Hello Monday A New Addition To The Family.

Hello, how are things with you? All of a sudden my life has slowed down from what it has been for the last few weeks. I was so busy the weeks that my sister was sick. I was trying to work and stay at the hospital with her. In the end I took time off from work so I could be with her as much as I possibly could. I am so glad for that time, it is something I will cherish. Now I feel a bit lost and don’t know what to do with myself in more ways than one. I try to stay busy, memories of her are wonderful but so painful at the same time. I start to work on something and just find myself a big blubbering mess.

I am a true animal lover and animals have always been a way for me to express love and nurturing. This gives me comfort. Several years ago when my brother Allen died my Scruffy appeared at the same time. It was almost as if he had been sent to help with my grieving. You know the Scruffy story. A little Terrier, malnourished with a terrible skin condition. We took him in, he was in bad shape and blind with cataracts. We took him to the vet and got his skin cleared up. We had the cataracts removed so he could see again. We have now had him for four years and I don’t know what we would do without him.

Early in March my two male cats went missing, you can read about it here. Milo and Buster. We think coyotes probably got them. They never ventured far from the yard. We also found a lot of Milo’s fur in the yard. He had the orange tabby fur that was so unmistakable. We were heart broken. We hoped and prayed that they had gotten away and maybe ran for safety. Maybe they got lost and would find their way back.

About three weeks after the kitties went missing I was flipping through Facebook. It was late at night and I saw a post about an orange and white cat that had showed up at this lady’s house and she was wondering if anyone had lost one. She said it had been hanging around for about three weeks. It would only come out at night and people in the neighborhood were feeding it. My heart started beating a mile a minute. This woman lived about ten minutes from us. Could it be Milo? The picture she posted was blurry but it definitely had Milo’s coloring. Maybe Milo had gotten lost and wandered away from home. I messaged her and she messaged me back the next morning. As soon as it got daylight I went to her house to see if I could find him. There was no sign of the kitty. Heather, that’s the sweet lady’s name, and I, started corresponding back and forth and she was on Kitty watch. She told us the kitty was sick and she could hear him cough and sneeze while he was eating. A couple of nights later she called and said the kitty was there. Mark and I jumped into the car and tore down the road to her house. When we got there he had run into the woods behind her house and we could not find him. I worried myself to death thinking it was Milo and he was out in the cold and rainy weather.

A couple of times Heather called and said the kitty was there and I was at the hospital with my sister and over an hour away and could not come. Mark was working those times and we had no one to try and catch kitty. But by this time a couple of weeks had passed and whether the kitty was Milo or not we had already formed an attachment, if it is possible considering we hadn’t even seen the kitty. Well yes it is possible for us. That’s just the way we are. Sadly I realized it probably wasn’t Milo when she sent a second picture and we realized he had a Seresto Flea collar on. We never used that type of flea protection. But I reasoned that someone could have found him and put it on him. I would not give up.

Finally all the stars aligned I was home one night and she had put food out on her screened porch and the kitty came on her porch to eat. She called and we went right over. It wasn’t Milo but it was a kitty that needed some love and meds. We took the kitty carrier but he is a big kitty and was not having any of that. Heather had a box on her porch. We coaxed him into the box and put a towel over it and carried him to the car. He never gave us a bit of trouble. He did have some type of infection and runny eyes and he just didn’t look like he felt good.

Let me just say that without Heather keeping a watchful eye out for this sweet kitty we would never have gotten him. She was relentless in trying to get us connected and we will be forever thankful to her for that. She is a wonderful caring animal loving person. Just what the world needs more of.

We took the kitty next door to my father in law’s house and put him inside. This way we could go over several times a day and check on him. We didn’t want him around the other kitties until we had the vet look at him. We got him settled in the house, fed him and gave him water. I called the vet the next day and was able to get him in for a visit. He was not chipped, he was a male, he had not been neutered. His hair was so matted you could feel knots when you picked him up. The vet thinks he is about a year or two years old. He did have an upper respiratory infection and he got a shot for that. We are still keeping him quarantined until we get him neutered on Thursday.

Nobody has come forward to claim him. I am not sure where he came from. He is just about the sweetest baby there could be. He is so friendly and lovable. He loves to eat and he loves attention. We named him Gus. I truly believe these babies are angels sent from God to help us at our neediest times. Gus isn’t Milo but he is a precious baby that needs us and we are here for him.

This is the night we brought Gus home. As you can see he had an infection of some sort. That is why we kept him quarantined from the other babies. We wanted to get him well. Plus he just wasn’t feeling like being around others.
Another picture taken a couple of days ago. He is definitely looking better. We are going to have him shaved when he is neutered because the underside of his fur is so matted.

So yes we have added another family member to our crazy zoo. I couldn’t be happier. I will keep you posted on Gus’ progress.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Hello Monday!!!

How was your week and your weekend? It’s been spring break in a lot of areas near us so we have been slammed at work. Our kids here are not out for spring break until the end of the month but lots of places around us have been out all week. It was a busy week at work.

My sister Pat is in the hospital. She has been having some difficulties and on Friday after spending the day in the ER she was admitted. She has pneumonia and possibly some other issues we’re not sure on that just yet. She will be in the hospital for a few days. I went to see her Saturday. The hospital is about an hour from me. I first went up on Friday night after work with the intention of spending the night at the hospital with her. She was still in the ER with my other sister when I got there. I met her son, my nephew, in the waiting area. We went back to see her for just a few minutes and when they started to take her to her room they told us that visiting hours was over and we could not stay. They would not let me spend the night. I guess that is so that she could get good rest which is what it will take to get over the pneumonia. So I went back up on Saturday for a visit. I took some dry shampoo and did her hair for her. I think she is feeling a little better.

My niece had also come up to visit with my sister and she and I went to a nearby Chinese restaurant, that we love, and had a late lunch. I also went to the Dollar Tree near the hospital. I guess you know the Dollar Tree is now the Dollar and twenty five cent tree. I still think they have a lot to offer. I wanted to pick up a few decorations for an Easter basket I am making. This particular Dollar Tree has a lot more than our local one does. I found some really cute things. They had lots of Easter goodies. When I got back into town I went to visit my MIL in the assisted living village. It wasn’t much of a visit, I was so tired from being up most of the night before and on Saturday that I started falling asleep while we were visiting. I felt horrible but she understood and told me I should go home and take a nap. On my way home I went by the post office. I had ordered some new rugs for my bathroom and I wanted to pick those up. I got home and walked and fed all the babies and then I was pretty much useless. I tried watching the new Amy Shumer series on Hulu, Life & Beth, but I just couldn’t stay awake.

I am loving these new glasses. I only got two but they are heavy and won’t break easily. I am death on dishes and break so many glasses. I will go back and get at least two more. The little Terracotta pots I will use to get seedlings started for spring. I found some nice Easter grass and a blue pail that has Bunny Trail on it. I will put Mr. Bunny in there as well.
These little hanging signs are very good quality for a dollar and twenty five cents. I bought several. I bought those wafers for a coworker who told me she loved them and couldn’t find any.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We had temps in the sixties and it was sunny. Scruffy and I spent some time on the deck with the kitties. We still miss Buster and Milo so bad and pray every day that they might come back home. I had planned to go back to the hospital but I got busy with laundry and cleaning the house so I decided not to go. I called my sister and talked for a bit. She had had a few visitors already and I could tell she was tired. I did a grocery pick up at Walmart. It was Mark’s weekend to work so he was gone both weekend days. I also worked on some knitting and read a book I got through my Libby online library. The book is due tomorrow and I have already renewed it once. I need to finish it. I have two more to finish within the next week or two.

Cat napping
Scruffy so needs a haircut.
This week
Look at the difference from last week and this week.
We have a Scooter’s in Sweetwater now. It’s right beside the bank we use for work. It’s been open for a couple of weeks and I finally stopped in and got a coffee. I got the Mocha Blend and it was yummy.

So what exciting things did you do last week or over the weekend? Work today was a little slower than last week and I am so thankful. Considering all that is going on in the world around us we are so fortunate, and most of the time we just don’t take the time to appreciate everything that we have, and don’t have.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!