Happy Friday

Hello friends and Happy Friday!!!!  I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see Friday get here. But wasn’t Monday like about five minutes ago?   Wow!!! I do not know how this week went by so fast.  It has been a long week physically.  I have had something to do every night this week after work.  Weeks like this stress me out sometimes.  Monday night was book club.  I didn’t t read the entire book.  I checked out the book on audio through Tennessee Reads which is the online library that I often use when the books I need are available. It’s free so that is definitely a plus. If you haven’t checked this out you need to.  Each state has an online library and usually it is through your local library.    I felt like this way I could at least listen when I didn’t have time to sit and read.  The book is  Glory Over Everything and it is really good so far.   One thing I like about my book club is that we have such a diverse group and many different books are chosen.  Some of these are books I would not normally pick for myself but when I get into them I really like them. After planning to go to book club all weekend and trying to finish the book.  I didn’t make it.  I had to work later than I expected and then had to run home and take care of fur babies because it was my husband’s late day at work.  So by the time all of this happened It was just too late to get there.

I have been trying to add some workouts into my daily routine.  In doing this instead of the usual forms of exercise I have been trying to do more physical work around the house and yard.  Oh man did I make a mistake trying to work in my yard Tuesday evening after I got off work. First of all it was about ninety degrees and the humidity was even worse.  I started trimming bushes in my yard and I was only able to work for about an hour and a half before I was soaking wet and had sweat running in my eyes.  I am so ready for cool weather.  I did get a lot of my shrubs cut in the front of my house and it actually looks like someone lives there now.

Wednesday night I went to “The Village” I have probably mentioned this before.  This is where my mother in law is living.  It is an assisted living village.  Very nice with only about 25 people living there. Each room is like an individual apartment. The meals are served in a small cafeteria. There is always a nurse on duty to give meds and assist if anything goes wrong.  There are also people to help bathe the residents and there is even a hair salon for those who cannot go out by themselves.  My mother in law has been there for a little over a year.  She broke her hip in March of 2018 and because of complications from a really bad infection she can no longer walk on her own.  She uses a walker and a wheelchair.  She is not able to stay at home by herself.  At least once a week I go and pick her up and we go out and get something to eat and take a good long drive.  We are usually out for a couple of hours and it gives her some time away from the village.

On Thursday night we had a Spaghetti Dinner and Auction fundraiser for a civic group that I am a member of.  This dinner and auction is a ton of work.  As it is with just about any organization like this there are only a few dedicated people who seem to get stuck with all the work.  So it was really late by the time I got finished with all of this and got home.

But today is Friday!!! Yay!!!!  and I really don’t have a lot planned for the weekend and that is a good thing.  I wanted to share with you a few things I have been loving the last couple of weeks.

I finally finished the granny square blanket I have been working on for so long. This is actually made up of 20 large granny squares with ten rows in each square.  There was no rhyme or reason to the colors.  I just had about twelve balls of yarn in a basket and I would pick them out randomly and crochet them.  Now that I have finished and I need another big project to work on or maybe two or three.  You can see more of the individual squares from this post. 

Look at this little cactus flower that bloomed from my cactus family. I have had this cactus for several years and this is the first time it has bloomed. Those two stalks came up overnight and bloomed the next day. But by the next day it had wilted down to nothing. Such beauty for such a short time.

Isn’t she beautiful. I know I may be a tad bit prejudice but Kitty Kitty has totally stolen my heart.

My work place early in the mornings before it gets too hot to be outside.

I am loving this iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. We don’t have a Dunkin in our small town but my coworker lives in Maryville and there is one there and she brings us an iced coffee a couple of times a week.

So how was your week? and what are you up to this weekend?

Remember to always love your day your way!!!


One thought on “Happy Friday

  1. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend and can just sit and enjoy the beautiful view from your deck. I, too, have had a very busy week even though I was off work. Still loved it anyway!


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