A Very Happy Saturday

I can’t tell you how many times I am late getting somewhere because I will be driving down the road and see a beautiful sight that would make the most beautiful picture. Of course then I have to pull over and take the picture or fifty pictures and time just gets away from me.

Since I had the day off today I took a different road into town. I love to do this when I get a chance and see what new things are going on. I hope you do that every now and then because taking a different route is so refreshing. I had unlimited time to get into town and get my groceries today, forgot to pre-order again, so stopping and taking pictures before getting groceries was probably a form of procrastination. I hate actually going into the store and spending an hour or so gathering groceries. BUT!!! I did see some amazing sites. The trees here are starting to bloom and there is lots of color all over the woods. It was overcast and cloudy but that just added to the beauty of the day.

The road I took also takes me into a small nearby town, Tellico Plains, that I love, it is just the most charming little town. I decided while I was out I would stop at the Mennonite Farm Market. Yesterday was the first day they opened for spring.

The market had mostly baked goods and plants of all kinds including tomato plants and herbs. Not a lot of vegetables have come in yet. Of course there was still the handmade soaps and jams and jellies. I bought some of the apple butter and a tomato plant. Mark loves tomatoes and he hates the taste of the ones in the grocery store. This plant is supposed to produce tomatoes in about sixty three days so we shall see. It is a container plant and will sit on our deck.

I hope I have good luck with this guy.

The Redbuds are blooming!!!! I just love them. By the time they are bloomed out they are actually purple but the pods when they first come out are red and that is why they are called redbuds. When I see the redbuds I know that spring is officially on the way. But don’t forget Redbud Winter is one of the first winters we experience in the south between spring and summer. So that should be here within the next couple of weeks. The temperatures will turn really cool for a few days.

See how red the little pods are before they bloom out.
Beautiful Countryside
You can see the reflection of the cows in this pond.

I continued my drive into town and a terrible thunder storm hit just as I was pulling into Walmart. I sat in the car for a few minutes and the rain stopped. I ran up to the doors at Walmart and the power was out and they weren’t letting anyone in. I waited a few minutes and went back to the car. It was noon so I went through a drive through to grab a hamburger and sit in the parking lot and wait until they let people back into Walmart. It was almost an hour before I was able to get my groceries. A rather long morning but the fact I didn’t have to be anywhere made it great!!!!

I got my groceries, forgot to pick up the mail, oh well and went home. The rain continued so we all took a huge nap and I read a book and cooked dinner. A pretty good Saturday. I had a really crazy week so having an uneventful lazy, picture taking, napping, reading, cooking and just enjoying the rain kind of day was exactly what I needed.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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