European Vacation Part lll

Hello friends. I promise this is the third and final post about my European trip in June. There was just so much to share I didn’t feel that I could squeeze it into one or two posts. If you would like to read parts I and II before this last one here they are. European Vacation Part I, European Vacation Part II. Anyway here we go:

We left Vienna on Sunday morning June 23rd headed to Salzburg. The distance from Vienna to Salzburg is about 211 miles. We drove for about an hour and then stopped and boarded a boat and took a ride on the Danube River. This was the most beautiful sight, Salzkammergut Lakeland.

We had coffee and cake on the boat. It looks delicious but it tasted just ok.

Also in Salzburg. The church from the movie “The Sound of Music. This is where the Von Trapp’s were married.

Can’t you just imagine Julie Andrews in this field singing.

See the Swiss Alps in the background.

After arriving at our hotel, we stayed at the Imlauer Hotel, and getting checked in we did a city tour. We visited Mirabell Gardens. I was so unprepared for the beauty of the gardens.

Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!!

Again bicycles are a main mode of transportation.

That big building on the top of the hill is a convent.

Salzburg is also the birthplace of Mozart. I am sure this building has been updated a few times.

This bridge is called Love Locks Bridge. You can bring a lock, put your name and your true loves’ name, and put it on this bridge. There are thousands of them on the bridge. It is really something to see.


The next morning we took off bright and early for Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. I soon discovered the reason we left so early was because the elevation being what it was, over 6000 feet, it caused clouds and fog to roll in quickly. The best chance to get a clear view of the mountains was first thing in the morning.

We took a bus to the beginning of the steep road leading up the mountain. We then had to switch to a smaller bus that could handle the curves. It was so steep. I know the bus drivers are trained well but I was cringing at every curve and would have preferred to spend the ride on the floor of the bus so that I wouldn’t have to see the sheer drop offs at every turn.

It was really creepy thinking about Hitler spending time at the same spot we were in. Although, Eagle’s Nest was his vacation get away and he never actually spent an entire night there. He did have several meetings and day trips there.

Once we arrived we took an elevator to a point higher on the mountain. It was beautiful. There was even snow in the shaded areas. The view was breathtaking. Tyler went ahead of me, and Mark was even farther behind me taking pictures. As I was coming around a bend I heard a lady say ” oh my goodness who is that on the ledge of that rock?” I was thinking to myself please don’t let it be Tyler. Well you guessed it. It was Tyler. When I saw him standing on that cliff, mountain top, sheer drop off or whatever you want to call it my heart stopped. He may be seventeen but he was my responsibility and I could just imagine what his mother and grandmother would say if they saw him. I yelled for him to get down but he was so far away I don’t even think he could hear me. I did add a few hand gestures as well.


       Of course I had to take advantage of this photo opp. ha ha.

After leaving Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest we traveled back to Germany where we had started ten days before. Salzburg to Munich was 106 miles.  We arrived in the early afternoon and went into Munich for dinner.  We stopped at the famous Hofbrauhaus, Munich’s best known beer hall dating back to 1589.

Early on Tuesday morning we left for the airport and after a long morning finally boarded our flight for home.  We were tired and so glad to be back home.  It was a great trip and taking my nephew Tyler with us just added to the fun.  Now on to the next adventure.  Stay tuned.

Love your day your way!!!



2 thoughts on “European Vacation Part lll

    1. I have to say once you have seen Prague and Budapest it is hard to compare anything else. They are so beautiful. No I am not surprised and glad to know I would have had company lol.


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