of my first orchids, Olivia I think it was. But no such luck the orchids there were a staggering $30.00. No Way!!!

I did stop at the Berks store in Athens and Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. At Dollar Tree I picked up the supplies to make my Christmas wreath. I can’t wait to work on that. But overall it was a pretty quiet trip.

On Saturday I decided to shop local as everyone in town was being encouraged to do. I knew there was a Christmas Craft Sale going on in nearby Tellico Plains. It was being held at Riverbend Farms. This farm is a venue for weddings and other events and it is beautiful!!! I did find a few things there. The barn where the crafters were set up was a bit crowded but there were lots of good things. I just love attending things like this at Christmas. It puts me in such a festive holiday mood. And it was just what I needed this week.

I bought a few ornaments. Some of these were handmade from the lady who first rescued our big orange kitty Gus. She, Heather, has a booth at a local antique mall and she is so talented. And of course I am so grateful for her connection to getting us our precious Gus.

This is my bird tree that I keep up in my kitchen all year long. I collect bird ornaments from different places that I go and add them to my tree. I have them from lots of special places and each one has a story.

I just had to have this Cardinal for my bird tree. There is a saying that the sighting of a Cardinal brings a message from a loved one who may be far away. This is the way it goes:

When Cardinals
appear, you will know
that I am near.

Though we may be apart,
you need to know that you are
always in my heart.

The Cardinals presence is reassurance that your loved one is always with you when you need them…all that you need to do is look for them.

After leaving Riverbend I ventured into Tellico Plains and stopped at one of the gift shops my niece and I had been to a couple of weeks before. This gray jacket caught my eye last time and I decided to go back and get it. It’s reversible and from Simply Southern. I love this brand it is always so cozy.

I then picked up groceries and headed home. Sunday was also quiet. How was your weekend and Thanksgiving? Did you have a huge gathering or just a few people? Are you getting in the Christmas Spirit yet?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

What A Weekend!!- Shopping And A Trip To Dahlonega Georgia

Hello friends, how is your week going? But more importantly how was your weekend? I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, as I usually do, but we celebrated my nephew’s’s Birthday last night and I got home late. More on that in a later post.

But back to the weekend. I had such a great weekend. First I have to tell you how beautiful it is here right now. Oh my!!!! The leaves are golden and red and falling and it is just too beautiful to describe. I am loving every minute of it.

On Saturday my sister and I went shopping for the first time in a couple of months. She has been having some back issues and hasn’t felt much like a big shopping trip. We went to Knoxville and first to Kohls. I had 30% off at Kohls, and that is about the only time I buy at Kohls. I wanted a new air fryer and since I had the discount and another $10.00 off coupon I wanted to try to find one there. I did. It’s bigger than my old one which we have had for years. I can’t wait to use it. We also went to T.J. Maxx and I found a few things there. I didn’t really find a lot overall I’ll show you more in my Friday Favorites. But let me tell you T.J. Maxx really had the pumpkins. I took several pictures you can see below. All colors and styles. I resisted. I have quite a few pumpkins and haven’ even put very many of them out this season. But if you are looking for pumpkins for decorations, you can find them at T.J. Maxx. I loved the way they grouped all the pumpkins by color.

We didn’t stay out long and came back fairly early. I visited my MIL in the Nursing facility. We are both counting the days until she goes back to her little apartment at the Assisted Living Village. She is so much happier there. I went home and chilled and went to bed early.

I got up really early on Sunday. My friend Lorie met me at my house at 7:00 AM and we headed to Dahlonega GA for The Gold Rush Days Festival. This is an annual event and we haven’t gone since 2019. So we were very excited.

We met Lorie’s sister In Dahlonega and parked at her apartment and walked into town to the square where the festival was held. We all agreed it seemed like there were less vendors than years past but still a lot to see.

You can tell how much I loved the lavender booth. It smelled so good.
I loved every one of these ceramic mugs. But mugs are something that once I find one I love I want to drink from it all the time. So I really don’t buy a lot of them.
These chairs look so comfortable. I really don’t know where I would hang it. They were very pricey but worth every dime I am sure.
I thought these were really cool. Lots of talent at this festival.
I bought my nephew Caleb, a hat and a belt from this man. You pick the leather and he can make it for you. I gave them to him last night at his Birthday dinner. He didn’t act too excited but I think he liked it. He turned 19 yesterday.
There were several woodworkers on the square.

We had some lunch and finished up our shopping and looking and visited a couple of antique stores on the square. I’ll show you what I bought on Friday Favorites. A Santa to add to my Santa collection. We decided to travel back home through Ellijay Georgia where several Apple Festivals and orchards were having pick your own apples, hayrides and petting zoos. The road was only a two lane highway and it was bumper to bumper for several miles. We bypassed the bigger orchards and stopped at a smaller one that Lorie was familiar with. It was called Three Sisters and it was outside of the traffic craziness. We didn’t pick our own apples but it was a quaint little shop with every kind of apple you can imagine as well as apple butter, and fried apple pies. I bought the Golden Delicious apples and some Rome apples. I also bought some Carmel pecan apple butter. I haven’t tried it yet but doesn’t it sound delicious?

I can’t wait to try this.

So I had a really fun weekend. I spent time with my sister and my best friend Lorie and her sister. We talked and talked and caught up on everything. The drive through North Carolina and Georgia was beautiful with all the changing leaves but I think the Tennessee side had the best colors of all. I checked several things off of my fall bucket list. What fun things have you been doing?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Weekend Happenings, Making a Halloween Wreath

Mums and pumpkins and wood smoke and red and gold leaves. I love fall!!! I just want to grab it and pull it close and savor it. I think that is what I will do. I have so many things I want to do to enjoy fall but it seems like it goes by so fast.

Happy October friends how was your weekend? I got back into town on Friday afternoon. I spent the last week in San Antonio Texas for a Caves Association meeting. I left out last Sunday and was gone until Friday so a long time to be away from home. For me it is anyway. Coming home to the nice cool weather and the changing leaves was so nice. Of course having my kitties snuggling on my lap to sleep was just the best. I think they missed me.

Our flight on Friday morning left at 4:45 AM and we had a rental car to return. So we were out and about super early. I think I got about three hours of sleep. I packed everything on Thursday night so I would be that much ahead on Friday morning.

Our flights were very uneventful. I think those are the best kind. I wasn’t sure if we would have delays because of the hurricane. But we didn’t and we were back in Knoxville by 12:30 PM. I headed straight home for a nap. Ahh sleeping in my own bed was just heaven.

Saturday I had a grocery pick up and I went to see my MIL at the nursing center. She is doing really well. I am so proud of her. If she keeps doing as well we are hoping she will be able to return soon to the assisted living village where she had been. My friend Kathy and I also ran back to Athens to their Dollar Tree and picked up some more things for my wreath. We stopped off and ate Chinese food on the way home.

On Sunday I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I had a lot of things I wanted to do but every time I sat down I found myself nodding off. Just the busy busy busy of the previous week catching up with me I guess. I watched two movies that I thought were good. The first one with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer. This movie was made in 2014 when Shirley was only a young girl of 80. I think she is amazing. The movie was a little slow but very sweet. The second movie was SO GOOD!!!!! it was Last Seen Alive. It is streaming on Netflix. It was so intense and starred the hunky, ever so easy on the eye, Gerard Butler. I think I could watch him in anything and love it.

I wanted to work on a Halloween wreath and I finally did get to it later on Sunday. I think it turned out pretty well. I got all of this stuff at the Dollar Tree, which is now Dollar and twenty five cents tree. Ha!!

I used the shorter rolls of the decorative mesh. I didn’t want my wreath to be so large I couldn’t put a little sign on it. And I think they are easier to work with.
I cut 36 of these because I wanted my wreath to be full along the wire but not bunchy in the middle. I did black, orange and purple but you can use any color combination.
I only used the black pipe cleaners for this wreath. I felt like the black went well with a Halloween theme. But once the mesh is tied you really can’t see the color of the pipe cleaners so I guess it doesn’t really matter.
I used my cutting board and cut the strips into about 22 inch lengths. I then just crumpled them together to form sort of a bow.
I then added the pipe cleaners to attach them to a metal wreath ring. You can also get these at Dollar Tree.
I continued adding the strips of mesh.
I liked the way it turned out. It took me less than two hours to complete including clean-up.

And because I love fall and everything about it here is a cute Fall Bucket List . I got this from Pinterest. I think my wreath will count as “making a fall wreath” and I watched a football game last weekend, and I can conquer drinking a hot chocolate right now. I love all of these!!!! Which ones will you do first?

Join me back here tomorrow for a total recap of my week in San Antonio. It was so amazing!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Weekend Happenings

Hello, how was your weekend. Mine was just lovely. The weather was pretty much perfect. We have been having some cooler temps and I love it!!! Although I think we are having a couple of ninety degree days this week. I am headed to Texas next week for work and the temps there will be in the mid to high nineties. NO!!!! I don’t think I even have anything to take that will feel cool in those temps.

I actually meant to finish this post and publish it last night and I don’t know what happened. I came home from work and crashed. I was in bed by 8:30. I tried to watch an episode of House Of The Dragon and I just couldn’t stay awake. I did a lot of work around the outside of my house over the weekend and I think it just wore me out. My weekend looked a little like this:

On Saturday I ran some errands. I have been on the search for some silver, aluminum, serving platters for a project I saw on TikTok. I think TikTok may be the new Pinterest for me. I get so many great ideas. I have two of the three platters I need and I have scoured every Dollar Tree, and any other store I think might have them, in our area including nearby Knoxville and Maryville. I have only found two so far. I did go ahead and buy some larger round ones. I mean after all pumpkins are many different shapes. They are a little larger than I wanted but I am going to try them anyway.

Isn’t this adorable. It is made from three of those aluminum serving trays from Dollar Tree.

I went to visit my mother in law and check on her. She is still in the full nursing facility doing therapy. She is eager to get back to her assisted living facility. She is doing pretty well with therapy but she hates doing it. We try to encourage her and let her know that is the key to her getting back to her old place. She refuses to have anything brought to the nursing center. I think she is afraid if she gets too many of her things there it will be easier for it to become her new home. I just bring her what she wants and no more. I can totally understand where she is coming from on that. We are meeting about every two weeks with the staff at the nursing center including her physical therapy team. They are guardedly optimistic about her returning to the assisted living village within the next month or so.

After I visited my little MIL at the nursing home I called my friend Kathy and asked if she wanted to go to Athens with me to the Dollar Tree I can’t believe I had never been to that particular Dollar Tree. It was great!!!! I didn’t find the silver trays but I did find some other things I will use for fall crafting.

Some of the things I found at the Dollar Tree. I have a project in mind for these. I will keep you posted.

I had a very productive weekend. I cleaned spider webs from around the outside of the house, I also cleaned the panel around the garage door. It is white and doesn’t get much sun and I have to use a cleaner with bleach to keep it clean. Getting on and off of the ladder was quite a workout. I also cleaned this little iron chair that I have had for awhile. It was very rusty. I spray painted it black. We also have the little double seat and I will paint it as well but I am thinking about moving it down by the lake bank.

This chair was in bad shape and it looked terrible.
I covered the chair with this black spray paint and I am going to put it on my little front porch. I love the way it turned out.

I may have mentioned that we had to get a new garage door. Since our front door is black and the brick on the house is gray. We decided to go with a black garage door. I was a little nervous at first. But this way we can use some black accents around the front of the house. I love the new garage door but we ordered decorative window inserts and those haven’t come in yet. So for now we only have the plain glass panels in the top of the door. Hopefully the inserts will be here soon. I will show you a pic when I get it all together.

I also hosed off the driveway. It was Mark’s long weekend to work so I took advantage of having the house to myself. He never knows what changes he might come home to. Ha!!!

My Sadie, I never know where I will find her.

It’s been two weeks today since I lost my Scruffy. It has been such a hard day. I thought about him every hour leading up to the time we had to say goodby. It’s been a very sad day. I have to show you a couple of sweet gifts I received from family and friends. And of course I cried my eyes out seeing each one.

So very special when your loved ones know just how you feel.

I hug on the kitties extra tight, as much as they will let me. It is too soon for me to think of another little one. And of course there will never be another like my Scruffy. But there may be another baby who needs to be loved and taken care of. My heart will know when the time is right.

I am trying to get things caught up so I can be gone all next week. It is a long trip. Mark will be at home with the kitties. I need to find some more summer like clothes to take with me. Just when I was enjoying cooler fall weather. Oh well it will feel all that more wonderful when I return.

How was your weekend? How is your week going so far?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!