Weekends, Her Name Was Dora Lee

Happy Monday friends.  How was your weekend?

On Friday I had a day off from work.  I went to an estate sale in town.  There is a local company that sells estate items in a shop in town, it used to be a flower shop and there are several rooms within the shop.  A couple of times a month an estate sale at this shop takes place.  An entire life of someone is sold.  You can see their likes and hobbies and collections.  I think I find this just as interesting as the purchase.  Well almost anyway.  It starts on Thursday with everything at full price.  On Friday everything is 25% off and on Saturday everything is 50% off.  On Sunday, if there is anything left, everything is 75% off. They have even gone into Monday if there is a lot of stuff left.

I went to the sale on Friday.  There were lots of things left.  I didn’t see any signs that showed anything 25% off.  Everything was really really expensive.  I know it sometimes starts out like that and then more people buy as the cost goes down.  I collect crocks, you know like the old butter churn crocks.  I have about 20 really large ones.  I also have a few smaller ones.  I saw a very small crock.  I am not sure what it would have been used for.  It didn’t have a price.  I hate to ask for the price because sometimes it is priced really high if you ask and show interest.  Anyway I carried the crock around for a few minutes and I decided to put it back and wait until Saturday and see what it would be at half off.

On Saturday I went back, early, when the sale first started.  And yes everything was 50% off.  I hurried through the door and went directly to the room where the crock was.  You guessed it.  It was gone!!  When on when will I learn to get something at the time I really want it?  I continued to look around. I gathered up a couple of things but I was really sad to have missed out on the crock.  I went into the front room and there on an old ironing board was the crock!!!!  I ran over and grabbed it up.  I asked a woman who was working the sale how much, it still didn’t have a price on it. She took it to the front and came back and said it was $37.00 and that day it would be half off.   YES!!! You would think I would have learned a lesson from this but no I almost did it again.


     Look at this little crock.  It is just precious. The smallest one I have. 

 Look at the size compared to one of my other crocks.

 The lady of the estate, I later learned her name was Dora Lee, loved to sew.  There were about six sewing machines for sale.  Some were really old and then there were a couple of newer models.  Also lots of baskets. 

I kept eyeing an oil painting called “Adoration” It was beautiful. It was A painting of a woman in a long yellow dress.  I kept going back to the painting.  It was fairly small only an 11×14 maybe.  It was painted in the year 2000.  I kept looking at it and going back to it and circling it etc etc.  But when I noticed that the woman in the yellow dress was looking at a kitty cat, and that was the meaning of “Adoration” I grabbed it up. I was sold.

    Isn’t it beautiful.  I think it looked like Dora Lee as a young girl.  

      This was Dora Lee at her High School graduation. 

I learned from the liquidator of the estate that Dora was an only child from Harlan Kentucky.  Her husband, Ralph, was from Yellow Creek North Carolina.  They met and married and moved to Maryville Tennessee.  Ralph passed away several years ago leaving Dora Lee who also recently passed away.  They had no children and no nieces and nephews to claim the contents of the estate.  I always find this a little sad.  Dora Lee also collected bells and she loved jigsaw puzzles.  It is sad that all of the things within the house are being picked over by total strangers.  This is spoken by one of the strangers.

I feel like I came to know Dora Lee a little.  I even bought her High School autograph book.  Several of her classmates signed it.  It looks like it was around 1931.  I will share that with you at another time.

So how was your weekend?  Did you enjoy Father’s Day? I hope you had a chance to check out my Father’s Day post about a favorite memory of my daddy.  You can read it here if you missed it.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


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