Just Another Day

Hello friends. Happy Wednesday. I am at the Express Lube waiting on an oil change for my Mother in law’s car. We still drive it from time to time. We actually have thought about selling it since she won’t be able to drive again. The car is a small compact car and it only has about 15,000 miles on it, and we have put most of those on.  It is literally the car a little old lady only drove to church and back. However it is the only vehicle that we have that she can still get in and out of easily when we take her anywhere. So for this reason we hang onto it. 

I am going in to work a bit later today because I am working later. I have my  knitting here with me while I wait for the car but I just felt the need to catch up with you a bit. We had a very quiet Fourth Of July holiday. I went into town on Saturday morning and took pictures of flags around the local courthouse. Every year the Downtown Association does a Parade of Flags tribute to the veterans past and present. You purchase a flag and a certificate for that person and all of the flags are on display around the courthouse. It is quite a beautiful site. I love walking through the flags and reading all the names and of course taking pictures.  On Sunday I cooked baby back ribs in the crock pot I did a post about it.  If you missed it check it out here.

               Our Courthouse is very old and beautiful and I love taking pictures of it.




For the second time, I recently had to be tested for COVID. Again someone I had been in contact with tested positive. I was negative. I have heard of a lot of people getting false positives on the tests so I have my doubts about the tests. The thing is I work in a public place and I have to abide by the rules to keep my job. Enough said about that. I did write a haiku about it the night before I got tested because I was feeling a little morose and down. I was also contemplating having to possibly be out of work for two weeks or God forbid more and also my biggest worry is for my husband who takes immunosuppressive drugs. So things could be even worse for him. So here is the haiku:

Out of work two weeks?
COVID you hold the answer 
Am I positive?

So just another day but yet a wonderful day to be here and be healthy.  

Have a wonderful rest of the week and always remember:

Love your day your way!!!!

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How To Make Yummy Baby Back Ribs

Hello friends and happy Monday, How are you how was your week? I know I have been a little inactive but my job right now is taking center stage in my life.  More about that later.

Yesterday I was off and I did some cooking.  I made pecan pancakes for breakfast and then I decided to make baby back ribs in the crock pot.   I have made them in the crock pot several times.  I love them this way.  I bought a rack of baby back ribs at the grocery store.

This is the best way to make baby back ribs in my opinion. First of all I make a rub to put on the ribs.  I use, 8 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar, 3 Tablespoons of kosher Salt, 1 tablespoon of Chili powder, 1 teaspoon of black pepper and 1 teaspoon of onion powder and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.   This is the amount of rub you use for a double rack of ribs.  If you are only cooking a rack of ribs you will only use half of this.  Put the other half back for next time or just use double on these and it will still be yummy.

         This is a picture of the rub.

First of all I got a rack of baby back ribs.  They are a little pricey but sometimes you can get them on sale.  Splurge.  It’s worth it!!

       This is a rack of baby back ribs and it is plenty for me and Mark.

Next I make the rub.  See the recipe from above.

   I always cut the ribs in two so that I can place them in the crock pot easier.

Next you need to pull the membrane off of the ribs.  It is not pleasant but you need to do it.  I know that you don’t have to pull the membrane off but it does make them taste so much better.  The rub really gets into the meat if you remove the membrane.  There are several videos out there helping you to learn to do this.  Google it.

Turn the ribs over so the rib part is showing.  Take a butter knife and slip under the membrane make a pocket and slip your hand or the knife under the membrane and pull it off of the ribs.  Some of the membrane comes off easily, if you are lucky, and some of them don’t.  Yesterday I almost had a melt down because I couldn’t get the Fu/c8ing membrane off!!!!!  I finally got most of it off.

The trick to cooking these ribs in the crock pot is that you must put them up on their sides so that they are not lying in their own juices because this tends to make them mushy.   Don’t add anything to them at this point.  Just let the meat cook and use it’s own juices.


Cook the ribs for about 6 hours in a crock pot on low.  Check them after 6 hours and see if they are getting done.  I think 6 hours is usually plenty of time.  My recipe called for 8 hours but that is usually too long.  I always check them after 6 hours.

After you take the ribs out of the crock pot place them on a pan and brush them with barbecue sauce and put them under the broiler in the oven for just a couple of minutes and they will taste yummy!!!!

So the ribs turned out pretty well.  They were tasty.  I have made better but these were good too.

Try them!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!




Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling

Happy Sunday friends it is Sunday morning and I am watching the rain out the window and feeling rather cozy in my cocoon . It sort of reminds me of the song by Maroon 5. (Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin. Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable).  Well, there is no skin being shared unless you count Scruffy and I  snuggled in the chair watching Food Network HA HA!! I don’t know why I love this channel so much it makes me so hungry.  It also makes me want to cook. I have a confession.  I love to make pies but I never make my own pie crust.  I buy the crust at Walmart in the frozen food section.  It is just so easy.  Mark has a friend, David, who makes his own pies and pie crust and the pies seem to taste so much better.  I think I will have to try it.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Can anyone else believe that it is almost July?  That is crazy!!!  I had to work six days straight this past week and it was very tiring. Not just physically but mentally as well. With all the COVID regulations and then hearing people complain about them it is so hard to know what to do or feel about it.   Also,  I had a friend coming over on Saturday so I had to clean my house. You know what I’m talking about.  I got up early a couple of mornings and did some cleaning before work.  As I was cleaning and mopping and dusting I was thinking I really should have people over more often, maybe I would keep my house cleaner.   Anyway we had a great time we laughed and talked and talked and ate.    I baked homemade bread, and a chocolate cake. I also made a dip called crack dip, it is called that because it is so addictive.  I made a delicious pitcher of Ruby Relaxers, this is a very tasty light cocktail that is great for summer.  We took a long walk with Scruffy and Molly and it was just a wonderful day.

   Kitty Kitty has a new favorite sleeping spot.  On my couch in the den on my afghan of course.  

    This one constantly needs attention!!!

  Such beautiful flowers this time of the year.  Vibrant colors are everywhere!!

Pass this on my way to work every day.  Of course I had to stop and get a pic.


Things are still a bit crazy in the world.  Mark and I had planned a beach vacation later in August but I am not sure about it now.  So many of the beaches are reporting record numbers of COVID and I am hearing that some beaches may close.  I am not sure about going.  We will see.  I know we will have no problem social distancing.  We rarely see a lot of people and we pretty much stay to ourselves.  The beach we go to is very secluded.  I will share it with you later this week.  We have gone there for many years. It is our favorite beach.

      This is my favorite beach.  I am doing a post on it this week.  I hope to be able to go later this year. 

We have had such mild weather lately. This past week the temps have only been in the low 80’s and that has been wonderful.   But I saw the forecast for the upcoming week and I think it is going to be really hot.  As a matter of fact I just stepped outside and it is hot and humid.  My glasses fogged up.   Welcome to East Tennessee.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


Weekends, Her Name Was Dora Lee

Happy Monday friends.  How was your weekend?

On Friday I had a day off from work.  I went to an estate sale in town.  There is a local company that sells estate items in a shop in town, it used to be a flower shop and there are several rooms within the shop.  A couple of times a month an estate sale at this shop takes place.  An entire life of someone is sold.  You can see their likes and hobbies and collections.  I think I find this just as interesting as the purchase.  Well almost anyway.  It starts on Thursday with everything at full price.  On Friday everything is 25% off and on Saturday everything is 50% off.  On Sunday, if there is anything left, everything is 75% off. They have even gone into Monday if there is a lot of stuff left.

I went to the sale on Friday.  There were lots of things left.  I didn’t see any signs that showed anything 25% off.  Everything was really really expensive.  I know it sometimes starts out like that and then more people buy as the cost goes down.  I collect crocks, you know like the old butter churn crocks.  I have about 20 really large ones.  I also have a few smaller ones.  I saw a very small crock.  I am not sure what it would have been used for.  It didn’t have a price.  I hate to ask for the price because sometimes it is priced really high if you ask and show interest.  Anyway I carried the crock around for a few minutes and I decided to put it back and wait until Saturday and see what it would be at half off.

On Saturday I went back, early, when the sale first started.  And yes everything was 50% off.  I hurried through the door and went directly to the room where the crock was.  You guessed it.  It was gone!!  When on when will I learn to get something at the time I really want it?  I continued to look around. I gathered up a couple of things but I was really sad to have missed out on the crock.  I went into the front room and there on an old ironing board was the crock!!!!  I ran over and grabbed it up.  I asked a woman who was working the sale how much, it still didn’t have a price on it. She took it to the front and came back and said it was $37.00 and that day it would be half off.   YES!!! You would think I would have learned a lesson from this but no I almost did it again.


     Look at this little crock.  It is just precious. The smallest one I have. 

 Look at the size compared to one of my other crocks.

 The lady of the estate, I later learned her name was Dora Lee, loved to sew.  There were about six sewing machines for sale.  Some were really old and then there were a couple of newer models.  Also lots of baskets. 

I kept eyeing an oil painting called “Adoration” It was beautiful. It was A painting of a woman in a long yellow dress.  I kept going back to the painting.  It was fairly small only an 11×14 maybe.  It was painted in the year 2000.  I kept looking at it and going back to it and circling it etc etc.  But when I noticed that the woman in the yellow dress was looking at a kitty cat, and that was the meaning of “Adoration” I grabbed it up. I was sold.

    Isn’t it beautiful.  I think it looked like Dora Lee as a young girl.  

      This was Dora Lee at her High School graduation. 

I learned from the liquidator of the estate that Dora was an only child from Harlan Kentucky.  Her husband, Ralph, was from Yellow Creek North Carolina.  They met and married and moved to Maryville Tennessee.  Ralph passed away several years ago leaving Dora Lee who also recently passed away.  They had no children and no nieces and nephews to claim the contents of the estate.  I always find this a little sad.  Dora Lee also collected bells and she loved jigsaw puzzles.  It is sad that all of the things within the house are being picked over by total strangers.  This is spoken by one of the strangers.

I feel like I came to know Dora Lee a little.  I even bought her High School autograph book.  Several of her classmates signed it.  It looks like it was around 1931.  I will share that with you at another time.

So how was your weekend?  Did you enjoy Father’s Day? I hope you had a chance to check out my Father’s Day post about a favorite memory of my daddy.  You can read it here if you missed it.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!