Juggle the Struggle

By Lisa McClung


Got this shot of the moon Tuesday night from my deck.

Hey ya’ll I hope your week has been wonderful and you are ready for a great weekend. I do have some fun plans for Sunday I will share later with lots of pics.

I will have to say I have been on the struggle bus this week.  Going back to work after being off for two weeks left me with a lot of catching up with work and co-workers. I always love getting back and hearing what everyone has been up to.  We have a couple of things coming up at work that we are preparing for. We also have a gift show coming up in a couple of weeks and that will involve a quick overnight trip to the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge area.

Kitty Kitty had to spend the night at the vet clinic on Tuesday night.  She was spayed and came home the next day very quiet and unlike herself.  I couldn’t wait to hear her romping through the house again. After a few days she is starting to get back to her old self.


Tuesday night I went to see my mother in law at the assisted living center and we decided to get a hamburger.  She has a really hard time getting in my car so as we were struggling to get her in the car I put my car keys on top of the car.  You know where I am going with this, right?  My car has keyless entry so we took off through town to Sonic.  We like to get hamburgers at Sonic because we can sit in the car and eat.  As we were waiting for our food I noticed a strange red blinking light on my dash. It was shaped like a  car key.  I thought well that’s odd my key is right here.  I reached down and no keys,  it hit me like a ton of bricks I had put my keys on top of the car.  I jumped out of the car in a panic and ran around to the passenger side and believe it or not, my keys were there.  I couldn’t believe it.  I have a rack thing on top of my car and I had put them on the inside of the rack.  Whew.

On Wednesday I stopped by the gym where I work out so I could pay my fees. The owner is a body builder and very strict about his eating and working out. He told me he hadn’t seen me in a while and I told him I had been gone most of the month. I told him I had really been slacking on working out and had been eating terribly.  He ask what I had eaten that day and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the meatball sub and fries I had just had for lunch. He said you can’t use traveling and eating out as an excuse to not eat right. Only you can take care of you.  It all comes down to you. Wow, words of wisdom I really needed to hear.   We talked for awhile and he worked out a routine for me to do 4-5 times a week. It is a bit grueling and about an hour each time. We are going to concentrate on cardio for awhile  before I move into the weights. He helped me plan a diet that will give me a lot of protein and cut carbs.   I am really excited to have someone to be accountable to.

Sooo on Thursday morning I got up at 4:00 a.m. I like to work out early and get it out of the way.   I had to charge my iwatch so I could keep track of my steps and calories etc. I could not find my earbuds anywhere so I decided to stop by Walmart on my way to the gym to get some.  I headed out about 5:00 a.m, it’s a 15 minute drive into town, 20 if it’s foggy and it was.

Walmart at 5:20 in the morning is a bit interesting, just saying. Found some ear buds that I thought would work. As I was walking through the store I noticed I had a strange thing going on with my underwear, I know TMI but I’m just trying to explain the struggle. With every step my underwear was slipping down and if I hadn’t had my pants on I guess I would have dropped them right there in Walmart. That probably wouldn’t be the first time that had happened to someone there Ha!!!!  I think it was just the combination of the type I was wearing combined with the slick leggings. Too bad I hadn’t noticed this before I left the house.   Anyway I got to the car and pulled those things up practically to my chin to stop that from happening.  Luckily there’s not many cars in the Walmart parking lot at that time of the morning.  I couldn’t get the ear buds package open. I had to get a tool out of the back of my car to open it. As I was trying to get the package open it flipped out of my hands and landed somewhere in the back of the car. After searching for a few minutes I found it. I got the package opened and they were not the right ones for my phone.  At this point I almost went back home and blew off working out. But I didn’t. I did my workout and was soaking wet with sweat at the end and it was awesome.  Totally worth all of the trouble.


This morning I had to take everything out of the garbage can, and it was full, to look for my iwatch that had been missing since Thursday night. Me and Mark had looked everywhere for it.  I found it about 10 minutes after I emptied the garbage can.  I found it upstairs, not in the garbage can.

Some really awesome things happened this week too.  My sisters and I met up for lunch on Wednesday with some cousins we rarely get to see, two of them from Texas.  That’s when I ate the meatball sub shhhhhhhh.   Got caught up with all my coworkers,  snuggled with my fur babies and started a new workout program.  Also got a great picture of the full moon Tuesday night.  I found my iWatch, I didn’t lose my keys.


One of my favorite places to be.

I tell you all of this because I like to keep it real and say that even with these struggles it’s nothing compared to what some people are going through in their lives.  Just keep going!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Love your day your way!!!!


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