Spring Is In The Air

Happy Weekend friends how was your week? Mine was really busy. We have been busy at work and I have been on this new work out regimen and it is just kicking my butt. I have been sleeping great though and getting a lot of fresh air and exercise. It really makes such a difference. Not a lot of pounds down yet but a few and that is a good thing.

Can you tell that spring is coming? Well it is in our area anyway. You can hear frogs croaking and buds are starting to pop out on the trees. The Bradford Pear trees are starting to bloom. I noticed several on my way to work yesterday and then by the time I came home several more blooms had popped out.

Look at these Bradford Pear Trees. I know a lot of people don’t like them because they are really weak but I love them!!!!

We were able to visit for a few minutes today with my mother in law. The assisted living center where she lives called Mark a few days ago and told us we would be able to visit for a short time. We had to sit outside and wear masks and stay six feet apart but she seemed so happy to see us. It is worth whatever we have to do to get to see her. Each living center and nursing facility gets to make their own rules. So hopefully in a few weeks they will lift more of the restrictions.

I woke up this morning and forgot it was Saturday. I was in bed thinking about getting up for work and then it hit me that it was Saturday. Don’t you love to do that?

We had made arrangements to visit my mother in law at 11:00. I wanted to buy groceries early. I let the window of opportunity slip by without doing an online order so I was faced with dealing with people. I drove into town early around 8:30 but it was starting to get crazy already. Saturdays are always like that.

Our local Walmart is about the only place to buy groceries in our area. The aisles at this particular Walmart are very narrow. The online shopping is great but you have the workers gathering items for the online shoppers and they use these huge carts as tall or taller than the average person. Each cart is about half as wide as the aisle and has several blue bins where the groceries are placed. When one of these contraptions is in the aisle it is almost impossible to get around them.

Today it was Sorority or best friends shopping day at Walmart. Three women were shopping together. Each woman had a cart. At almost every stop they would park their carts and chat about what had been put in one of the ladies’ carts. Many stories were shared as well as recipes. I know it was probably a great girl time for them but please go grab coffee somewhere!!!! I will admit one of the recipes I heard sounded pretty good but I was in a hurry to get the groceries and get home so we could visit my mother in law.

The visit went great!!! My mother in law was so happy to see us and we talked and talked.

After the visit I wanted to stop at the Estate Sale in Madisonville. Remember I told you I went a few weeks ago. They are held periodically at this one particular site. This sale did not have a lot of antiques but I found a couple of things. I spotted this rather large heavy box with a lid. It was only $6.00 (because everything was half off today. Yesterday it was $12.00) It is gorgeous. What would I do with it I pondered. I walked past it a few times. I went back and took the lid off noticing once again how heavy it was. It was just so freaking unique and it was only $6.00!!! I got it and I love it.

Look at this isn’t it gorgeous!!! I love the muted colors. I ran into a friend outside the sale and he ask what I would put in it. I have no idea and that is part of the fun.
This book was only $5.00 (it was $10.00 yesterday). I just couldn’t pass it up. I love the southern craft traditions. Making quilts and baskets and rugs are just so lovely. I will share some of these stories with you soon.
Look at these precious flowers peeping through the leaves. Spring is coming!!! the signs are everywhere.

After we got back home I did some reading and cooked dinner and Mark and I took a 30 minute walk. We have been doing this every evening when we have a chance.

How is your weekend going so far???

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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