Friday Favorites


Happy Friday everyone. I am so ready for a couple of days off. I may stay in my pajamas all day tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of my latest favorite things with you.  These include some of my scarves I have been knitting lately. I think I told you that I love to knit scarves.  They are so easy and usually you don’t have to worry about much of a pattern, and you can take them anywhere with you. I usually have three or four scarves going at one time. This is not totally a bad thing because I also finish them almost at the same time.  So here are the scarves I have recently finished. A big thank you to my friend and coworker Shelby who agreed to be my scarf model.


I love all of the vivid colors in this scarf.


This black and white scarf is a favorite of mine because I LOVE black and white and I wear this combination all the time. You can see how nice it looks against a bold color like Shelby’s red shirt.

This scarf was the softest.  It was also Shelby’s favorite so I gifted it to her for being such an amazing “scarf model”. I got this yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby and it knits up perfectly.

Last but not least on the scarves is this fun red-pink scarf.  The yarn is really thick and you can knit a scarf in no time flat.  I think I used size 35 needles. This yarn was on sale at Hobby Lobby back in October and a friend of mine snagged it for 90% off! I had her pick me up several skeins. I think I may use some of this yarn to make a Valentines Wreath  I will keep you posted on that

Yesterday I had a late lunch with my bestie Lorie and after lunch we went to a couple of our favorite thrift stores.  Look at this little plate and stand I scored for $1.00  I love it!


I am also  loving this curling wand from Bed Head  this wand gives you those nice wavy curls and it is so easy to use   And it was free!!!  Given to me by my niece Amy B. because she had gotten another one. I love it! Thank you Amy!!!!


Have you heard of Zenni Optical?  I heard some people at work talking about ordering really cheap glasses. Guys I am rough on glasses.  I sleep in them and throw them all over my car and house. I scratch them and lose them. And I usually pay a fortune for them even though I have a really simple prescription. No bifocals yet. So I decided to go online and try Zenni Optical.  I went online and uploaded a photo of me, and picked tons of glasses to try.  I loved it!!! I got my prescription from my optometrist and entered it into the site.  Zenni is very user friendly.  I then picked a pair of glasses that was about $40.00 and placed the order. The whole time I was thinking it can’t be this easy and this cheap.  Well it is!!!!  Two weeks later I received my glasses and I love them!!!! What do you think?


Tell me some of your favorites.

Love your day your way!!!




2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Your scarves are beautiful, Lisa. Your model is so pretty.
    I love your new plate.
    Zenni Optical looks amazing. I think ypu hit a good one. 💞💞


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