Mimosa Trees and a Flower Moon

Hello friends, how are you?

I will tell you how I am. HOT!!!! And not in the good way either haha. Summer has arrived a little early here in East Tennessee. The last two weeks have found us with temps in the low to mid nineties. What? What happened to the spring? And it’s also humid so it’s sticky and sweaty by noon. The weather, as far as sunshine and no rain, has been wonderful. That makes for nice days on the lake, picnics, and hanging out on the deck under my big umbrella but who has the time for that. Not this girl not right now anyway.

Because of some co-workers’ vacations I have started a seven day work week. We will see how it is going by the end of the week. This is only day two.

A couple of weeks ago me and my niece Amy went antiquing in a small town near us, Etowah. We had been a couple of years ago and we were so sad to see the difference this time. What had been a small but booming town with several shops and restaurants along the Main Street had almost become a ghost town. The last time we were there we visited at least six antique shops and a couple of furniture stores and ate at a great little diner. I know booming right? you know what I mean. Well this time there was one clothing store and one antique store. There was no where on the street to eat. So sad to see the smaller shops moving out of town.

The Gem Theatre is truly a gem. Built in 1927 as a movie house the Gem Theatre was the hub of the city as far as entertainment. In 1991 the city acquired ownership and throughout the year different productions are put on by talented area residents.

The L&N Depot is also a treasure. The old depot now houses a museum.

L&N photo credit- City of Etowah

There is so much history here. You can get more information about the depot here: http://www.cityofetowahtn.com/2186/LN-Depot

We did go up the street to a great little restaurant called The Farmhouse. They serve country southern cooking. It has been there for many years. It was still as good as I had remembered.

We also visited the local farm market. I love going. They have the best vegetables and other things.

So you can see they have lots of other hand made things as well. This farm is run by the Mennonite community in Delano Tennessee. It is very similar to the one closer to me in Tellico Plains. Remember last year I bought the braided rug. Here is a picture. Of it. I’ll show you a few purchases from this trip in my next post.

I still think this sweet town is worth visiting if nothing else for the one antique shop, the Farmhouse Restaurant, the Gem Theatre, and of course the L&N depot.

I got a couple of good shots during the full Flower Moon earlier this month.



I am leaving you with a picture of a mimosa tree in my back yard. I love mimosas.

And my new favorite song by Lady Antebellum. What If I Never Get Over You.


Love your day your way


4 thoughts on “Mimosa Trees and a Flower Moon

  1. Mimosa trees? and I thought you were talking about the drink. Well, I tip one to you this Monday morn. I am so envying your 90 degree weather. We should be having that in Denver, but no, we get daily hail storms. I stare at our little pool and hope we can enjoy it before October. LOL Your tree is beautiful!

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  2. Lisa, Sounds like a fun trip. Those veggies looked so good. I know what good soil y’all have. Everything mama and daddy grew was the best!! Especially their tomatoes. Nothing like a Tennessee tomato!!
    Love, Cathy


  3. I know Cathy I remember my daddy’s garden was about an acre. He loves growing veggies and then gave them all away lol.


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