Happy Monday, How was your weekend?  Did you get to do anything fun?

I had another long weekend.  Well actually I only went back to work today after being off since Christmas Day.  Let me tell you when I woke up at 5:00 AM I did not want to get up. What happened to all my days off? They go by so fast!!!

All of my Christmas decorations are still in place.  My husband doesn’t believe in taking any of the decorations down until after the new year.  After Christmas I am usually over it and ready to get the house back in order.  I hate to tell you this but I saw some Valentine cushions at T. J. Maxx right before Christmas and I bought some.  I put them up and I won’t get them out until after all the Christmas decorations come down. There was also some heart shaped dishes that I resisted but may have to go back and get. Just saying.  But I just love Valentine’s Day.  Me and my husband don’t really celebrate or anything but I love the color red and all of the decorations and I love hearts.  I have tons of heart earrings and heart necklaces. I am always drawn to hearts.  And I just love love.  It is happy!!!!  Well usually.  I know Valentine’s  Day can be sad too but I believe it is what you make it.  I have many many many Valentine’s of all shapes and sizes, hint,  many of them have four legs. HA!!!

  My fingerless gloves.  Not the best picture but I do love them.

      Winter has a beauty all its own. 

    Scruffy loves his walks.

     Winter sunset 

I did have a good weekend.  I was still nursing the back pain from the fall on Christmas Eve.  I guess some rest and relaxation is what I needed.  I stayed at home most of the weekend with some knitting and reading and watching movies.  I DVRd the Little Women movie with Catherine Hepburn playing Jo.  I also want to see the new one and see how they compare.  I have the book and have read most of it but I need to reread and finish it.

I knitted some fingerless gloves over the weekend and had some long walks with Scruffy.  It has been very warm here.  It was about 70 degrees here yesterday and windy.  Not like winter at all.   Come on winter show yourself!!!!  I’m probably going to regret saying that.

I am reading a knitting book my husband got me for Christmas, Knitting in America

https://www.amazon.com › Knitting-America-Patterns-Profiles-Americas


and Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.  They are both awesome!!!  Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors I have read several of her books.

Have a wonderful week and a happy New Year and always remember

Love your day your way!!!


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