Those Three Little Words I Long To Hear.

There are a lot of words and phrases in the English language that are wonderful to hear. But there are three little words that make my heart sing. Can you guess what they are?

I love you. No it’s not that.

You’ve Lost weight. Great to hear, but no.

How are you? Nope

Way to go!!! No not even close.

Of course all of these things are wonderful to hear. The three little words that I long to hear, maybe not always but certainly more often than I do, are “I’ll handle that”   Ahhhhh such sweet words.  Yes Yes Yes!!!! take the pressure off of me, help me with what I’m doing, make my life easier. But whatever you do don’t make me have to ask for it.

The reason that I haven’t heard this more is actually my fault. I have been my own worst enemy.  I never wanted to ask for help.  I will do anything to keep from asking for help.  I am always willing to help someone out even if it takes away from me.  I get this from my dad.  He was a very hard working man and he expected his children to work just as hard as he did.  It was really hard to meet the standards that he sometimes set for us.  Did you notice the word hard has appeared three times in this paragraph so far?  But he was an amazing man who instilled wonderful values in me and all of my brothers and sisters. But he didn’t like to ask for help he looked at that as a weakness.  So I grew up thinking I didn’t need to ask for help either. No matter what. If I did I was being weak.

I have always been a very independent person. I am even independent of my husband, choosing to make my own decisions and not consulting him in a lot of things. My husband doesn’t have a problem with this. He is the same way. The last car I bought I did it totally on my own. I went to different car lots and test drove the cars. My husband never seemed to have the time and I didn’t want to wait so I just did it myself. I also take care of all of the car related maintenance and most house maintenance issues.  That is just the way it has always been.

My husband and I have no children and I think if we did it would have made things a little different as far as having to share the responsibilities with each other concerning children.  Maybe not, who knows.

I am next to the youngest of seven children and for some reason my brothers and sisters have always looked to me to handle most family related issues.  Not necessarily big issues but just family get togethers and things like that.  An example of this:  My family is large and when we have a get together we may have thirty plus people show up.  We always plan our meals and who will bring what etc. etc.  You know I am from the south and food is a big deal.  Anyway, whenever we had these huge dinners everyone would automatically assume I would coordinate everything.  I would get in touch with everyone, plan the meal and let everyone know what to bring.  They would always await my call to let them know what to bring.  One Thanksgiving I decided I had had enough.  I would not tell anyone what to bring and they could coordinate everything on their own and bring whatever they wanted. Well that was the year we had seven bowls of corn and not much else.  So that was the last time that happened.  I may be exaggerating a little there was probably on five bowls of corn.

With all of this said you might think I wouldn’t want to hear anyone say “I’ll handle that” but as I said it is actually music to my ears especially if I don’t have to ask. Even more so as I have gotten older and more comfortable in my own skin. I am more comfortable standing back and letting someone else take over. Because hey!!  My time is just as important as anyone’s. And I hate to use this phrase but sometimes it is best when I get out of my own way.  And if I ask for help the world won’t open up and swallow me.  So I am trying to NOT be in charge so often and to be honest I find that things work out just fine and many times even better.  WHAT????  I do regret that it has taken me so many years to learn this lesson but better late than never right? So when I am with someone and they tell me “I’ll handle that” I say O.K.


The honeysuckle vines are blooming like crazy and smelling wonderful.

Love your day your way!!!!



6 thoughts on “Those Three Little Words I Long To Hear.

  1. Oh Lisa. This is so me. Daddy was just like Your dad. What a great man but expected a lot from us kids. I’m so thankful for the great morals and values we got from both mama and daddy. Our husbands would laugh when we got older saying y’all are still afraid of your daddy. Not afraid, just didn’t want to disappoint him. 🙏🏻💙💞

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