Colorado Bound


On Saturday I left my home and family for a week in Colorado for the Annual National  Caves Convention. It is held in a different part of the country every year. This year is Glenwood-Springs


I got up at 3:30 AM because I had procrastinated and not finished my packing the night before. It’s a little cooler in Colorado so it was hard to know what to pack. I even dug a few of my winter clothes out. We are still having temps in the high eighties in Tennessee.

So I got up at 3:30 AM and finished packing and left the house at 7:30. A 45 minutes drive to the airport. Check in and both flights were very uneventful. I was meeting a couple of cave buddies in Denver. My friend Patty had rented a car and was giving me and another cave friend Allen a ride to Glenwood Springs which was supposed to be about a three hour drive from Denver.  If I had waited on the shuttle I would have had to wait at the airport for over two hours just to catch the shuttle.

After standing in line at Fox Rent A Car for an hour we got the rental car.  I have to say it is about the ugliest color of green you have ever seen.  I guess that’s just a personal preference.



Because of traffic in Denver and some road delays it took us about four hours to get to Glenwood-Springs. The elevation here is 5,761 feet so that makes you feel a little sluggish anyway, plus four hours of plane rides and an hour in line at the car rental, and a four hour car ride does make one a little weary. Ha!!! I was exhausted.


We finally made it to the Hotel Colorado. This hotel was built in 1893. It is a beautiful old hotel. The entryway,  the seating areas in the lobby and the grounds are gorgeous. However, most of the rooms, including mine, are old and lack quite a few modern amenities.

We dropped our bags and took off walking to find something to eat.  We went to a fabulous restaurant called Smoke.  Awesome barbecue. Check it out if you are ever in this area

My room has four beds, don’t ask, there was a mix up in the rooms so I got a double room.  So I picked one of the rooms and that is mostly where I am hanging out.  There is only one set of drawers in each room and they are very small.  I just used the other bed in my room for the spill-over.


The next day was all day board meetings but it ended a little early and I walked into town and checked out some of the shops. Some of the shops were closed because it was Sunday.  I did get a few small things I have to remember my suitcase was well over 40 pounds when I left home.

You can tell I have a thing for hearts they just make me happy. I especially love this little ornament it reads, What makes your heart flutter?   So I will leave it with you and that question. What makes your heart flutter?

Love your day your way.


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