Happy April, Happy Easter, And Faith Everyday.

Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful blessed day and was able to spend it with your loved ones.

I am so happy to see a new month. I will be honest with you. March was a rough month. A lot of things are going on.

It seems like March was the month for doctor visits. I had all of my well visits and checks in March. Sometimes it happens like that and I seem to have scheduled them all in one month. That is exactly what happened in March. I had the regular physical with my doctor including blood work, mammogram, gyno visit, and that was all just for me. Waiting to hear if everything is o.k. can be intense. All of mine were good for another year. And for that I am so grateful. But add into this mix some extra blood work for my husband, a medical procedure for my sister which has involved a lot of followups with her, some friends and loved ones having medical issues and,,, well,, it’s a lot to deal with. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

I think that having a loved one with medical issues really puts things in perspective for you. Lots of silly little things that you think are big, are not. The mundane boring day to day suddenly takes on a wonderful brighter light. If only paying those bills and mowing the yard and cleaning the house were all you had to worry about. Remember that time when it was like that? you didn’t really know just how great you had it.

Faith. I have it. I live it regularly or so I thought. I was upstairs just a little while ago putting up laundry and sort of lost in a little cloud of worry, when all of a sudden it was like I heard a voice say ” STOP IT AND TRUST IN ME”. Wow that was very powerful. I needed that. I will.

So back to the day. It was a great day!!! Although Mark had to work, he is an essential worker and we are used to him being gone on holidays, I got to spend time with family. My niece made dinner for me, my sister and brother in law and my nephew. It was delicious. I was able to visit my mother in law at the assisted living village, and this time I was able to visit with her in her little apartment. I stayed for almost two hours. It was such a great visit. It’s the first time I had been inside the apartment in over a year!!! While I was there the sweetest thing happened. Her neighbor, Mary, came over to use mother in law’s microwave and told us that is was her 67th wedding anniversary!!! I wish you could know Mary. She is always styled to the nines. Her hair is immaculate. She had on a little red track suit with a USA pin proudly positioned on the lapel. I imagine she was all dolled up because her husband had come for a visit. He does not live in the village but she does because of some dementia. She popped back in a moment later with a wedding picture and told me she had made her own wedding dress, it was beautiful!!!, and she also made her sisters maid of honor dress!!! Her husband came in a few minutes later to chat. These two are amazing. He is 90 years old and she is 87. What a wonderful testament to marriage, to life, to everything. THIS IS LIFE!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

How was your day? How was your month?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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