The Mysterious Midnight Moon

Happy Wednesday.  I actually just ask my husband a few minutes ago, is it really just Wednesday?  It could be I am a little sluggish from my lack of sleep last night.  Let me explain.





I was upstairs minding my own business knitting on that blue shawl that has become my nemesis even though I really do love it.  It seems like as I near the end the end gets farther and farther away. But I am plugging along and I will finish it soon.  I know I will!!!!

I actually started dozing while knitting, which can be very dangerous because of dropped stitches and things, and I also had the T.V. on.  I realized it was about 10:30 and Scruffy needed one more bathroom break before we went to bed.

We went downstairs and Scruffy did his business and got a treat and we started back upstairs to bed.  Just at that moment I caught a glint of light out of the corner of my eye.  I went to the window and it was just about the most beautiful full moon you have ever seen.  The sky was clear, and there the moon was, shining, just begging me to take pictures.  It looked so mysterious and decadent.  If you know me you know I have taken about a million moon pictures over the years but I don’t care when I see a shot like that I just have to get it.

I ran into our little office where I keep my cameras and my tripod.  This craziness at 10:30 at night was starting to get Scruffy and even Kitty Kitty a little jacked up.  They were running around like crazy.  I mean after all we are usually in bed asleep by 9:30.

I grabbed my older camera that I am a little more familiar with and prayed the battery would be charged.  It was!!!  Whoooo Hoooo!! I set the tripod up and got the camera mounted on it and took it out onto the deck.  I was carefully watching for Kitty Kitty, you may remember the story I told you about her getting out one night when I was taking pictures.  I didn’t even know it until the next morning.  I try not to think of that horrible. time.

Out on the deck my deck chairs were wet and I couldn’t sit on them.  The moon liked just a little bit clearing the leaves on the trees in the back yard.  So I had to wait for a few minutes.  I couldn’t sit on the wet chairs so I drug a stool from the kitchen out onto the deck.  It is so quiet at my house you really can’t hear anything but crickets and the occasional splash of a fish jumping up in the water.  I started singing moon songs, Blue Moon, Fly me to the moon, Moon River, Blue Moon of Kentucky. But when I started singing Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival I started thinking about an American Werewolf in London.  That was a really scary movie.  It made me think of werewolves and here I was in the woods with a full moon.  Oh well I am getting side tracked.  Anyway I stopped singing.

This is just before the moon cleared the leaves on the trees.

   Now wasn’t that worth waiting for!!!!

Finally the moon rose above the trees and it was absolutely beautiful!!!  I took picture after picture and tried some different settings on my camera.  I was in heaven this is one of my most favorite things to do.  It is so calming for me.  The next step of course is downloading the pictures on my laptop to get a really good look at them.  That is also one of my favorite things to do.  By the time this was finished it was about 12:30 and way past my bedtime, Scruffy and Kitty Kitty’s too.

   Just an odd shot but I thought it looked interesting.

This morning Mark came downstairs and there was all of my cameras and equipment on the kitchen table.  He looked at it questioningly and said “what were you doing last night”?  I said ” having a wonderful moonlight adventure of course”. He shakes his head and walks away.  He never knows what to expect out of me, HA!!!!

You should have yourself a little moonlight adventure.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Midnight Moon

  1. Loved the photos and your fondness for moon photos. The excitement is evident! Fly me to the moon is a personal favourite. Summer nights are perfect for late night adventures. I have played tennis on outdoor courts at midnight and an 11 pm bike ride is so much fun.

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