Freaky Friday

Maybe the best way to wake up at 5:00 AM on a Friday morning is not The Rolling Stones blaring it’s only rock and roll but I like it.  But that’s my alarm ringtone and I like it.  Well to be honest I tried to change it to a more soothing wake up ringtone but something happened and it always goes back to this.  I almost always wake up before the alarm goes off but I keep my alarm set just in case.  I had book club last night and got in late and got to bed a little later than usual.  So I was sleeping hard at 5:00 AM.  Anyway I am getting off track.

So when that alarm blares that wake up ring at 5:00 AM I always without fail jump straight up like a crazed woman not knowing where I am or what time of day or even what day it is.  I have been known to knock Scruffy and Kitty Kitty off of the bed when this happens.  That is what happened this morning.  I jumped up to grab my phone and knocked the phone off of my nightstand onto the floor and then knocked a glass of water over and it splashed onto my phone.  I picked the phone up and dried it off and it seemed to be fine.  I started scrolling through my phone like I always do and as I said it seemed fine.  When I started to put my phone on charge a message came up.  Cannot charge phone at this time because water has been detected inside the phone.  Yikes!!!  My phone was practically dead like 2% battery life.  Don’t tell my husband he is constantly on me to charge my phone.

I ran back upstairs and got the blow dryer and started drying my phone.  Since my phone battery was dead it really got me to thinking what I would do without a phone and just how much we depend on our phones.  I would still have my laptop but man that would be hard to carry around until I got my phone fixed or got a new phone or whatever I would have to do.  I have all of my work emails on my phone and my blog and my blog stats and well all of my contacts. STOP!! I told myself, and breath.  I did and continued to blow warm air around the charging port thingy of my phone.  Remember it is 5:15 AM by this time and I still haven’t had coffee. I plugged the phone into the charger and it was fine.  I am never going to keep water on my night stand I am too dangerous for that.

So I head downstairs for coffee.  I always let Scruffy out first thing so he can use the bathroom.  I made my coffee and promptly missed my mouth while taking the first sip and dumped a good bit of it down the front of my pajamas.  OK. I was definitely awake after that.  You can imagine that I was a little wary by this time because it still wasn’t even 5:30 A.M.  Should I just go back to bed and stay in the rest of the day? you know Mercury is in Retrograde as we speak.  Actually until March 10th.  This is a time when crashed computers, missed flights and tension in the workplace seem to happen more than usual.  But according to astronomers, this common celestial phenomenon is no reason to stay cooped up at home for weeks at a time.  But I have to say this morning sort of made me wonder.

Well I did go to work and everything wast fine.  I had to leave work a little early to take care of some things for my mother in law.  We went to get her some supplies and an ice cream and went for a ride.  I also got to visit with some of her sweet neighbors in the village.  A really good day after all even though it started out a little freaky.

     I love this tree I see it on my way to work every day.  I think I will take a picture of it during every season.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!


4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Btw, there might be a reason you love that tree. I can see that it is a Sacred Tree. It pulls wisdom and knowledge down from the Universe and grounds it into the Earth through its roots. It’s very powerful and loving energy. I bet if you sit under it and lean against the trunk you’ll feel its beauty.


    1. I wish you could see it in person it is such a beautiful tree. I love to look at it every day. I may have to find out who the owner is and ask if I can do that.


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