Winter Came to Visit

Hello friends how are you?

It finally felt like winter here on Tuesday.  We even had a little snow. I woke up on Tuesday morning to some big soft snowflakes coming down. It was the best kind of snow too. The kind that sticks to the trees and bushes and fields but doesn’t get in the road and make driving hazardous.

Scruffy didn’t know what to think of it when he went outside. He stood there for a few minutes like, what is this wet stuff mom?

My driveway Tuesday morning on my way to work. 

I don’t know about you but when it gets cold outside I love snuggling up inside. I like to knit and cook and do cozy things.  I finished a pair of socks and started another pair. You can never have too many socks right? I also started two scarves. I am the worst about starting different projects before I finish the first one. But I also like having several different projects going at one time so that I can switch back and forth between them.

Today is Saturday and I have been fighting off a cold all week.  Today it finally hit me and I feel like crap.  A terrible headache and stuffy head.  I am so glad I don’t have to be anywhere today.  I think I will stay in all weekend.

This is one of the scarves I have been working on. I love to knit with these large needles it makes the scarf knit up really fast.  I think I did most of this one in about an hour. These are size 35 and that is some big needles.

I just finished this chunky scarf and I love these yummy buttery colors.

This is the sock I have been working on.  As I said I stayed in most of the day with my knitting and my laptop and you can probably see Scruffy right there beside me.

Scruffy and I ventured outside later this afternoon for a short walk.  The temps are back up to almost 60 degrees, quite a bit different from Tuesday. A beautiful fall day.

I know these are technically weeds but I love them they are so soft and yet showy at the same time.

My needy boy he has been on my lap or right beside me all day.  I know this is common with rescue babies. It’s hard for them to feel totally secure. All in all I guess it’s been a pretty good Saturday.  How was your Saturday?

Always remember,
Love your day your way!!!



6 thoughts on “Winter Came to Visit

  1. Scruffy knows you’re sick and is comforting you – he looks so sweet! Hope you are feeling better. And no, you can’t have too many pairs of socks (or shoes). lol


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