Friday Favorites


Happy Friday everyone. I am so ready for a couple of days off. I may stay in my pajamas all day tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of my latest favorite things with you.  These include some of my scarves I have been knitting lately. I think I told you that I love to knit scarves.  They are so easy and usually you don’t have to worry about much of a pattern, and you can take them anywhere with you. I usually have three or four scarves going at one time. This is not totally a bad thing because I also finish them almost at the same time.  So here are the scarves I have recently finished. A big thank you to my friend and coworker Shelby who agreed to be my scarf model.


I love all of the vivid colors in this scarf.


This black and white scarf is a favorite of mine because I LOVE black and white and I wear this combination all the time. You can see how nice it looks against a bold color like Shelby’s red shirt.

This scarf was the softest.  It was also Shelby’s favorite so I gifted it to her for being such an amazing “scarf model”. I got this yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby and it knits up perfectly.

Last but not least on the scarves is this fun red-pink scarf.  The yarn is really thick and you can knit a scarf in no time flat.  I think I used size 35 needles. This yarn was on sale at Hobby Lobby back in October and a friend of mine snagged it for 90% off! I had her pick me up several skeins. I think I may use some of this yarn to make a Valentines Wreath  I will keep you posted on that

Yesterday I had a late lunch with my bestie Lorie and after lunch we went to a couple of our favorite thrift stores.  Look at this little plate and stand I scored for $1.00  I love it!


I am also  loving this curling wand from Bed Head  this wand gives you those nice wavy curls and it is so easy to use   And it was free!!!  Given to me by my niece Amy B. because she had gotten another one. I love it! Thank you Amy!!!!


Have you heard of Zenni Optical?  I heard some people at work talking about ordering really cheap glasses. Guys I am rough on glasses.  I sleep in them and throw them all over my car and house. I scratch them and lose them. And I usually pay a fortune for them even though I have a really simple prescription. No bifocals yet. So I decided to go online and try Zenni Optical.  I went online and uploaded a photo of me, and picked tons of glasses to try.  I loved it!!! I got my prescription from my optometrist and entered it into the site.  Zenni is very user friendly.  I then picked a pair of glasses that was about $40.00 and placed the order. The whole time I was thinking it can’t be this easy and this cheap.  Well it is!!!!  Two weeks later I received my glasses and I love them!!!! What do you think?


Tell me some of your favorites.

Love your day your way!!!




January Bliss

Happy Friday!!! How is your January going? It seems like it was Christmas only yesterday.  We have been having a new deck put on the back of our house.  We also added new doors, a new front door and doors on our new deck. I am really excited about the deck doors they have the blinds on the inside of the glass. Take that you dust bunnies.  Our yard and then our living room has been in a state of disarray.   Adding a new deck is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years now. We started the deck before  Thanksgiving and then rain and all of the workers being sick slowed the process. They finally finished the deck just before Christmas. There was a mixup on the new deck doors and they had to be reordered and that slowed things even more.  The doors were finally put in last week. Of course it was one of the coldest days we’ve had this winter and all of the doors in the living room were out. Mark took this picture from the upstairs.  We still haven’t painted the doors.  We are waiting for the temps to be a little warmer but I will show you an update when we do.


You can see a little bit of the new deck here. I am loving the new railing. I can’t wait until it gets warmer and we can sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

Last Sunday I decided to make bread with my sour dough starter.  I wanted the regular sour dough and the cinnamon pecan sourdough.  So each cup of starter makes three loaves, and long story short I wound up with six loaves of bread  I gave most of it away.  I have to get it out of the house so I won’t eat all of it.



My niece Amy R and I decided to start a craft or project night once or twice a month.  Here are some of the things we are planning to do:
Hook a rug
Paint with chalk paint
Make candles
Make herb butter

These are just a few things we want to start with.

But we actually started out last Tuesday making one of the knitted arm blankets. Something we hadn’t really planned on at all.   Man is that yarn expensive. It is a super bulky yarn and let me say it is a bit of an investment. We decided to go with a slightly smaller bulk. We don’t want to break our budget with these projects. We got the yarn at Hobby Lobby and we each needed two skeins. They are really large. They were on sale 30% off so we got them for about 15.00 each so $30.00 for each blanket.  The super bulky that we really wanted would have been about $75.00 per blanket. A little pricey for me on a beginner project.


We picked out a YouTube video and got started. This is an excellent video for beginners

Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes by Simply Maggie

It took us a little bit to get started but once we got the hang of it it went pretty fast. It is basically knitting with your arms instead of knitting needles. I guess because we were new to it and using our arms the open spaces in the blanket were a little large. We finished in about two hours.  I put it over the back of this chair and to be honest with you I was not really happy with it. I think it kind of looked like intestines.  Now that Amy and I have the hang of making one of these we think we will invest in the higher priced bulky yarn and try again.  I decided to unravel my blanket because I knew I would probably never like it and use it.  I can make quite a few knitted scarves out of the yarn. The yarn is very nice and soft and will make excellent scarves.



So as you can see I have been in this sort of nesting mode. I guess with the hustle and bustle of Christmas behind me I just want to take a breather and enjoy being alone and doing things I really want to do.


This is the book we are currently reading for our book club.  I just started it.  It is sort of the sequel to, To Kill A Mockingbird.  So far it is pretty interesting.  I need to go back and read Mockingbird because it has been many many years since I read that.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that Harper Lee actually wrote Go Set A Watchman first before Mockingbird.  Just some trivia for you.

My goals for January are going pretty well you can see them in this post  I haven’t lost five pounds yet but I have been more active and I have been trying some new things (like the blanket) but more on that at the end of the month

How is your January going?

Love your day your way




Friday Favorites, 12-28-2018, and Some Catching Up


Happy Friday

I wanted to play catch up just a bit before I tell you about my Favorites.

We had a great Christmas over here.  I felt like I had cooked for days but it all came together as it always does and it was wonderful.

We always spend Christmas Eve at my sister Sandy’s house. It is sort of a central location for all of the brothers and sisters.  This is just my side of the family. We always spend Christmas Day with Mark’s family.  My family has about 25-30 people who attend and Mark’s family has about 5 people.  I will never forget the first time we had Christmas at our house and there were so many people, Mark told his mom the next day “Mom there were so many people I think they were coming in off the street”.  If you know my family that was probably true and that is alright with us.

Anyway Christmas Eve and the first time we get to see my new Great Niece from California, Elanore, Baby El.    We were so excited she is about 14 months old and just the most precious thing you have ever seen.  She is the granddaughter of my brother who passed away in February so a very bitter sweet time for all of us. I know how much he would have enjoyed spending time with her.

Se we ate and had gifts and talked and talked and talked and trashed my sister’s house and then we cleaned the dishes and talked some more and ate some more and just had a great time being with each other. I think with the absence of my 2 brothers and my sister it makes us really appreciate each other.  Mark was not with us and I always feel his absence so much.  Because of his work he has to miss many of our holiday get-togethers and it is just something I have come to terms with.  It’s not the same without him.

The next day on Christmas Eve we brought my mother in law from the assisted living center, where she is staying, to her house and I cooked the food and took it there.  Mark had to work that day so he had to leave early and it was easier for him to leave from there and get to work on time.  We had a wonderful time and his mom seemed happy to be able to be at her own home for awhile. Just a very small crowd here, Me and Mark, Mark’s mom, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and a neighbor who is a dear friend to us.   Again Mark had to go to work and I go home and snuggle with the fur babies until he can get back to us.

So here we are in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  I feel a little in limbo.  I am taking a few days off to take care of my remaining vacation days at work.  I am not sure most days what day it is.  I think I like that.  I have done a lot of snuggling with the fur babies and watching movies.  A little knitting and even some more baking if you can believe that.

Here are a few of my Friday Favorites:


  1. My new Canon Camera that Santa Mark Got me for Christmas. This is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 digital.  My husband is such a Techie.  If I even mention that I want anything that might fall in this category he is all over it.  He researches it to the end to find me the best possible deal he can get with all the bells and whistles.   I can’t wait to use this camera.  It is digital and blue tooth compatible and as you can see he got me several different lenses to use with it.

    Stock photo

  2. This Coconut Cream Pie recipe.  This is my favorite and I have probably made it about a million times because it is Mark’s favorite of all the pies I make.  I will confess I do not make my own crust.
    3/4 cup sugar
    1/4 cup plus 2 teaspoons cornstarch
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    3 egg yolks, beaten
    3 cups milk
    1&1/2 Tablespoons butter or margarine
    1&1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    1/2 cup flaked coconut
    1 baked 9-inch pastry shell
    3/4 cup whipping cream
    1/3 cup sifted powdered sugar
    Combine sugar,cornstarch, and salt in a heavy saucepan: stir well.  Combine egg yolks and milk: gradually stir into sugar mixture.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils.  Boil 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat; stir in butter and vanilla.  Immediately pour into pastry shell.  Cover filling with wax paper.  Let cool 30 minutes, then chill until firm.
    Beat whipping cream until foamy; gradually add powdered sugar, beating until soft peaks form.  Spread whipped cream over filling, chill.  ( FYI, I have also used cool whip)
  3. The copy of this recipe that belonged to my mama.  This was one of her favorites.  Coffee Cake.  I remember when I was a little girl I loved it when she made this cake.  This recipe is in her handwriting and I copied and laminated it and then put it on this wooden frame.  I gave out several at Christmas to my nieces and nephews and I kept a copy for me.  They loved it and it was a very special gift to them.
  4. CF197C82-4293-4E77-97FE-DB172FA2159DMy favorite movie of all time, When Harry Met Sally, I love this movie and I watch it whenever it comes on.  I have seen it about a million times but I will watch it whenever I catch it on.  I think I know every line of this movie.



5. I love these little hearts that come out at Valentines. These are already on the shelves at Walmart.  I saw them today.  They have different sayings on them.  I can eat a million of these.  I try not to even buy them because I will eat the whole bag!!!!  I used to leave them around in different places for my husband.

These are a few of my Friday Favorites.  What have you been up to?  how was your Christmas?  Are you planning a big New Year’s Eve celebration?

Join me in a few days when my blogging gets back on track.  Until then. Happy New Year!!!

Love your day your way!!!


Friday Favorites 12-15-2018 & It’s How Many Days Till Christmas?




I guess I should be happy she’s under the tree this time and not in it.

Yes I really do know it is Saturday and not Friday but if you truly know me you understand how my brain works sometimes.

I normally do my best work under pressure, yep that’s my story, so I have really taken my Christmas shopping down to the wire this time.  Although, I saw a friend yesterday and she had barely done any shopping so I’m not the only one.

I know I say this almost every time I post but it really has been a crazy time.  I took a couple of extra days off last week to try to use some vacation days. Well actually Mark and I had to go Nashville on Thursday for a Doctors appointment at Vanderbillt Medical Center for his kidney. He has to go every four months. Even though it is a four hour drive each way we drove over and back the same day.  We leave out at 5:00 am. Because Nashville is in the Central Time Zone and we are in the Eastern Time Zone we gain an hour going to Nashville. We have gone over and spent the night in Nashville and that is easier except for all of the fur babies having to be farmed out. I am happy to report that everything was excellent.  Blood work was great!!!! We are always a little apprehensive going and it is such a relief to get a good report. The kidney is now  seven years old and I always have to remind him that of course it’s doing great it’s my kidney haha haha.

I Made a Birthday cake last week for my nephew Tyler who turned 17.   It is so hard to believe.  I was there when that child was born and it seems like yesterday.  He and his brother always request my Butterfinger Cake or you may know it as Candy Bar cake. It is sooooo simple to make.  I guess I should be glad that is the one they always choose.

Last Saturday I worked because we were having Santa pictures and I wanted to be there to see all the children getting their picture made with Santa.   Oh how I wish I had skipped going to work that day because I drooped my phone and shattered it.  I had one of those protectors that is melted onto the screen, don’t ever get one of those because they don’t peel off.  I don’t have the insurance on my phone and it was going to cost about $150.00 to $200.00 to get if fixed.  Mark and I had been talking about getting new phones so that is what we did.  We got the phones on Thursday and we love them.  We got the Xs Max.  I was really excited about the camera on it and it is great!!!!!

I spent all day yesterday Christmas shopping in Knoxville with my sister. We always have the most fun.  We have our shopping down to a science we divide and conquer.  We also leave plenty of time for coffee and food breaks.  We usually wind up laughing ourselves silly all day long.

Here are a few of my Friday or Ummmm Saturday  favorites:


My new phone case.  I love it.


This Terry’s Chocolate Orange Ball. It seems like I see these mostly at Christmas time but they probably are available all year-long. You break this little ball into individual little segments like oranges.  They are delicious.  Try it!!!!!


These lotion bars I have been making. My hands really tend to be dry during the winter months and these lotion bars are amazing. I will have a post about these soon. I am making some for Christmas gifts.


I told you last week that I was a little on the fence about this Kokie eye liner. I have decided I love it.  You can get it at Wal-Mart or Target. It takes some getting used to. You have to practice with it a little but I really like it.  It is about $7.99.  So affordable enough to give it a try.


The little bins they have at Target when you first walk in. There is nothing over $3.00 or $5.00.  I love these.  There are some really unusual things that you find you just can’t live without.


My homemade peanut butter balls. I make them every year.  It is something my family demands of me.


The best Christmas movie of all time. Scrooge starring George C. Scott.  This is a family tradition at our house.  We watch it every year.

And the fact that my husband got a great report from his doctor is the best thing of all!!!

Here are just a few favorites what are some of your favorites this time of year?

Love your day your way!!!