Happy National Cat Day!!

Happy Thursday and Happy National Cat Day to any feline friends and fur babies that you might have. I am especially happy to have my precious Kitty Kitty to wish Happy Cat Day, although I am sure she thinks every day is National Cat Day.

A little over two years ago I was visiting my mother in law. This was before she fell and broke her hip and had to go to the Assisted Living Center where she now lives. We were sitting and talking and she pointed to a little gray ball of fur out on her patio. “Look at that little cat” she said. “It came here a few days ago and I think it may be sick”. She had been putting food out at the back door for it. Within a day or two she had it a bed in the garage and was making sure the kitty got put in at night. A couple of days later my mother in law fell and broke her hip. She was in the hospital for several weeks and Mark and I took the kitty.

Yeah!!! I’m pretty much in charge!!

I am telling you right now I had never owned a cat. I couldn’t stand cats. When I was a teenager I had a sticker on the back of my car about cats and it was not favorable. I am so embarrassed and sorry for the way I felt about cats. I had just always been a dog person. I didn’t think I could ever be a cat person.

She loves to sit beside me when I play the piano. She doesn’t offer to touch the keys she just likes to look at them while I play.
Mom!!! What’s the password???

We took the kitty home and she had a lot of medical issues. We kept her at my father in law’s house until we could get her aquatinted with Molly and Scruffy. The plan was to find her a home. You have to remember we had only had Scruffy for a couple of months at this time. Molly was not fond of small creatures. She had barely gotten used to Scruffy living with us

She loves to stretch out in the sunshine.

I could see Mark starting to cave. He kept telling me how sweet the kitty was. He told me how soft her fur was. How precious she was when she rubbed against his legs. We took her to the vet because her breathing sounded terrible. Come to find out the poor little thing was barely old enough to be weaned from her mama. We had to go over and feed her and give her meds a couple of times a day. While I was there feeding Kitty I would sit down and she would climb on me and nuzzle my neck. It felt really nice. I would pet her and she would snuggle under my neck and fall asleep. People, I am only human. You know what this did to me. I fell hard for this kitty. I totally and with everything I had in me fell in love with her. I would do whatever it took to make her a part of our family. And I did. We did. She actually had a polyp in her nose causing the horrible sound every time she took a breath. After numerous vet visits and meds we took her to Knoxville to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Clinic, same place Scruffy had his cataract surgery, and within five minutes they told us she had a polyp in her nose that needed to be removed. She is now happy and healthy and she doesn’t sound like a little steam train when she breaths.

She loves sitting on mom’s lap

We moved her in and she pretty much took over. She is such a joy to us. We all love her and she is totally cat. I love cats, they are wonderful special precious love babies. How could I not have known this????

So that is how we came to have our kitty. We named her Kitty Kitty and I don’t know what we would do without her. Don’t ask me that at 3:00 AM when she is romping thought the house and sounds like a herd of elephants. How can such a small kitty sound so loud? Oh well just the mystery of cats. I know if I can be turned into a cat person anyone can. Of course now I am a Dog/Cat person and that is alright with me.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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