Hello friends how have you been?

We have had some crazy weather around here.  My weekend was pretty low key.  I had to work on Saturday because I spent Friday at home waiting for the tech for our fiber optic cable.  This was the fourth attempt and we were rescheduled yet again.   I was so mad at AT&T and even made a really ugly phone call to complain but I doubt it will do any good.  We are now scheduled for Wednesday but it is supposed to rain all week so we will see.  Because I had to be at home on Friday I rescheduled several appointments for Saturday.  I hate splitting my days off.

  The calm before the crazy weather.  I pass this everyday on my way to and from work.

Molly has a really bad ear infection.  She gets them constantly.  She has allergies and we really have to watch her ears.  I had to stop by the Vet Clinic last Monday morning and get her some meds. She has to be on antibiotic ear drops for ten days.  She is a gentle old girl and very easy to give medicine to.

   Mom quit taking pictures of me!!!!

Last week started pretty good with mild weather and just day to day stuff. I got Mark an air fryer for Christmas. I was skeptical about having something else take up counter space but he works with several people who have them and love them. We finally started using it last week and we love it!!!  I cooked chicken breasts in 20 minutes and they were so yummy.  We have been experimenting with several things.  Adjusting the cooking time is a little challenging with different things but we are getting the hang of it.


So on Wednesday the rain started. Because the ground was already saturated the flooding started quickly in some areas. It rained all of Wednesday and then even some thunder and lightning on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning the rain continued. I was standing at the kitchen sink just before daylight and I could see something through the window that looked like large stalks in the back yard. What??? I went out onto the deck and discovered a huuuuge tree down in the back yard. I think the roots were loosened by all the rain. It missed our house by only a few feet and our deck by inches. We didn’t even hear it fall!!!! We are just so thankful it didn’t fall on the house.

You can see how muddy the lake is from all the rain.

So on Friday the rain stopped and the temperature started dropping and by Saturday morning we had snow.  With the temperatures so low the roads became slick really fast.  I had to work on Saturday but I had already gotten to work before the roads got bad.  I knew the temperature was supposed to rise by noon and the snow would probably turn to rain.  It did.  But the snow was quite beautiful while it lasted.

More rain is predicted for this week. Oh well better rain than snow I guess.

Anyway, always remember:

Love your day your way!!


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