Friday Favorites & Some Amazon Finds

Happy Friday. It seems like this week has gone by really fast. How about for you? I wanted to share with you some favorite things from this past week. First up are some of my Amazon finds

I had read about this heatless curling tool contraption thingy on Instagram and TikTok. It is supposed to make beautiful wavy curls just by wearing it all night. So I ordered this one and it was relatively inexpensive. It is very soft and easy to use. Your hair should be fairly wet or damp when you put it in. It is easy to sleep in. I tried it out the other night and I rather liked it. What do you think of the way my hair turned out. I have super straight hair to start with. I put it in my hair while watching the video on my phone. A few choice words were uttered but it’s really not that hard to get in. I was afraid it would fall out during the night but it didn’t it stayed nice and secure.

From Amazon, I know it looks a little strange. You can google a video on how to use this it’s pretty simple.
I liked the way it turned out. Not super curly but that is o.k. I got a lot of compliments at work.

I am also loving headbands right now. I ordered two sets from Amazon. I love wearing them on a day I’m not going to wash my hair. These are so different than when I was growing up. Those were so bad they would give me headaches but these are nice and soft. They are great for second day hair.

So far this one with the pearls is my favorite.

Another hair product I am loving is this Biosilk. One of my young co-workers just graduated from Cosmetology school and I asked her what would be good for my dry hair. She suggested this leave in hair oil. I love it!!! You can use it on wet or dry hair. The first time I used it on my hair when it was dry and I liked it. But the second time I used it on my hair after I got out of the shower and towel dried it. I should say T shirt dried it. That’s what I use to absorb the water in my hair. My hair felt so silky and smooth. I couldn’t believe it. Second day hair today and it feels just as silky.


This is called a cremation bracelet. Mark and I both got one to put some of Molly’s ashes in. That may totally turn you off and gross you out but we love them. It is just a very small amount of ashes that goes into it. It makes us feel close to our Molly.


I love this magazine. I picked this one up at Walmart earlier in the week. Country Sampler Farmhouse. It has so many neat projects I hope I get to do a few of them.


I mentioned a while back how much I love the Neutrogena foaming face wash but hold up there’s a new kid in town. New to me anyway. I couldn’t find the regular Neutrogena foaming face wash so I bought this foaming daily cleanser and I am loving it!!!! It comes out like a gel and then becomes a light lather. I love it.


I finally finished this audio book it was seventeen hours long. It was so good. I got it through the online library with the Libby app. I hated finishing it. I have been listening to it on my way to and from work.

Free through the Libby App

And the best most favorite thing is spending time with my sweet hubs and family. Gus wakes me up every morning, usually around 4:00 AM, wanting snuggles. And that is fine by me.

What are some of your favorites this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Friday Favorites 7-15-22

Hello and happy Friday. I haven’t done a Friday favorites post in awhile. What with getting over Covid and work being so busy I feel like I have fallen behind. But here are a few things I am enjoying.

The first Friday Favorite is not a thing. It is a person. I am so happy because my brother Donnie came through a triple bypass surgery yesterday and did great! He has had some medical issues lately and we have been so worried. The surgery went well and he has already started physical therapy and is doing great. So maybe he will be home soon. That is just about the best thing I can think of that happened this week.

Now for some favorite things:

I ordered some dresses from SHEIN. If you have never ordered from this company you may have to be careful with the sizes. You just have to read the reviews and look at the pictures of people who have ordered the same thing and see how it fits their body type. They are also great when returning items. Check them out. Here are the dresses I ordered. I can’t wait to wear them. The red one was only $19.67 and the black one was $17.48. All of their clothes are very reasonably priced but as I said you have to find your size.

A few weeks ago I bought this Rae Dunn Love tote, although I carry it as a purse. It is perfect for me. It’s large and I can carry everything I need in it. I bought it at TJ Maxx I think it was about $35.00 so I didn’t pay nearly what it is listed online. It looks white but it has a tinge of pink to it.

I love these blueberry bagels with blueberry cream cheese. I guess you can tell I like blueberries.

I got these shoes at Ross. I love Ross clothing. Sometimes you have to dig to find the good things but I always think you can get a good deal. These are Guess and I think they were about $35.00. They are so comfy and easy to clean because they are leather.

I am loving this nail polish. I think it is perfect for summer. It is called sugar Fix by Sally Hansen. It stays on so well.

One of our co-workers brought these Rainbow Trout cookies to work. Aren’t they adorable? They were delicious too. It was very fitting because we have Rainbow Trout stocked in our lake at work.

I am currently reading this book it is one of those that you can’t wait to finish but you will be sad when you do. I can’t wait to get back to it each time I leave it. It is so good. I got it on Libby, the online library. I think I had to wait for a few weeks because it was loaned out to several people. The wait has been worth it.

And just look at these beautiful Crape Myrtle blooms. The trees are blooming everywhere. This one is in town near one of our local banks and I just love this color.

What are some of your favorite things this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Friday Favorites 5-20-22

Hello and happy Friday. I hope your week is going well it’s hard to believe that Friday is here already but here we are. I wanted to share a few favorite things with you this week.

First this dog clipper set from oneisall. I ordered this set from Amazon and I love it. Scruffy has such anxiety when I have to get him groomed. I hate leaving him even though I know he is taken care of and trimmed up so nicely. It had been getting harder and harder to get him in with the groomers we had been using. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered this set and watched some videos on YouTube and last week I trimmed him up. He had so much fur hanging off of his legs he was just a tick magnet whenever we went out. I used one of the clippers to trim up his legs and then another to cut the fur off of his body. I used the scissors to trim the hair around his eyes and face. He is so much cooler and no fur hanging on the ground. It is not a professional job by any means but that is o.k. with us. He is a good baby and is so still and patient when I trim him. Even when I cut his nails he is so good. You know your baby and if they would allow you to do this. But it does save time and money and if you are like me I just hate to see my Scruffy having so much anxiety.

I am loving these jeans form Kohl’s. They are pull on but fit nice and snug around the waist. I just got two pair in two different colors of denim, one light and one dark, and I just ordered a white and black pair. They are the Women’s Croft & Barrow Girlfriend Pull-On Jeans and they are on sale right now for $19.99.

I have been reading this book by Beverly Cleary. She wrote the young adult series, Ramona Quimby and Beezus Quimby books. I love all of her books but she was really an amazing woman. She was 105 years old when she died last year. She was an amazing woman and I am loving this book.

And you know I can’t read just one book at a time so I started The Hobbit. A fellow blogger had mentioned reading this. I can’t remember the last time I read it but I think I will enjoy a little out of this world reading.

Wednesday night we had a Girl’s night and went to see Downton Abbey’s second movie. Oh my goodness it was awesome!!! If you are a Downton Abbey fan or even if you are not I think you will enjoy this movie. I want to see it again already.

And you know I have to slip a kitty picture or two in. Kitty Kitty has been sleeping in this shoe box in my bedroom. She snuggles perfectly into it. It makes me wish I could snuggle up somewhere like that too. She especially likes it because it still has the tissue paper in the bottom of the box.

Just a few things I thought I would share with you. What have you been loving this week.

Always remember

Love your day your way

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday It’s been a rough week. But I wanted to share some things I have been enjoying lately. The first thing that is a favorite for me is that my sister Pat is feeling a little better. She has been in the hospital for a week and she will hopefully get to go home soon. But she is feeling better and I am so thankful and happy for that. Here are a few other favorites I have had this week.

I love the British version of these two magazines. Country Living and Country Living Home. Unlike a lot of American magazines they are not full of ads. They are a little more costly than some of the magazines you might buy here. But I just love reading these they are beautifully written and the pictures are gorgeous. I usually buy these at Barnes and Noble or Books A Million whenever I am in Knoxville. I did subscribe one year but the cost of postage coming from the UK was outrageous.

Black Jelly Beans!!!!! Do you love them? A lot of people do not like black jelly beans but I love them!!! unfortunately it’s hard to find them except at Easter time. It is not uncommon to see me with stained black lips or tongue this time of year. HEE HEE!!!!

This Olay Complete is my new favorite daily moisturizer. I have tried many many different moisturizers throughout the years and this one is awesome. I put this on every morning before I put on my makeup and it is light and non greasy and it is SPF 15 which is a plus. I have been using this for several months. My face is never dry and never oily. It feels wonderful after I put it on.

I bought this muffin mix a few weeks ago. I use the larger muffin cups with only six muffins in the tin. I forgot to drain the blueberries and I was afraid they would not be good but it made them even moister. They are so yummy. I like to make them and put them in individual bags and keep them in the refrigerator and get them out and heat them when I want one. I know they have a ton of carbs but you just have to splurge every now and then right?

The TRADER JOE’S BEER BREAD, Have you tried it? I don’t get to shop at TRADER JOE’S very often because there is not one near me. The closest one is in Knoxville. My sister and I were up there a couple of weeks ago and I bought this bread mix. I had heard about it but never tried it. It says add beer and butter. You can also add 12 oz. of any carbonated soda instead of the beer. I finally made the bread last week. I used beer but I think I will try soda next time. We liked it. It has a lot of possibilities. You can add other things to it. The price is very reasonable I think only a few dollars for a box which makes one loaf of bread.

Forsythia. I love it so much. I am always drawn to yellow flowers and I love when these precious plants start blooming. They bloom wild around our house and at poppy’s house. You know spring is coming when you see these start to bloom. Although, did you know one of the most popular bits of folklore surrounding forsythia is the saying, “three snows after the forsythia bloom.” I know we had two this year after I saw the first blooms. I certainly hope we are not in for another snow.

I ordered this kitty toy for my kitties. I first saw it on Facebook and then found it on Amazon. I put in the garage for my outside kitties. I guess I was much more excited about this than they were. When I first put it out mama cat sniffed it and rolled the ball a couple of times. Sadie and Izzy would have no part of it. I don’t think I have seen them play with it one time. Oh well I should have known better. They would much rather play with a leaf or run up and down the old dead tree branch in the yard. That is just the most wonderful thing about kitties they’re very unpredictable.

And of course Miss Kitty Kitty is our oldest Kitty baby she is four years old this month and the sweetest kitty you could ever hope to meet. She is queen of all the fur babies and she knows it.

So what are some things you have been loving this week? Share with me.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!