The Sounds of The Day

One of my very first memories was sitting on my mama’s lap with my head against her chest.  I was a very little girl.  My ear was pressed against her chest and as she talked her voice sounded muffled yet soothing  in a way that always put me instantly to sleep.  That was one of the most comforting sounds I can ever remember.

Do you ever think about all the sounds that you hear during the course of one day.  Your day?  A few days ago I was sitting in the office at work and I could hear a murmur of voices coming from the break room next door.   A gentle rumble of conversation. A question asked, an answer given, a comment made, a quick burst of laughter,  but still a steady gentle rhythm of voices.  I never realized just how much I cherish listening. I may not even know what is being said but there is such a comfort in the sound of each day.  Especially when the sounds and voices are familiar.

Early morning sounds, my husband is getting up for work.  It’s very early because he gets up at 3:50 AM to leave for work by 4:45AM.  He tries to be quiet but I hear him going down the stairs, scooping Kitty Kitty up on the way down.  Turning on lights and making breakfast.  Trying to bribe Kitty Kitty to be quiet and not wake Mom and Scruffy and Molly. The garage door opening, his truck driving away. I almost always wake up but I pretend I don’t. It makes him feel bad if he thinks he wakes me up so early. Kitty meowing for her food.

Walking in the door after work and Scruffy meeting me at the door. I hear his nails tapping against the floor before I see him. I race him to the front door to give him his walk. Listening to him and Molly click click up the driveway for their walk. A hum of summer time. It’s almost like you can hear the shimmer of the heat off of the pavement.

Night time settling in. T.V. going, washing machine spinning, phone conversations, catching up on the day. Tree frogs and crickets sing their night time serenade as I take Scruffy out for one last walk before bed. We hear a screech owl and a hoot owl. Molly romping through the house like a horse before she settles down in her bed. Kitty Kitty making that last run through the house and Scruffy umphing as he jumps on the bed to settle in for the night. Sounds of breathing, the whir of the ceiling fan, the tick tock of the clock.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. They are priceless!!!!

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!

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