Happy Leap Day!!

Happy Saturday and Happy Leap Day.  I always feel for the people who have Birthdays on February 29th.  I guess they have to choose to celebrate it on February 28th or March 1st.

The sun is shining here in East Tennessee.  We have had a mixture of all kinds of weather this week even a little snow.

The flu has hit my work place.  Several people I work with have the flu or are just getting over the flu.  One man I have to work very closely with was diagnosed on Wednesday.  Of course he came to work both Tuesday and Wednesday  I am sure long enough to make several of us sick.  He came in and kept coughing and coughing and he isn’t one to cover his mouth very well.  I finally told him I thought he had the flu and should just leave and go to the clinic.  He did and he called a little while later to say I was right he had the flu.  Yay me!!!!   We sprayed everything down with lysol spray but we have to be in such close quarters it’s crazy to think some of us won’t get it.    I had to laugh at one of my co workers when he grabbed the lysol can and said all we can do is spray and pray.

I am terrified of bringing the flu home to Mark.  Because of the kidney transplant he takes immunosuppressant drugs and his immune system is very weakened.  Last night he started sniffling and coughing.  I was like a mama bear monitoring him but I think it is a cold and now I think I have that too.

On Monday we had a crew at work to cut trees down behind our building. I have always had a fear of death by a tree, I will have to tell you about that one day,  so it really makes me nervous when they are cutting.  This is one job I could never do and it makes me nervous to even watch.

        Look at this guy!!!!  He is tied off with ropes and at one point he lost his footing and was dangling in the trees.  He just righted himself and went back to work.  Be still my heart. 

On Tuesday I, along with a couple of co workers, attended the food show in Gatlinburg.  I am sure that I have mentioned before Gatlinburg is about 70 miles north of us so it takes about an hour and a half to get there.   The food show was sponsored by one of the food vendors we use for our restaurant at work.  It was pretty interesting.  There were tons of people displaying food and new food ideas.  We came away with some great ideas for our restaurant for this season.  After the food show we spent some time in Gatlinburg just roaming the streets and shops.  I went to bed that night at 8:30 I was exhausted.

No I can’t imagine eating this burger but I was about to snag some of those sweet potato fries.  

   Lot’s of yummy food at the show and lot’s of samples.

The rest of the week we were very short staffed at work because of all of the flu that was going around.  I am so far behind with my own work because I have been filling in in other areas.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is March.  You remember the saying does March come in like a lion or a lamb? Will it be windy and blustery like a lion or calm and gentle like a lamb?  Let me know what it is like in your area.

For some time I have been toying with the idea of doing a month long blog challenge.  This is where you blog every day for 30 days about a different topic.  I decided to make the commitment.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing about these different things.  Here are the topics and I will start March 1, tomorrow.

Today marks the four year anniversary of losing my precious girl Patches.  She is who this blog is named after.  I will never forget her.  A little more about that tomorrow because that is the first topic of the blog writing challenge.  Wish me luck.

 My sweet Patches.   I miss her every day

Have a wonderful weekend and always remember,

Love your day your way!!!


One thought on “Happy Leap Day!!

  1. I like the “spray and pray” saying, kind of like “the higher the hair, the closer to God”. LOL I do love big hair. I hope the only Corona virus you get is the kind that comes with a lime. And you “should” take your vitamins.


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