Just Another Day

Hello friends. Happy Wednesday. I am at the Express Lube waiting on an oil change for my Mother in law’s car. We still drive it from time to time. We actually have thought about selling it since she won’t be able to drive again. The car is a small compact car and it only has about 15,000 miles on it, and we have put most of those on.  It is literally the car a little old lady only drove to church and back. However it is the only vehicle that we have that she can still get in and out of easily when we take her anywhere. So for this reason we hang onto it. 

I am going in to work a bit later today because I am working later. I have my  knitting here with me while I wait for the car but I just felt the need to catch up with you a bit. We had a very quiet Fourth Of July holiday. I went into town on Saturday morning and took pictures of flags around the local courthouse. Every year the Downtown Association does a Parade of Flags tribute to the veterans past and present. You purchase a flag and a certificate for that person and all of the flags are on display around the courthouse. It is quite a beautiful site. I love walking through the flags and reading all the names and of course taking pictures.  On Sunday I cooked baby back ribs in the crock pot I did a post about it.  If you missed it check it out here.

               Our Courthouse is very old and beautiful and I love taking pictures of it.




For the second time, I recently had to be tested for COVID. Again someone I had been in contact with tested positive. I was negative. I have heard of a lot of people getting false positives on the tests so I have my doubts about the tests. The thing is I work in a public place and I have to abide by the rules to keep my job. Enough said about that. I did write a haiku about it the night before I got tested because I was feeling a little morose and down. I was also contemplating having to possibly be out of work for two weeks or God forbid more and also my biggest worry is for my husband who takes immunosuppressive drugs. So things could be even worse for him. So here is the haiku:

Out of work two weeks?
COVID you hold the answer 
Am I positive?

So just another day but yet a wonderful day to be here and be healthy.  

Have a wonderful rest of the week and always remember:

Love your day your way!!!!

5 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Great photos of the beautiful flags. Karl and I got our marriage license in Madisonville. Great memories.
    I’m happy you tested negative.
    Stay well. Sending our love to y’all.


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