Do You Always Know When You’re Being a B*tch?


Hello everyone,

I feel like this month is speeding by. I love April and it’s also my Birthday month.  My Birthday this year is on Easter I don’t think that has ever happened before.  Not that I can remember anyway.  I also got married on my Birthday, don’t ask me why it seemed like a good idea at the time, so it will also be my wedding anniversary!!!!   Wow so much will be going on next week.  We are having a big Easter get together at my house next Sunday and I wanted some new deck furniture and that is how this blog post came to be.

I like to keep it real with you and I am not one of those bloggers who constantly blog sunshine and lollipops.  So today I am asking you, whether you are woman or man, do you always know when you are acting ugly and rude? can you stop it once you have started? Do you always realize when you are being a bitch?  Can you make yourself stop?

This morning me and my husband went to Home Depot in a nearby town. I had spotted some deck furniture I wanted there. We looked around a little but it seemed like they had everything we wanted. The bistro type chairs and table had a sign on them that indicated they had two left in stock. The large umbrella was on the shelf where we could see it.  So a very nice sales associate came over to help. She didn’t know a lot about the large umbrella we wanted to purchase but maybe she didn’t always work in that department, maybe she was new. I don’t know. She seemed to want to steer us to ordering online and picking it up there at a later date. She said we would have more options. Well we really didn’t need options we knew what we wanted and the signs on the items indicated they were in stock. We had a big truck to haul it home in. Why would we wait? right?  She did say the table and chairs were in a box on the back wall and she would get someone with a lift to get them down. She checked her device and said they would be brought up to the front of the store and we were to pull around. She said this could take a few minutes.  She wrote the numbers of each item on a piece of paper and we took that to the register to check out.  Once we checked out we brought the truck to the front of the store where they would load the items.  The same sales assistant came out just about five minutes later and we were thinking, wow!!! that was fast.

I noticed the cart she was pulling looked rather sparse for everything we had gotten.  She said the table and chairs actually weren’t available.  I was thinking then why did that not come up in the system when we paid for everything?  I did ask her that question and she said she was not sure.  She told us she would call a store in north Knoxville to see if they had one in stock.  This is where I felt my bitch mode start to take over.  I didn’t want to be ugly and I guess I was just disappointed that it hadn’t worked out and we were now going to have to drive to north Knoxville to pick it up.  Because we live in the boonies, and I know that is my choosing and no one else’s, getting to Knoxville for us is about an hour and ten minute drive.  Of course we were already a little closer so it wouldn’t take quite that long.

That didn’t matter to me. What mattered to me is they told me they had not one but two in stock.  Now they were saying they didn’t, after I had paid for it of course, and I would have to go somewhere else to get it.  So I said “well obviously it doesn’t matter if they tell you they have it or not because  you “thought” you had it here and now you don’t.  What is going to keep us from driving to Knoxville to pick it up and them tell us they don’t have it either even though their system showed that they did?”  I thought this was a valid question.  I also muttered several things of questionable content half-way under my breath and was pretty much acting like a spoiled brat.  I’m not proud of it.

My husband Mark has often told me it’s not what I say but how I say it to people that truly makes them mad at me.  I felt this time was both!!!  And of course my husband looked like he wanted to crawl under the truck because of the way I was acting.  I could almost feel myself step out of my body and watch me being an utter bitch about a dang table and chairs!!!   She called the other store and yes they said they had it and would pull it and bring it to will-call and we could pick it up there.  She took our name. She then told me I would have to come back in the store and get a will-call ticket to take to the other store.  I went to wait in the truck because it was raining.

I told the sales associate I knew it wasn’t her fault and to be honest it wasn’t.  Someone overlooked the table and chairs the first time. She was only going by the information she was given.

Mark comes over to the window and says “guess what they found a table and chairs here!!”  Well that made me feel really bad about the way I had acted.  We loaded everything up and took it home.  But I guess I had a bit of a bitch hangover from the way I had acted.  I went home and took a three hour nap.

I say all of this because I am just wondering if you ever feel yourself being unreasonable? and when you feel disappointed or upset do you sometimes turn to bitch mode?  this is where you actually feel yourself step outside of your body and watch yourself.  You may not want to say the things you do but by golly they are going to come out of your mouth one way or the other.   I hope I am not the only one.  Mark could stand there all day and not be frustrated or angry with them. He probably wouldn’t even get mad if they sent us home with the wrong boxes.  They didn’t luckily.   But I am not that person.

My Happy Place

Love you day your way!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Do You Always Know When You’re Being a B*tch?

  1. Lisa, unfortunately i think the Presley comes out sometime. I don’t like it either. Some days I can handle things like this and sometimes not. I feel bad cause I embarrass Karl and also myself. 🙏🏻


  2. I think there are two flavors of b*tch mode. One is the “Babe In Total Control Of Herself” and should be activated when people around you go all stupid over something that they should be responsible for. Such as with your deck furniture. Then there is the “other” B*ITCH, the one that breathes fire and scorches anyone within 50 feet, the one we regret when the hot flash finally cools off. That one needs to go in time-out for a bit and sometimes followed with an apology of sorts. Sometimes neither mode can be stopped, and maybe sometimes it shouldn’t because it teaches other people lessons about how to treat you. And sometimes, the best recovery is to take a glass (or bottle) of wine and go out and enjoy that new deck furniture. Cheers!

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