North Carolina Beach Vacation

Last week the hubs and I took off for vacation. We love to go to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington North Carolina. It is our favorite vacation spot. This is how it went:

We woke up last Tuesday, the first morning of vacation, realizing we had forgotten to buy coffee. What??? wait let me go back to the day before on Monday and our ten hour, terrible traffic, road work delays, torrential rain, butt numbing road trip. Normally when we do our beach vacation to our beloved beach, we start out on Sunday morning and the traffic is fairly light. We hadn’t been there in four years because of other trips and covid and etc etc. The last few times we had gone we chose to fly because it gave us more beach time. I guess we had forgotten how grueling and never ending the ten hour drive could be.

First we had to start on Monday because it was Mark’s long weekend to work. They are so short staffed he was barely able to get an entire week off. We didn’t choose to fly this time because we had heard of all the nightmare delays and no rental cars. So we decided to do the drive. We meant to leave out at 6:30 AM but we were delayed a little and didn’t get started until almost 7:30. I mean after all I did have to spend a little extra time snuggling the babies and arranging food for them. Molly and Scruffy had already been taken to a couple of family members for the week. Also Mark couldn’t find his wallet after we packed the car so we spent some time backtracking. He finally found it in the back seat. Take into account it was Monday and not Sunday and lots of traffic to deal with especially near Knoxville because it was morning rush hour. So it is no wonder when we rolled into the grocery store for supplies, after we arrived at the beach, we forgot the coffee. Not to mention we were in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm and coastal flooding was predicted. It rained and rained.

We arrived in the rain.

Luckily I brought a ton of knitting and my laptop and several books. So I was in heaven having nothing to do but read and watch movies and knit and knit and knit. We did brave the weather every night to grab some yummy seafood for dinner.

Do you think I took enough knitting?

Finally the rain stopped and the sun came out. Just in the Nick of time I would say, too much closeness can lead to bickering. We walked into town, about a three mile walk round trip, and bought a few more supplies.

Sunrise at the beach
A pano of the pier in town.
The storms caused some huge waves and lots of surfing.

We did have a few good days on the beach. After all the rain the weather was perfect. The high temps were in the low eighties and the mornings were perfect for walking on the beach. It was a much needed fun and relaxing trip.

South Beach Grill. One of our favorites.
Best Hotdogs on the beach.
Our favorite restaurant of all time. The Oceanic.

We headed back home on Saturday morning. We left out at 4:00 AM and picked up Molly from my nephew’s house and then Scruffy from my sister in law and then headed home. I don’t think you could have gotten another thing in that car.

We got home and all the kitties were so happy to see us. We had people who had been coming in every day to take care of the kitty babies. Going on vacation is quite an ordeal when you have eight babies.

I took an extra couple of days off and bought groceries, did laundry, took supplies to my mother in law at the village and cleaned house. It was good to have everything back in place and clean.

I had a great time with my husband but I was so happy to get back home to everyone and the babies. I guess that may be the very best part of vacation.

Wrightsville Beach is located about 70 miles north of Myrtle Beach near the town of Wilmington. When we fly in we always fly into the Wilmington Airport. We usually stay at Shell Island Resort or Surf Suites both of them are great places with friendly people. We love them both.

More beach pictures on tomorrows Wordless Wednesday.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

Home Again, Home Again

Hello friends. As I mentioned in my last post I had to be gone from the family for a few days earlier this week. Our attraction was hosting the attractions association that we belong to. It was a very nice but tiring few days. I was so glad to get back home.

I got home late Wednesday evening. Scruffy was so happy to see me. He did his little frantic running in circles dance around me that he always does when he is happy and excited. Even Molly came over to nudge against me. Of course all the kitties were very aloof because that’s just the way kitties are. And of course hubs was glad to see me. Although that could have been because he knew I would be relieving him of some of his animal tending duties. Hee hee.

What a great time we had on the trip. Lots of information to exchange with the other attractions, great ideas about how to deal with the ever changing times that we are dealing with right now. I always come back from these meetings feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever comes along. It’s good and bad knowing that our attraction faces the same issues as lots of others and we are not alone.

Monday afternoon was all meetings with a special guest speaker from the Tennessee Department of Tourism. Monday night we went to the Iron Works Grill that I mentioned a few weeks ago. This is where I had the amazing rainbow trout, mashed potatoes and fried okra. We had given the grill our menu almost a month ago. They ran out of the rainbow trout after only six people ordered it. They had no mash potatoes and they ran out of several of the desserts. I was really disappointed. The poor waitresses apologized profusely and it wasn’t their fault but I felt like someone sort of dropped the ball there. Especially since we had given them our choices a month before. I had the pulled pork barbecue this time and it was delicious. No matter what you eat there even if it isn’t the trout it is delicious. The setting is on Tellico river and it is beautiful. So this with a glass of wine made things a lot easier. Our group was great with all of it and they had a great time anyway. That’s what I love about this group.

Be sure to check out all the links I have listed below.

jTellico River
Dinner was delicious
Chilling by the river

I wanted to share with you some of the places we visited. We started out the second morning with an all day itinerary. Some of the highlights were Lost Sea, we did a cavern tour and underground boat ride.

Tsali Notch Vineyard in Madisonville. This is a muscadine vineyard. We were able to taste the wines and juices and then do a tour of the vineyard and even pick muscadines from the vine and taste them.

We did a tour of the vineyard
Part of this vineyard is used for weddings. It is a beautiful setting.
I bought some of the wine and jelly.

Next we traveled to The Fort Loudoun State Historic Area. This is an old reconstructed British Fort You can actually see what the soldiers barracks and hospital looked like. It is a very interesting historical place. It reverted to the state parks in 1977. Along with touring the fort there is a museum, trails, picnic areas, fishing sites and places to launch your boat, kayak or canoe. It’s absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite places.

Beautiful Tellico Lake

Next we visited The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum. When you visit this Cherokee Indian Museum you will learn about the man Sequoyah and creator of the Cherokee writing system. The museum is small but has so much history within it.

The last stop of the day was in Townsend where we had dinner at the Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro. The appetizers, and drinks and meal was superb. I had the salmon and I tore into it before I got a picture. We also had a wonderful band that played for us. It was a beautiful setting in the woods with a fire pit and s’mores fixings at the fire pit. What a night and day!!!

This bluegrass band was amazing

We got back to the hotel at 10:30 PM that night and we were exhausted. A fun but tiring day. The next day was meetings and then home. Well actually I did another Hobby Lobby stop on my way home to search for fall decorations. I found a few things and yes some more yarn.

It was so good to get back home. I think it’s good to venture out every now and then because it makes you realize just how special home is. I’m sitting here writing this and Scruffy is lying at my feet. Molly is in the living room cozied up next to Mark and Kitty Kitty has retired upstairs to find anywhere soft to sleep, she has a multitude of places. The outside kitties, well they are all curled up together outside on their blankies in the garage. It looks like one big fur ball out there. Ahhhhh my little family they are everything to me.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

A Recent Work Trip To Luray Virginia

Hello friends, I have been gone most of the week to Luray Virginia for a work trip. This was the first trip I have been on in a year and a half.

The Attraction that I work for belongs to a tourism association and we meet a few times a year. However this was our first in person meeting in over a year. We had conducted all of our previous meeting via Zoom.

I had to leave out on Sunday. I don’t know if you are like I am but I just have to leave my house clean and the laundry done. So on Saturday that is what I spent the day doing.

I was awakened on Saturday morning by the smoke detector in the hallway just outside my bedroom. At approximately 3:30 AM I started hearing that repeated chirp that just makes you want to tear it out of the ceiling and stomp it into a billion pieces. Scruffy’s little ears are especially sensitive. He first tried to climb on my back and then my head to get away from that piercing little chirp.

We got up and of course had no batteries to fit it so we wound up pulling it off the ceiling to stop the chirping. Since I was awake I decided to just stay up. I had a lot to do to get ready for my trip. It had been so long since I traveled I had almost forgotten how to pack. I actually did leave several things behind.

Preparing for a trip gives me anxiety. Add in the fact I have gained weight and had less clothing options really put me in a tailspin. But I was determined that I was going to make the best of it and enjoy my time with a group of wonderful people that I had not seen in a very long time. That is just what I did.

We left out on Sunday and it was about a seven hour drive. I met a couple of other people in Knoxville and we all rode together. It was a long drive and we arrived tired and weary from the road. We stayed at the beautiful Mimslyn Inn. I’ve stayed at the Mimslyn before and it is a beautiful and very old property. It is reputed to be haunted but I have never encountered anything during my stays. Although our meeting didn’t start until Monday at 1:00 PM we went on Sunday because we had such a long drive and didn’t want to take a chance on running into road work or any other issues.

The Mimslyn Inn
I love this beautiful staircase
We ate at this restaurant our first night with our group. They opened just for us and it was amazing!!! They fed us great food and the atmosphere is so welcoming.

Moonshadows Restaurant is fairly new and is centrally located on Main Street in Downtown Luray, Virginia. The name Moonshadows is supported throughout the restaurant by the use of color and art-every picture has a moon in it. It’s beautiful.

The grounds at Luray Caverns.

We visited Luray Caverns. I did a post with lots of pictures here Wordless Wednesday, Luray Caverns, Luray Virginia
Unbelievably beautiful formations all through this cave. If you haven’t already visited Luray or if it is your third time like me. You have to check it out.
There is much more to see at Luray Caverns than just the cave. There is also The Car and Carriage Museum, The Luray Valley Museum and lots of shopping and eating. Plan to spend several hours at Luray.

Check it out.
The American Shakespeare Center

We also had the pleasure of visiting the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton Virginia. We were so fortunate to have a few of the actors on set and they did a couple of short performances for us. We were also able to visit backstage and check out the areas where all the action happens, making costumes, building scenery for the sets and the area where all the props were kept. So exciting, for just a few minutes, to feel like a part of theatre crowd.

If you have the luxury of visiting the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and just a few of these treasures I have mentioned, you will never forget them. With each turn and twist of the road a beautiful work of art will unfold. It is breathtaking. The people are some of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet. The hospitality is honest and true. I can’t wait to go back.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and always remember,

Love your day your way!!!