Forever Is Now!!

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Emily Dickinson stated that Forever is composed of nows.  This is what is happening right now and right this minute.  You may think the things that are going on in your life day to day, hour to hour or even minute to minute are too mundane to even think about. But you will think about them in a few minutes, a few hours, a few days and even in a few years.   You will go back to some of the things that have happened this past week and remember remnants of them forever. Some things will stand out and some things you won’t even remember. Do you ever wonder what will stick in your memory forever? You never know when something happens if it will last forever in your memory.  Or maybe you have something so good happen that you store it away to remember forever.

The last couple of weeks have been very full.  I guess that all weeks are, in their own way.   I worked two full weeks  which I haven’t done since way before Christmas, Mark smashed his head into the concrete outside the basement and had a very bad bloody head, It was raining and he was emptying the dehumidifier and misjudged the wall.  Don’t ask.   We took an all day trip to the doctor at Vanderbilt in Nashville for a four month check up, not for the bloody head. All was good.   I went to book club, I had a long meeting with a colleague and ad vendor,  I bought Valentine decorations, I cooked several dinners, knitted, grocery shopped, walked the dogs and took a million pictures.  Mark bought a new truck, I spent a long fun day with my niece Hailey, I attended the funeral of a dear woman, who I knew through work, who had lived to the ripe young age of 96.  My nephew’s wife had open heart surgery at the young age of 40!!! WHAT!!!  We had a tornado warning.  One of my favorite aunts passed away.  Wow!!!  I would say a lot has happened already for 2020.   But that’s life isn’t it?

I think we sometimes wait for a big moment or day to happen but when you think about it, it is happening right now. This is life!!! Forever is now!!!  LIVE IT!!!!!

Always remember,

Love your Day Your Way!!!


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