Hello September

Well hello September how did you get here so fast? It seems like only yesterday it was Memorial Day and the summer season was just getting underway. If you work in tourism there are two important dates. Memorial Day is the kick off to summer and Labor Day is sort of the last big hurrah. I am so ready for slower days and fewer crowds.

There is a change in the air. You can feel it. It’s not just that the temps are a little cooler, although it was what I would call chilly this morning, there is actually a shift in the air and the slant of the sun is different. Shadows look different. I love it!!! I love the fall season. The days are getting a little shorter and the sun rises a little later. I love it all!!!!

Doesn’t the sun look a little different?
Corn fields are everywhere and being cut daily.

I think there are several reasons I like fall and winter.

  1. I am a big girl and I don’t feel comfortable showing so much skin. Especially when my skin never seems to tan and it remains stark white no matter what I do.
  2. I hate to sweat. If I am working out I fully intend to sweat, I even welcome it but not just from walking into the Walmart or around the yard. I love cold weather because I don’t seem to sweat quite as much.
  3. I love winter clothes. This sort of goes back to number 1. but I do feel more comfortable covering up. And I love sweaters and boots they are my favorite things to wear.
  4. I love all the holidays in the winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas and even Halloween. Great times to get together with friends and family.
  5. I love fall decorations.
  6. I sleep better when it is cold and I can snuggle under the covers. And it’s more comfortable having your fur babies sleep with you when it’s not 90 degrees.

So there are just a few reasons I love the fall and winter.

On Wednesday afternoon we had to take two of the kitty babies to the vet. They both had some serious eye gunk going on. I was not sure if it was pink eye but I suspected that it might be because two of them had it. We found out that the little orange cat is a male, we named him Milo and the light gray cat is female we named her Izzy. We are still not sure about the other two. Milo and Izzy are doing much better after getting meds. I told our vet that retirement would never be in our future because of vet bills and fur baby medicine and food and kitty litter. Oh well, working keeps you young right?

I took Thursday off. I had to work some over the Labor Day weekend and I knew it would be my only chance to have a day off. I did have a zoom meeting that morning but the rest of the day was so much fun. I met my sister in Madisonville and we went to nearby Tellico Plains to have lunch at Iron Works. It is a restaurant on the river and part of the building at one time was an old Iron Works factory. Check out the site here The weather was beautiful and the food was fabulous. I had the breaded rainbow trout and okra. I had been wanting okra for some time and theirs was amazing.

Who could resist this beautiful spot to hang out after dinner?

After we left the restaurant we went to a small used book store in town. I have been on the look for the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love this little book store and they have such a variety of used books. They are neatly arranged by category and author. I didn’t see any of the Little House books so I asked the lady at the counter. She said they sold out almost as soon as they came in. Just my luck and you know the funny thing is I had all of them when I was a kid. I have no idea what happened to them probably sold at a yard sale or something. We did find one book by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane who was Laura’s daughter. I snapped it up.

I can’t wait to read this book.

I was off today and I finished the blue striped socks I had been working on. And guess what? I had just enough yarn and didn’t have to add another ball. YAY!!!!! But man I was sweating it. I tried knitting faster and of course that didn’t help a stitch is a stitch no matter how fast you knit.

So how is your September going so far? Any fall projects planned?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Sunday Thoughts

Hello friends happy Sunday, it has been a very full week. We are still on kitten patrol over here. Feeding and caring for the kitten babies takes a lot of time. I always do the morning feedings and most of the evenings too if Mark is working. It is so much fun to go out in the mornings and see all the little kittens running and jumping they remind me of little popcorn kernels popping around everywhere. I was talking to my nephew on the phone a couple of days ago and he said so ” I hear you have become the crazy cat lady”. I said ” well I don’t know about that. Just because I now have six cats and am sitting here knitting a sock, Oh wait!!!! maybe I am!!!”

I get up early anyway and this helps out a lot because Molly, my big old girl, is still having the liver issues and she has to have a pill one to two hours before she can eat. So I get up, give Molly her pill, let Scruffy out to pee, feed Scruffy and Kitty Kitty and then feed the outside babies and mama kitty. Yep that’s eight. I usually do all of this even before I have my coffee. I just can’t bear to think of them hungry. I then get my coffee, breakfast, and get ready for work. By that time an hour or so has passed and I can feed Molly.

Orange kitty has won my heart he is such a playful goof ball. And what an eater. He is twice as big as the others.
This little guy seems to be the runt of the litter. He is very small but still very playful.

Molly is getting around a lot better. On Wednesday I was starting out the front door with my purse and keys. Molly comes to the door like she needed to go back out. I let her out to pee. She made the rounds of the front yard and just as I thought she was heading back in she veered to the side of the house and trotted off into the woods. This wouldn’t normally bother me except I was close to being late for work as it was. I ran back in the house and got the leash. I didn’t dare leave her out because she can’t handle the heat of the day. Back outside and no Molly!! I yelled for her, of course she’s almost completely deaf so that was a waste, and nothing. I went to the back of the house and no Molly!!! for an old lady who can barely walk because of stiff arthritic legs she had gotten away pretty quick. The temps were already high and the humidity felt like walking through water. My hair was frizzled beyond belief and I had sweat running everywhere. My makeup was history. I knew she would be back as soon as she had made her rounds through the woods and sure enough about fifteen minutes later she came wandering back. By this time I had already messaged my co workers and let them know I was running late.

Look at Molly feeling quite proud of herself after she made her mommy late for work. She know she’s still in charge.

Work was a full week of being busy. Our visitation has slowed but we are still fairly busy. This upcoming weekend will be Labor Day weekend and after that we will see shorter work hours and much fewer people. I am always ready for this breather.

I have been knitting on the blue stripped socks. I did almost an entire sock yesterday and today. I am almost out of yarn and trying to finish this sock without having to start another ball. I do have an extra ball but I hate to start one in the middle of a sock because it seems like you can never get the stitches quite tight enough. I remember telling another knitting friend that I finished an entire sock once in one day. She said yes you can do that but you will get nothing else done. This is so true. I get consumed with the stitches and nothing else gets done. It’s o.k. it’s sort of mindless therapy.

Will I make it without having to start another ball of yarn? I don’t think so. I still have several inches to go.

I also started another granny square afghan. I saw a picture of one I really liked on Instagram and I had almost all the same colors of yarn. I am using the same color sequence. Lord knows I do not want or need another afghan I may give this one to one of my nephews. But I just love making them. I realized I have become that aunt that knits and crochets things and gives them to her family whether they want them or not. HA!!!

I am loving this afghan. I throw all of it into a big green canvas bag so I can easily carry it with me when I go from room to room.

When I was growing up my grandmother made afghans for us all the time. Through the years they seemed to disappear one by one until we had very few of them left. My parents house had an old basement and part of it was a root cellar where my mama kept things she had canned. When my parents died and my sisters and I were cleaning everything out of the house we went down into the basement and found one of the afghans stuffed into the corner of the dirt cellar. Vines had grown through the afghan and it was covered in dirt and mud. My sisters refused to try and salvage it but I cut the vines away and it was actually in pretty good shape. All the stitches were still in tact. I took it home and cut the vines out piece by piece and washed it several times. It looked just like it had when she gave it to us. I still have it and treasure it because it was made by her.

This is the afghan my grandmother made. I think it looks pretty good to have been rescued from a root cellar.

I am glad to have the diversion of my fur babies. It keeps my mind off of the bastardly Covid virus. Not completely, because it has been hitting closer to home lately with lots of people I know and love getting sick and even having to be hospitalized.

I hope your weekend is going well and you will take a minute to say a prayer for the people in the path of hurricane Ida, The people who lost their lives in the airport attack in Kabul, The fires in the western states and all the people suffering from Covid. These things have been weighing heavy on my mind and heart this week.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!