It’s The Little Things

Happy Sunday friends. I know I say this almost every week but how do the weekends go by so fast? It seems like it was ten minutes ago that I was pulling my car in on Friday afternoon with the lovely thoughts of the weekend that would surely last forever. HA!!! Now here I am gearing up for the upcoming week.

The weather here has been wonderful. Cold mornings and cool days. The leaves have pretty much peaked and are falling fast but there is still a lot of color left to see. Sometimes when I am driving down the road and a shower of leaves fall in front of me I am mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it all.

Last week was a bit less crazy than the week before. Our work was not as busy. A few of our team members were out of the office for a few days, attending a gift buying show, so that left us a little short staffed but nothing we couldn’t handle.

A funny thing happened last night. I went to bed around 9:30, I know pretty pathetic for a Saturday night, and I woke up at 10:30, an hour later, and no matter how hard I tried or what I did I could not go back to sleep. I tossed and turned and tried reading, reciting poems in my head, breathing exercises and nothing would help. Finally I was so frustrated I got up at 2:00 AM and went downstairs to watch TV. I just knew this would put me to sleep. It did not. Mark left for work at 5:00 AM and I was still awake. I have never done that before. I am usually a great sleeper and can’t stay awake to read even a page from whatever book I am reading before falling asleep. I certainly hope this doesn’t continue tonight. At 3:00 AM I decided to write a Haiku about it, I titled it 3:00 AM Haiku:

I’ve been up all night
Sleep is an elusive dream
No pun intended.

I decided to make my nephews afghans for Christmas. They are eighteen and twenty but I know they love snuggling with blankets while they watch TV or do their gaming. I messaged each one and ask what their two favorite colors were. I planned to make each one a two color afghan. Making an afghan all one color is mind numbing. At least two colors will break it up a bit. Can I have these finished by Christmas? Time will tell I will keep you posted. Since this is crochet it does go a bit faster than knitting but that is a lot of crocheting to do between now and Christmas. It also means I will have to pull off of my knitting projects for a bit to get these finished. The youngest chose red and black for his colors and the older one chose dark blue and gray. I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and just my luck they were having 30% off on all of their yarn. Of course I had to add a little extra yarn for some projects I will work on some day. Yes that’s my story.

Look at all this yarn. The good thing is it is so soft and squishy and easy to work with.
Kitty Kitty is very sleepy. We had that sort of day today. It was great.!!!
Still lots of beautiful colors to see even though the leaves are falling fast.
Buster in the leaves. He is the bravest of all the kitties. He is also mama kitty’s favorite and where you see one you will see the other.
Mama Kitty has come a long way from the scrawny half starved baby that came to us in July. I am so happy she found us.
I love to look at our house through the leaves.

After having no sleep last night today was a bit tiring. I still managed to get laundry done. I also finished a hat I was working on. And I did start another hat. What did I say about no more knitting until I get these afghans finished? The babies and I went for a long walk. Now that several of the kitties have joined us on our walk I am constantly trying to keep all of them corralled where I can see them. Our road is a private road with only a couple of houses but there is still a little bit of traffic. The air felt wonderful. There was a slight breeze blowing and leaves were falling and it was just a perfect Sunday afternoon walk.

Being outside today with all the babies and the beautiful sunshine and falling leaves made me realize, it’s the little things in life that are so very precious to us. I never want to forget that.

Have a wonderful week.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

Animal House 101

Sunday greetings. When I left you on Friday, during the Friday Favorites blog post, I mentioned that I was a little worried about how I was going to corral all four kittens together and get them to the vet. It was time for all of the kitty babies to get their first series of shots and get weighed and determine when we could get them spayed and neutered. I took Friday off so I had a long weekend. We were also celebrating Mark’s birthday over the weekend and I decided to take an extra day. As it turned out Friday was a crazy, rewarding, busy, exhausting, fun day. It all started on Monday.

The entire week was filled with appointments for the babies. Scruffy had developed some kind of skin rash on his lower belly. It was driving him crazy and poor baby was pulling hair out it was so itchy. I called the vet on Monday morning and they said they could get him in on Wednesday. I had to work on Wednesday and so did Mark. The next available was Friday which I was planning to take off anyway. I agreed to Friday and then knew I couldn’t make the poor baby wait until Friday. I called back and said I would do the Wednesday, it was at 1:30. I told them I would also take the Friday and use that for Molly to get an allergy shot. They said “oh you can bring Molly anytime for an allergy shot because she doesn’t have to see the doctor for that” So I quickly made the decision to keep the Friday and take all the kittens for their vaccines and Mark could take Molly the following day on Tuesday to get her allergy shot. I would take off during lunch on Wednesday to take Scruffy for his skin problem. Are you with me so far? I know!!!!

Mark took Molly on Tuesday for her shot, I took off an extra hour at lunch on Wednesday to run home and get Scruffy and take him to get checked out. I am about twenty five minutes from my work but the Vet is just down the road from us. I knew I could do it if everything fell into place. Turns out Scruffy has a bacterial infection on his tummy and has to be on antibiotics. We were in and out of the vet in about twenty minutes. I was making great time. Of course Molly had to get in on the action. When I returned Scruffy to the house I took Molly out to use the bathroom. Molly loves to wander off in the woods when I am in a hurry. I grabbed the leash and put it on her, smugly thinking to myself she’s not getting away from me this time. As she was using the bathroom I noticed the leash was twisted and I bent down to untangle it. The leash popped off and before I could get it back on her she took off. She may be old and arthritic but she can move when she wants to. Off she went into the woods. I went back in the house and waited for her to come back. In the meantime the kitties had started to climb all over and under my car. Let me just say by the time I headed back to work I was a bit frazzled and contemplating the sanity of having eight fur babies to take care of.

Early Thursday morning before work I got a much needed hair cut. Work was not bad I just had a lot of stuff to do to make up for the three day weekend I was taking.

On Friday I was very nervous about getting the kittens together. Buster and Sadie are still a little wild. Their appointment was at 9:00 AM. I got up at 5:00 AM I drank some coffee and tried to devise a plan. I was nervous, I was sweating. I drank more coffee. I paced a little. I decided to start gathering them early. I hated to trick them but I didn’t know how else to do it. I gave them just a small amount of food and while they were eating I walked over and Picked up Milo, Buster and Izzy one by one and just placed them in the crate and shut the door. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was I only had Sadie, the solid black kitty, left and she is the most nervous of all. We have only been able to pet her a couple of times and she darts away from us whenever we get close to her. I decided to put her in a different smaller crate. I put the crate in the garage and put some tuna inside the crate and went back inside. When I looked out she was in the crate and I hurried and shut the door and loaded both crates in the back of my car. WHEW!!!! I zoomed off to the vet listening to Sadie squall her displeasure all the way there. Once I was there the techs came out and got all the babies. They got their shots and their first series of flea meds. The largest of the kitties was Buster and he weighed in at 5.5 pounds, Milo was next at 5.2 pounds, then Izzy and Sadie each at 3.5 pounds. Buster and Milo will go back in three weeks to be neutered and Sadie and Izzy will be spayed when they get a little bigger.

After I got home from the vet I met my friend Lorie in Sweetwater and we drove to Athens for lunch and a little bit of shopping. We didn’t have a lot of time because Lorie had a Doctor appointment and I had to walk my sister’s dog for her. We did find some time to go to Hobby Lobby and Cato’s. We had such a fun time. After I dropped Lorie off I went to my sister’s house to walk my little nephew dog Maxx. I picked up groceries on the way home. Mark wanted a Butterfinger Cake for his birthday. They are very easy to make but of course I had forgotten one of the ingredients and I had to drive back to Madisonville to get it. Mark went with me and we decided to just grab a pizza on the way home. I made the Butterfinger cake, gathered some laundry to start on the next day and crashed into bed. Friday was a bit of an exhausting day.

These are so easy to make. Mark claims he has seen them many times when I have delivered them to other people but he had never gotten one. He normally asks for pie or white cake with chocolate icing. I am sure I will wind up taking what’s left of this to work with me for the employees.

Oh what a beautiful day Saturday was. The temps here have been really chilly in the morning but warming up nicely in the afternoon. Mark and I drove to Tellico Plains and had dinner at Iron Works Grill. They were packed as they always are on Saturdays but we snagged a prime table right at the window overlooking the river. We had the trout and it was excellent. If you are ever in this area stop and get lunch or dinner. They also have a killer cheeseburger and amazing barbecue.

I took Molly and Scruffy for a walk on Saturday and when we were almost at the top of the driveway I looked back and saw the Kitty Parade behind me. That’s Mama, and Buster in the front followed by Milo and then Sadie and little Izzy in the back. I guess they wanted to go on the walk too.
Molly hanging out in the yard with a few of the kitties.
Milo thinks he’s hidden.
I think Scruffy is having some kind of heart to heart with Buster.
All four kittens and mama cat. You can only see Sadie’s eyes.

There is still some beautiful colors happening.

And then Sunday, lovely, quiet, extra hour of sleep Sunday. A wonderful way to finish up this crazy, blessed, Birthday celebrating, week. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

How was your week???

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!