I Am A Proud Helicopter Wife

Hello friends, how are you? I told you in my last post that my husband has dubbed me a helicopter wife. He has had shingles for a few weeks now and yes I probably have been hovering over him. I have become mama bear, nurse, queen nurturer and everything else I can possibly think of to describe how I am acting. I think my husband may have a few other choice words to describe my actions. I guess never being a mother to children of my own often makes me feel entitled to be a mother to the world. LOL. I have been told by people that I tend to mother them. Especially my husband, family, friends and my team members at work, ok. a lot of people. At work I am the one who calls when someone is sick so I can check on them. I tend to tell them what to eat or not eat and offer to drive them home when they are sick or feeling bad. You may hear me saying things like: “stop drinking that energy drink don’t you know they’re no good for you!!!! Have you eaten this morning? no wonder you are feeling light headed, here’s some crackers. Go back to the break room and get a cold cloth and put it on your head and you will feel better. And just how much sleep did you get last night?” I tend to go into full mama bear mode when it’s my people. So you can imagine how I have been with the hubs. I have been trying to dial it back a bit because I know he is getting tired of all the attention, but it is hard for me. I quit taking pictures of his shingles every day to document the healing progress, just in case we need to show the doctors the pictures. I thought this was a great idea by the way. The shingles blisters are getting so much better day by day it is just a process. The shingles is a long process of healing for someone who isn’t on immunosuppressants let along someone who has to take them.

So I guess if all of this makes me a helicopter wife then I am one. SO WHAT??? I am a proud helicopter wife!!!!!

Are you a nurturer or someone that likes to be nurtured? maybe both?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

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