Hello Monday

Hello friends and happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a bit of a whirlwind weekend and am currently in San Antonio for the week. I always hate leaving my husband and kitties behind but knowing my husband is there and taking care of everything makes my being gone so much easier. I am still emotional thinking about Scruffy not being with us and I will miss him forever.

I took part of Friday off because I knew I had several things to get done before leaving on Sunday. We also had a visit scheduled with the staff at the nursing facility where my MIL is staying. We do this every two weeks to determine how she is doing, what progress is being made etc. and most importantly when she might be able to return to the Assisted Living Village that she knows and loves as her home. It went pretty well and the plan is still to get her back to the Village.

Once I got home I started rummaging through my closet. I’m wondering what on earth I am going to pack for five days of mid ninety degree weather in Texas. The weather in our part of Tennessee has been so lovely. And the coming week is cooler weather and definitely fall temps. Oh well I will enjoy when I get back.

So I dug out several things I could take with me that won’t make me have a total meltdown on the streets. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to packing and I knew realistically I wouldn’t even start until late Saturday night. And I didn’t.

Saturday morning I did a grocery pickup. I also did laundry for the upcoming week. I puttered on some projects, full force packing procrastination was real, I cooked dinner, I even watched the end of the UT and Florida game. Finally I drug myself upstairs to start packing. I don’t know why I hate to pack I guess it’s because I never know what to wear.

I had to get up at 4:00 AM Sunday morning to get everything ready to go. My flight didn’t leave until 10:00 AM but I had an hour long drive to Knoxville to meet a couple of other people going with me. I like to get up really early anyway and chill for a few minutes while I drink coffee. And no matter how much time I allow I am a big rushing mess getting out of the house. Thankfully Mark was there when I left and he helped load my very heavy suitcase, it weighed 43 pounds, and get me on my way.

Our flight was very uneventful and we made it to San Antonio by 1:00 which was actually 2:00 for me because of the time change. We are staying downtown near the Riverwalk. After stashing our bags we took a short walk near the Riverwalk and got something to eat. Events were planned for later that evening so we went back to the hotel to prepare for that.

More pictures of the trip in a few days.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Hello Monday

Hello friends, How was your weekend? it was back to work for me today. After those first few initial hours back I am fine but man where did my week go? And how did it pass by so fast?

I spent the day today catching up on email and getting some things done that had come up while I was off. I also spent some time on several frustrating phone calls with our vet, The UT Veterinary hospital and then finally getting Scruffy an appointment with the vet my niece works with. I am so worried about him I can’t think straight about anything. I am just afraid that something is being missed. I want to do whatever I can for him. I think we need a second opinion.

As you may know from my previous posts we did a staycation last week. Scruffy is not doing well and I just didn’t feel right leaving him behind with anyone and taking him with us was not an option.

It was a fun week. A lot of chilling out and not doing much mixed with some work outside in the shrubs. We also got our gate painted, finally. We still have some landscaping to do around the gate so it is not completely finished. We removed some dead bushes and cleaned up a large area in front of the house.

Miss Izzy is being a proper lady.

I had lunch with my sister, my niece and a friend on Tuesday. We also took flowers to my sister Pat’s grave. I visited my MIL a few times while we were off. She is doing pretty well, she is still getting therapy at the full facility nursing home.

On Thursday I went to Knoxville with my sister and we did a little shopping. So many of the stores don’t have a lot of merchandise. A cashier at TJ Maxx told us that they were hardly getting any orders in.

On Friday hubs and I went to a nearby town that we rarely visit. Mark wanted to visit a shop there. It was a beautiful drive. We also stopped for lunch at a small restaurant. They specialized in barbecue and we had the brisket. It looked amazing but the taste was not there. We didn’t eat half of it which is a good thing I guess because the portions were huge.

The view was totally worth the drive.
The food looked amazing but it was not. The French fries were the best part of the meal.

On Saturday I did a grocery pickup and drove to Sweetwater to deliver some bread I had baked to my nephew. He has been asking for my bread for a long time. I finally got some bread made and delivered. It was a beautiful but foggy morning.

I stopped by my MIL’s house on Saturday and just look at these spider webs.

We also celebrated our sweet Scruffy on National Dog Day. I have an appointment tomorrow to get a second opinion on the congestive heart failure. He is having some other issues now and I’m just not sure that is all that is going on. Prayers for my sweet Scruffy.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Hello Monday, It’s Vacation Time!!!

I was supposed to be waking up at the beach this morning for my first full day of vacation. But you know how plans are, sometimes they’re just not meant to be.

We decided to stay home and not do our beach vacation this year. With everything that is going on with Scruffy I just didn’t feel like going away and leaving him. He is on several different meds for the congestive heart failure and he is doing really well. But because he is still not feeling the best I just didn’t want to leave him. Taking him with us really wasn’t an option .He is having some diarrhea and a ten hour car ride for him, and us, would have been miserable. My sister in law usually keeps him for us but I just didn’t feel right asking her to handle all of that. The meds and cleaning up after him right now is a lot. I didn’t want to board him because it is just so stressful on him. Changing the dates was not a problem for me but Mark’s work has been so crazy this was the week he needed to take.

So here we are. I guess we are having a “staycation” I am not really upset about the vacation and to be honest I think Mark is sort of happy to spend a week at home doing nothing. I guess this is not the time to tell him my big plans for the week like cleaning out the garage, cleaning the driveway, painting our gate that never got painted and planting shrubs around the new gate. Yeah I will let him enjoy his coffee first. Realistically I know I won’t get those things done either but it is fun to dream.

But first I have to tell you about our great family day we had last Sunday. It was my Sister in Law’s Birthday. My niece and her daughter came in from California and we had lots of other family we hadn’t seen in years. It was a great time. I volunteered to bake the cake. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t made a really large cake in a long time. But it turned out great. Nothing fancy just colorful and it was yummy. The Birthday was held at The Fort Loudoun State Historic Area. There is lots of room to play and fish and hike and just have fun. We love this place.

My sister-in-law, Pat and her daughter
Spending time with family is just the best. I love these guys!!!
Fort Loudoun State Historic Area.

I actually started my vacation on Friday. I was scrolling through Facebook on Friday morning and saw that there was a Trade Fair at The Living Heritage Museum in nearby Athens. So I jumped up, got ready and got to the museum around noon.

There were several artist set up demonstrating their art. Such talent and great ideas. I enjoyed it so much. I think it was the perfect start of my vacation.

Some beautiful art work.
The spinning and quilt making were my favorites.
I am fascinated by bee keeping. My dad had bees when I was growing up. I would love to have them now but Mark is allergic and is terrified of having them here.
This lady was demonstrating Calligraphy
Lots of people were trying to weave.

I stopped in and saw my MIL at the nursing home. We had a great visit. She is still having therapy so that she can get stronger and move back to the Assisted Living Village where she was living.

Got groceries and went home and chilled. I don’t take Scruffy on long walks anymore. He is just not interested and the vet said to do what he feels like doing.

On Saturday I did some house cleaning so that I could enjoy the week off. I also read on one of my online books I have through the Libby App. I go to the app and I reserve books that I want and it seems like they all become Available at the same time. You do have the option of putting them off for a week and still stay in the rotation. I have had to do that a few times.

On Sunday I was very lazy. I worked on my Halloween cross stitch and took Scruffy for a couple of short walks. I decided to make meatloaf for dinner. I like having the leftovers for lunch during the week.

So it should be a very quiet vacation week. I did work in my flower beds today and got a lot of old and dead plants cleaned out. Mark’s grandmother had some large concrete planters on her front porch. No one has lived in the house for years. I wanted the planters and was afraid that someone would steal them before we had a chance to get the. Mark brought them home last week and I can’t wait to get them cleaned up and some flowers planted in them.

I can’t wait to use these. They are very old.

We finished up the day going into town and getting dinner and bringing it back home. I got a yummy chicken Cesar salad.

My precious Izzy

So how is your week going so far? I plan to have a lot of fun on my “staycation”. Sometimes those can be just what you need.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Goodbye July, Hello Monday

Goodbye to July and hello August. I can’t say I am sorry to see July go. I love fall so that means that the end of July is bringing my favorite season closer.

July was a hard month for us. We lost our precious old Molly girl. If you didn’t catch that post you can read it here: Goodbye Molly Rose. She was fifteen years old, approximately, and she passed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 7th. I was just getting over Covid and still feeling weak and loopy from it. My brother underwent open heart surgery, but he is doing very well and that is such a blessing. My little mother in law suffered a heart attack and is still recovering from that so whew!!!! Yes it has been a rough month.

And now. July was an awesome month!!! Lots of great things happened!!! My brother is doing great and recovering wonderfully from his surgery. My little ma in law is recovering nicely and still feisty and waiting to go back to her room at the Assisted Living Center. Mark did not get Covid when I had it. I am feeling much stronger. And sweet Molly is running and playing and happy across the Rainbow Bridge. We were able to visit with some sweet family members from Texas. And while it has been hotter than Satan’s breath we have had some nice rain showers and everything is a brilliant green. I guess it’s all how you look at it.

I had a lot of fun this past weekend. I went out on Saturday morning to buy groceries and decided to make a slight detour to the farm market near my house. I knew their vegetables would be crazy good right now and yes they were and very plentiful.

This is the long road leading to the Farm Market. Last year it was totally gravel and soooo dusty. It looks like they have put some concrete or something on it.
Acres of vegetables are grown.
I have been craving okra I was so happy to see this.
I love my mountains.

After I left the Farm Market I drove on over to nearby Tellico Plains, the downtown area. I went to the Museum Marketplace.
This is a thrift store and antique store with locally handmade items and just a little bit of everything. I only bought one thing this little powder box. I am not sure if it is pewter. It is heavy and old and I will probably keep my earrings in it. It just caught my eye and I had to keep circling it which usually means I need to go ahead and buy it. So I did.

I am not really sure how to clean this if you have any ideas please let me know. It is heavy.

This little group of music makers travel all around downtown Tellico playing in lots of different shops. Today they were set up
at the entrance to the Marketplace and I just had to stop and chill and listen for awhile. They have been playing together for ages
and they are just amazing.

I bought potatoes, cucumbers, okra and a huge cantaloupe. The prices are so much better than Walmart or anywhere else in town and so delicious and fresh.

I bought a spiral ham at Walmart and was planning to cook the ham and veggies on Sunday and maybe do spaghetti on Saturday night. Mark suggested I cook the ham after I got home on Saturday and we made sandwiches and then just reheated the ham on Sunday. That way we only had to do the veggies on Sunday. So that is what we did and it worked out great!!!

I cook okra the way my mama always did. I don’t know how you do yours but this is how we ate okra when I was growing up and I just love it this way. I wash and cut up my okra. I could’t help but laugh as I was cutting the okra. It is a little slimy and sticky inside the stalks. My brother Joe and I used to get the ends and stick them to our heads and pretend they were horns. HA!!! My mama never found that as amusing as we did. Anyway back to the okra. After I cut it I roll it in a little flour or cornmeal, whichever I have on hand, I used flour this time. Salt it. And then I put oil in a medium sized skillet over medium heat and cook it until it is nice and soft. Then I drain it and put it in the oven and finish it by baking it. It makes it nice and crispy. I cannot stand soggy okra. It is so yummy this way. How do you cook okra?

It rained most of Sunday and I worked on the temperature blanket. I was a little behind but here it is through June. If you don’t know, I started crocheting the temperature blanket in January. You crochet a different color, which corresponds with the temperature, for each day. I used blues for the colder months and I have been using red and orange for the warmer months. The last couple of months have been totally orange and red. I think orange goes to 88 degrees F and anything above that I am using the red color. If you want to check out all the colors and the temperature chart just check out this blog post from a few months ago:
I am making a crocheted temperature blanket.

It really is growing and this is only through the end of June!!!

How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!