Awesome Weekend Trip to the Amish Community Farm.


Sunday July 1, By Lisa


Seriously how can it be July. I know I said the same thing last month but wow half the year is over.  I have probably never told you July is not my favorite month.  Not because of the heat and humidity we are so well known for in the south but because of my job.

I love my job but let me tell you July is a challenge for me and my coworkers. I work at a tourist attraction where we may see 25,000 people just during the month of July. Dealing with that many people and long hours sometimes gets the best of us.  We decided we were going to do some special things for all of the workers during the month of July to make getting through the month a little easier. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I took an extra day on Friday to take my Scruffy to the vet to get his eyes checked out. He is almost two weeks out from cataract surgery and doing amazing.  He still has to wear the cone collar for another week and then we can start taking it off for an hour or so while we are with him.

I have really been craving vegetables. This time of the year every vegetable you could want is in ripe abundance. I had heard about a community farm market not too far from my house and decided to check it out on Saturday morning. It wound up being about ten miles from my house. The drive to the farm was absolutely beautiful. This is a working farm owned and run by the Amish.

The last half mile to the farm is on a dirt road where you get a glimpse of the vegetables growing and the green houses they keep. They also sell sheep and cattle.

Saturdays are busy days at the market and lots of people are driving in from nearby towns to get the fresh vegetables.  But it’s not just vegetables sold here the farmers also make soap, hand carved walking sticks, braided rugs, granola and the most amazing cinnamon rolls still warm from the oven.

Look at the size of this cinnamon roll!!!! It was delicious. And yes I ate more than half of it.

The vegetables were gorgeous. I wanted all of them even though I knew me and Mark could never eat all of them.

After the Market I drove into the beautiful little town of Tellico Plains.  So much beauty in our area.

Came home and cooked our feast.


The end result

I had a very lazy Sunday getting into a good book.  A great weekend overall. I’m ready to get my week and this month started.  What are you doing for the month of July?

Love your day your way.


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