Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Wednesday how are you?  I know that officially fall started almost a month ago but here in East Tennessee the temps have been in the nineties.  Can you believe that half of October is gone.   The cooler weather has finally arrived it’s feeling a little fallish.  We have had temps in the mid seventies for the past few days.  It feels wonderful.  I think the next few days are supposed to be in the mid sixties.  Anyway, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time of day it is for you and catch up with the events of my crazy life.

I love the way the fall sunshine peeps through the trees.  It looks so different than the summer sunshine.

The sisters and I are off today for a sister trip to Gatlinburg.  This is an annual trip that me and my two sisters and my niece Tammy do every year.  We are staying in Gatlinburg for a few days and going into Cherokee for one of the days.  The sisters like to gamble a little and we usually make a trip to Harrah’s Casino.  I am a very conservative gambler.  I usually have a very small limit and when that is gone I am done.  I like to visit the shops in downtown Cherokee and do a little retail therapy while they are at the casino. But more about sister trip next post.

I spent most of last week playing catch up after being in Chattanooga the entire week before. If you haven’t read that post you can catch up with it here.The fur babies and hubs were so glad to see me back home.  I spent a pretty uneventful weekend the first weekend home just getting caught up on laundry and things. I was back to work last Monday with a busy week ahead.  I did take off last Thursday for a mammogram.  I didn’t actually have to be off the whole day but me and my sister always go together and then we shop and have lunch.  My other two sisters have had breast cancer.  They are five years apart in age and had breast cancer at almost the same time.  That is why me and my sister Sandy are vigilant about our exams.  We are often asked about genetic testing.  I know there is a lot of opinions about genetic testing.  For me I am not ready to do that.  I know what the odds are with most of my family having cancer.  I have heard horror stories of insurance companies not covering you if you test positive for a gene of a particular type of cancer.  It can be considered a pre-existing condition. I am still undecided I need to do more research.

   After the mammogram me and my sister did some shopping. I don’t know about you but I love Target.  I noticed when I was in there the other day they have a new clothing collection called Knox Rose.  I love this line.  The clothes are so pretty and very reasonably priced.  I am not sure if this is a new line or maybe just some different clothing options than what they have had. 


  Sugarfix is a line of jewelry that is available at Target.  Other places too I suppose but I just seem to notice it at Target.  They always have it so nicely displayed.  I love big chunky earrings and that is what a lot of Sugarfix sells.  I love all of these.  Just a tidbit of information for you.  Did you know that 80% of women only wear 20% of their jewelry?   Yep that is probably me.

O.K. I am not rushing the season or anything but do you not love these colors for Christmas?  I know they are not the traditional red and green colors of Christmas but I am in love with them.

For over a week hubs has been having some problems with the sensors in his truck. It was causing his battery to go down. The truck is only about three years old so we were a little surprised.  He took his truck in last Monday to have it checked out and see what was going on.   After about five hours of hanging out at the dealership they came and got him and told him a rat or some rodent had chewed through numerous wires in his engine.  Said rodent had actually built a huge nest in the engine.  At that time twelve wires had been chewed into. This is what was causing the sensors to go crazy.   On Friday they finally had just about everything put back together.  He is picking the truck up today.    I am holding my breath over the final rodent repair bill. Fortunately I discovered we can turn it in on insurance and our insurance company feels certain it is a valid claim.   They said they had seen it happen many times before.  The repairman at the dealership also told us to spread mothballs under the hood.  Of course you know my husband had to order some fancy rodent deterrent that you strap under the hood.  We will see how that works.  I am skeptical.  I got mothballs just in case.

My nephew Tyler came up and spent most of the day on Saturday with us.  He wanted to go fishing.  He and Mark spent the day down at the lake.  No luck on the fishing but I am sure most of the world’s problems were solved by those two. Or that’s what they think.


   Tyler loves fishing even though he didn’t catch anything.

I love these pumpkins. I am going to try and make some.  They are made with fabric and down filling.  I bought the fabric and I hope to get some made before Halloween although I think they would be good for all of fall.

On Sunday night something really scary happened.  I was out on the deck taking pictures of the Hunter’s Moon.  No luck with the pictures.  But anyway as I was going in and out Kitty Kitty must have gotten out.  She is an inside cat and never goes out.  She usually doesn’t even act like she wants to go out.  I did not know she was out.  It was about 11:30 and when I went up to bed a few minutes later I thought I heard her downstairs at her litter box.  I noticed that she did not come into the bedroom like she usually does but she had found a basket downstairs that she likes to lay in and I figured she was in the basket.  When I got up at 5:00 AM the following morning I could not find Kitty Kitty.  I called my husband, he was on his way to work, and he said he had not seen her before leaving for work.  I panicked.  I ran outside and started calling her.  I tried not to imagine all the things that could have gotten to her during the night.  We live in the woods and have coyotes nearby.  We don’t even let our big dog Molly stay out at night.  After calling to her several times from outside the front and back of the house I heard a very mournful meow.  I followed the sound to the back of the house and she was under the back steps very scared.  I finally coaxed her out and up the deck stairs.  She was really freaked out and I was a big weeping mess.  I called my husband who was waiting by his phone for word that she had been found.  I will never leave or go to bed without doing a Kitty Kitty Check.

   She was so tired from having been out all night she slept all day in her basket.  

We also had a celebration for my nephew Caleb, Tyler’s younger brother, on Monday night.  He is turning the big 16. That is so hard to believe.  We had a great time.

The traditional cake in the face for the Birthday boy.


See you soon.  Until then remember,

Love your day your way!!!!!




4 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. And it’s not because both my boys were in it lol. I’m so glad Kitty Kitty is ok.


  2. I’m glad Kitty Kitty is safe. She probably went out to chase away the squirrels that ate the wiring in the truck. 🙂 Tom has had that happen several times.


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