Goodbye July

Hello friends,  I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see a month go swooshing by.  I work in tourism and I have probably said it before but summer months are hard.  Add in the COVID-19 issues and wearing a mask and social distancing and lots of thing just not being what they used to be and it is just a crazy time.

I work with about 40 people in the summer months.  Our attraction has been at about half capacity because of COVID but half capacity actually means more staff  having to take care of the smaller groups of people that we have.

To say that our team members have done an amazing job this summer would be the understatement of the year.  To celebrate our Goodbye to July, our last full week of July, last week, we celebrated every day with a different theme provided by the managers, we had special treats and cash drawings and tons of photos. I even cooked pancakes for everyone one morning.  It was just a nice way to end the month of July by doing something special for everyone.  We had such a great time!!!!

My nephew finally got to have a real graduation from High School. The school had been closed since mid March. The school officials decided to do it on Thursday evening.  It was held outside on the football field and families were encouraged to social distance by keeping their families away from other families.  It wasn’t too hard to do.  IT WAS HOT!!!!  We had had some rain showers earlier in the day and and that made the temps by 7:00 PM steamy and uncomfortable.  Luckily they had the good grace to move everything along quickly.  It only lasted for about an hour and we did photos of course afterwards.  I will say I had sweat in places one shouldn’t have.  But it was totally worth it seeing my handsome nephew finish his time in high school.

   Look how tall he is!!!!


I had to work six out of seven days last week so by Friday night I was wiped out.  I went home from work and we had take out for dinner.  I did not intend to cook.  I went to bed early.  On Saturday I did the grocery thing and took supplies to my mother in law in the Assisted Living Center.  I have to get on my soap box here for a minute.  The poor people in the Assisted Living Center have not seen their families in four months.  They are not even allowed to get out of their rooms.  Two people have died, not from COVID.   Two people were moved to other facilities because they needed “extra” attention.  One lady fell and broke her hip and had to be taken to another place for rehab.  I am telling you I know they are doing what they have to do according to the CDC guidelines but I think a time has come that not having any family involvement and visitation is doing them much more harm.  At least let them go to the cafeteria together like they used to.  It’s the same people there day in and day out but at this time they are made to stay in their rooms all the time.  O.K. that is all I am saying.  I definitely would not want a break out of COVID there but I just wish there was something to do for them.

Today I was a little more rested and I knitted some more on the blue shawl I have been working on.  I love it and I think I am going to miss it when I am finished.  Oh well I will just start another one.  Maybe I will find that missing yarn I have been searching for.  I made a Buttermilk Pie today and it was great!!!  I have made them before without much success.  I think the key is using whole buttermilk, no nonfat for this pie, and I used the recipe by Brenda Gantt on Cooking with Brenda Gantt.  If you haven’t checked her out on FB do it you will love her.  She had some great tips for the pie and it worked out really well.  The only thing is I used a deep dish pie crust and I should have used regular.  But I will know next time.


Have you ever tried the App one second every day?  It is a great little app where you record a second of your day, or a picture and it puts all of them together for a month. I have had the app for quite a while I don’t do it every month but I decided that July would definitely be the month to document something every day.  I hope you enjoy watching.


Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!




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