The Sounds of The Day

One of my very first memories was sitting on my mama’s lap with my head against her chest.  I was a very little girl.  My ear was pressed against her chest and as she talked her voice sounded muffled yet soothing  in a way that always put me instantly to sleep.  That was one of the most comforting sounds I can ever remember.

Do you ever think about all the sounds that you hear during the course of one day.  Your day?  A few days ago I was sitting in the office at work and I could hear a murmur of voices coming from the break room next door.   A gentle rumble of conversation. A question asked, an answer given, a comment made, a quick burst of laughter,  but still a steady gentle rhythm of voices.  I never realized just how much I cherish listening. I may not even know what is being said but there is such a comfort in the sound of each day.  Especially when the sounds and voices are familiar.

Early morning sounds, my husband is getting up for work.  It’s very early because he gets up at 3:50 AM to leave for work by 4:45AM.  He tries to be quiet but I hear him going down the stairs, scooping Kitty Kitty up on the way down.  Turning on lights and making breakfast.  Trying to bribe Kitty Kitty to be quiet and not wake Mom and Scruffy and Molly. The garage door opening, his truck driving away. I almost always wake up but I pretend I don’t. It makes him feel bad if he thinks he wakes me up so early. Kitty meowing for her food.

Walking in the door after work and Scruffy meeting me at the door. I hear his nails tapping against the floor before I see him. I race him to the front door to give him his walk. Listening to him and Molly click click up the driveway for their walk. A hum of summer time. It’s almost like you can hear the shimmer of the heat off of the pavement.

Night time settling in. T.V. going, washing machine spinning, phone conversations, catching up on the day. Tree frogs and crickets sing their night time serenade as I take Scruffy out for one last walk before bed. We hear a screech owl and a hoot owl. Molly romping through the house like a horse before she settles down in her bed. Kitty Kitty making that last run through the house and Scruffy umphing as he jumps on the bed to settle in for the night. Sounds of breathing, the whir of the ceiling fan, the tick tock of the clock.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. They are priceless!!!!

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!

Hello September

Wow I am so glad to see September. I am hoping this month will bring some cooler weather although I have to say our weather hasn’t been too bad. We have had a lot of rain in East Tennessee so more humidity than heat.

I was on vacation last week. It was a staycation since we didn’t go anywhere. It was still a lot of fun though just chilling at home and doing some things locally. I know the fur babies were glad we didn’t go anywhere so they could have us all to themselves.

We went back to Nashville on Tuesday and got Mark’s repeat blood work. All was well there. On the way home we stopped at the little yarn shop that I told you about. Yarn Haven. It is in Crossville Tennessee which is directly in our path going and coming from Nashville. I bought some yummy yarn. It is not easy to find really good sock yarn, yep uh huh that’s my story. So I must take advantage when I can.

This is the yarn I want to use to make socks.

We bought a drone and have been having a lot of fun with it. We flew it over the lake on Sunday and took a ton of pictures. We have had so much rain in the last few weeks that the water in the lake is very muddy.

And just as vacations do the week passed by way too fast. I spent some time with my friend Lorie, I also did a lot of cooking and baking, which I love to do when I have time, and reading. I also played my piano a lot. I came up with a system to practice on my piano every day even if it is only ten or fifteen minutes. I took piano lessons many years ago, after I was an adult, but I haven’t played consistently in years. I always think I would like to be a better player but then I pick out really hard pieces and get frustrated because I haven’t played in so long. I am sooo out of practice. I was reading a blog post by a friend the blog is and she talked about what hidden talents you might have that you are denying yourself. They often come in the form of wishes, I wish I could do….. I have always loved playing the piano and wished I could play better. So I got some of my practice music out and started going back over it and it was amazing how fast it came back to me. I just hope I can keep up the practice now that I am back to work.

We flew the drone over our house. As you can see it truly is in the middle of the woods.
See how muddy the water is? I will take more pictures of the lake after the water clears up.
I finally finished knitting this blue scarf shawl and I love it. It turned out really nice. It was a little curly until I washed it and blocked it into submission. Ha Ha The pattern was easy to memorize. As soon as I finished it I started another one. This can be wrapped around your shoulders or around your neck as a bulky scarf. I love this pattern and will be happy to share if you would like.
I also finished the witch cross stitch and got it framed. I have a couple more I would like to finish before Halloween but I am not sure if that will happen.
And I made banana bread. I love to make banana bread and cut it into slices and then put those into individual baggies in the refrigerator and when I want a slice for breakfast or a snack I just pull out one of the baggies. I think they stay much fresher this way.

As I said I was back to work on Monday and playing catch up most of the day. Thankfully my work load has slowed down somewhat. This Labor Day Weekend will be our last big weekend for the year. I have to say I am ready for slowing down and having some down time. With the COVID issues and dealing with changes daily regarding COVID and employees it has been a rough summer.

I do have a short Sister Trip planned at the end of the month. A few days to Gatlinburg to our condo that we love and maybe spend a day in Cherokee at the Casino I’m not sure what the plans will be at this time. I am not a big gambler and I usually like to shop while the sisters gamble. But we shall see when the time comes.

How is your week and new month going so far? Any fun plans coming up?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Happy Monday And A Shiny New Week!!

Happy Monday how are you? You know as bad as we hate Mondays you have to admit there is just something awesome thinking about a new week and new opportunities and new experiences. And my week will be great because I am on vacation!!! Sadly we are not going to the beach but we will be doing some fun things at home. The babies will be much happier that we are staying home.

Do you ever start your day early in the morning wondering what the day will hold? what will you have to tell about at the end of the day? what will happen today that will hold near and dear to your heart?  Wow!!!  when you think about all the possibilities it is mind boggling.  Something could happen today that will totally change your life!!! Be still my heart!!

Here is something I like to do.  I keep a journal.  I keep it beside my bed.  I will write the date for instance Monday morning August 24th before I leave for work or start my day.  The page is blank.  So many things will happen today.  I will have conversations with people, I will see things, I will buy things, I will eat things, I will hear things, I will learn things.  What will be different?  What do I want to be different?  Who will I talk to or message or see? Anyway, you see where I am coming from right?

A good week last week although a little crazy leading up to my week off. I always have to be caught up on everything before I leave.  This meant some long days at work but totally worth it for a week off.

Mark and I had to go to Vanderbillt a couple of weeks ago for his 4 month check up. We leave out about 4:30 AM for the 4 hour drive. Even though we gain an hour for the time change near Nashville the traffic going into Nashville in the mornings is crazy!!!! It is usually bumper to bumper for the last hour.

This is our routine, I get up around 3:00 AM and get coffee and take care of fur babies. I grab something quick to eat and get things ready to take with us. We take a small cooler bag with waters and a Diet Coke for me and peanut M&M’s don’t ask me why it’s just a tradition and I eat them on the way over,they keep me awake. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I also take a Yeti full of coffee.  We put a blanket and pillow in the car. I often take a nap on the way back.

img_1241                   Look at this perfect sunrise in the rear view mirror. 

Mark can’t eat anything until after his blood work so he gets up and gets ready and loads the car.

I always drive over and Mark drives back.

Wow what a difference in Nashville traffic this trip. Our doctor asked if we had noticed the difference. So many people are working from home or not working at all it has made such a difference. There were no backups and we arrived over an hour early. We sat in the car and waited for the office to open. I fell asleep.  HA!!!

img_1248      Acting silly while we wait for the doctor.

We always stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way back. It is still pretty early when we leave Nashville.  It is a really tiring day. We usually rush back home to take care of the babies. And then usually a nap.

And guess what?  tomorrow we get to do it again. Mark has to have a repeat on one of the blood tests for his anti rejection medicine.  You may ask why we are not doing this locally.  I will tell you that the last time he did this in May we wound up with a $900.00 bill for blood work.  I have appealed this charge and gone round and round with our local hospital, Vanderbilt and the insurance company.  It is still unsettled.  We will go to Nashville tomorrow for the blood work and maybe I will have a chance to talk with billing and get the May charges straightened out as well.  We shall see.  But I am making a stop at the Yarn Patch, an awesome yarn shop in Crossville, The last time I was there I was a little disappointed by the layout of the shop but I am still going and yes I will buy yarn.  I am still on vacation after all.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!


I Am Not Good In A Crisis

I know I say this all the time but what a week!!!  It actually started on Sunday.  I was cleaning my deck, unaware that a huge red wasp nest lurked just under one of the chairs on my deck. I was using some cleaning spray and other things and I think this stirred the wasps up a little.   Scruffy had come out onto the deck with me and he was wandering around sniffing at everything.   I heard a little yelp and I looked over at Scruffy and he was holding his right front paw up and limping to the door as fast as he could.  I looked down and there were two huge red wasps.

I ran in the house and grabbed some of the sting kill and started dabbing it on his paw but he wouldn’t let me do too much to him.  He ran around the house like do something do something mom I am in pain.  I felt so helpless I didn’t know what to do.  I told him how I had gotten stung the year before by one of those bastar& red wasps, but it didn’t seem to calm him down.  He was terrified because after all he didn’t know what had happened. He probably thought I did something to him.

After a couple of minutes he seemed to calm down.  He went over to lay on the rug.  I went out to the garage to see if I had something else to put on his paw.  When I came back in just a couple of minutes later I called for him and he didn’t come to the door like he always does.  I ran into the living room and noticed that he had pooped all over the floor, he has never done that.  He also had diarrhea.  The really scary part was he way lying in the floor somewhat unresponsive.  I rolled him over and he had poop on his belly, he was lying in it!!!  I know this is way more info than you need but I am just trying to let you know how bad the situation was.  I freaked!!!!!!  I thought that he must be having an allergic reaction to the sting.

My niece is a vet tech and I tried calling her but I was in such a panic I couldn’t get the phone to work I don’t know what I was doing in my panicked state but it wouldn’t ring!!! I called our vet clinic because they always have a number to call for emergencies but their mailbox was full and I couldn’t get the message.  That should never happen.  Just saying.

Scruffy was breathing and there was no swelling in his face, and his heart was beating although it was somewhat fast.  I grabbed my shoes and car keys and decided I would take him to the U.T. Veterinary Clinic Emergency Care although it was about 45 minutes away.  I called my sister to ask her to google the number of a clinic a little closer I couldn’t remember the name.  She was not at home but my brother in law was and he got in touch with my niece and she called me immediately.  She told me to give him a Benadryl, I did, she also told me to check several things, his eyes, his face, his breathing, his heart rate. After just a few minutes he was more alert and sitting up.  I think he may have passed out from the fear or just didn’t know what to do and that is why he went limp.

He slept on my lap most of the afternoon.  He is totally fine, he limped for a few hours because  his paw was sore.



As soon as Mark got home we went out on the deck to look for the nest.   Two chairs were stacked together and at first we didn’t see anything then we noticed between the chairs there was a huge nest.  We blasted those things with some spray.  About 15 wasps fell off of the nest.  Those little bas&ar*s won’t hurt my baby again.

I am not sure what all Scruffy went through before I got him.  He was a rescue and he is very sensitive to noises and change of any kind.  I think he was probably traumatized in some way or another before he came to live with us.  I will do my very best to make sure this precious baby is taken care of the very best he can be.

But I did discover I am not good in a crisis. Well who am I kidding it is really not a discovery.   I panic and let fear get in the way and all reason goes out the door. I get this from my daddy he was the same way.  Mark is the calm one and can reason through just about anything.  But all is well now and I will be vigilantly watching for those nasty red wasps and anything else that might hurt my poor Scruffy.  He is such a sweet gentle soul.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!