A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

Hello hello friends. In keeping with my blogging challenge today I get to share with you some of the blogs that I like to follow. I love reading blogs and that is why I got into blogging myself over two years ago.  I know I know there are vlogs, and Instagram stories and and YouTube and all of that and I love those too but I still love my blogs.  

So here are a few of my favorites and what I like about them. You might want to check them out for yourself I think you will enjoy them.

  1. Lorrie, Loving Your Shi*t. Lorrie has become a wonderful friend of mine over the last couple of years. We email and text regularly even though we live no where close to each other. We bounce ideas off of each other and it is wonderful. She has become a great friend of mine. Her blog is all about self healing with style. This lady has it going on. Check out her blog and her newly published book.

    2.  London Life with Liz. I haven’t been following Liz for a long time but I have fallen
        in love with her blog posts.  If you have ever been to London, If you ever 
       wanted to go to London or anything you think you might like about London, Liz is
        your woman.  You will love her and her posts about London.   

      3.Enhance Perspective by Julie Krupp. Another blog that I haven’t been following for 
      long but I love it and I love reading Julie’s posts.  She has such a wonderful outlook on
      life.  A mindfulness community where practical meets mystical.  Don’t you just love 

     4.Life and Random Thinking by Dfolstad  And another blog I haven’t been following
       for very long.  I love this man’s blog. He has a way of looking at life that always seems
      optimistic.   We also share something that makes us kindred spirits.  

     5. Daily Plat of Crazy. This post features lively discussion on women, relationships,
         parenting, society and healthcare.  So you can see it is a plate of crazy.  I love it!!!

     6. Posie Gets Cozy.   I have been following this post for several years and I love it. This
         special lady writes about life, love and all things crafty.

     7. Curvy Girls Guide to Style and Life. I love following this girl.  Being a curvy girl
        myself it is a great way to keep up with current styles and fashion.  

     8. Fabulously Overdressed.  Emily lives in Orlando and really knows how to style an
         outfit.  You will love her posts.

     9.Yarn Harlot. I have followed Stephanie Pearl McPhee for years.  She is a knitting 
         guru.  She has published several books.  I think I have them all.  If you are a knitter
        or have ever thought you might like knitting check out her blog. 

     10.Pumpkin Sunrise.  Karen is a knitter, reader and lover of life.  I have followed her 
          blog for years.  I love it!!!  and her!!!  

So you can see what the blogs that I follow mean to me.  I feel like I know these people, I feel like they are friends.  Please check them out I think you will enjoy their very wonderful style of writing.  

Always remember,

Love your day your way


7 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

  1. I love all your blogs and have read them all since day one. I also like YouTube’s Freedom Homestead with Tangi Wheet and Jackie her husband, a NPS employee and cave guide at Mammoth Cave National Park. Very nice interesting homesteading young couple. Keep blogging!!! 💕Kay Sides, Diamond Caverns

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