Do The Next Right Thing

Hello friends how are you? Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who is a mother or mother figure to loved ones or fur babies. I know I have been rather quiet over here the last couple of weeks. I always want to keep it real here on my blog without invading any of my loved ones privacy. Recently my husband has had to have his blood work repeated several times. It has been a bit scary. We are not sure what, if anything, is going on at this point. He has had some elevated levels that the doctors are being very careful with and keeping a watchful eye on. We are praying that his body works through this and all levels will return to normal very soon. We should know more in the next week or so.

I guess with any extra anxiety I have always been one to draw within myself and not want to do anything. I am trying to fight that by staying busy and optimistic but anxiety does seem to creep in when I least expect it and sometimes in the most unusual ways. I have missed being here and sharing with you my day to day which in many ways is probably the best outlet I could possibly hope to have. A good friend once gave me some wonderful advice. She said when you are worried or anxious and you feel that there is nothing you can do to control your situation, just do the next right thing. It could be anything from taking out the garbage to making a phone call, paying bills, taking a walk or just something that is “right” for you to do at that moment. So with all of that said I will dive in and tell you about my days. Writing this post is my next right thing to do.

It is Blackberry Winter here in East Tennessee. The blackberries are blooming like crazy. That is not to say we will have blackberries anytime soon. This is only the blooming process and the actual yummy blackberries will not be ready for a month or so. As soon as the blackberries start blooming the temperatures drop and reminds us that cooler temps will linger a little longer. This is usually around the second week of May and falls just in time for Mother’s Day. It was 46 degrees F at my house several mornings this past week.

Blackberries are blooming everywhere!!!!

The cool weather hasn’t stopped the yellow coating of pollen blanketing everything. I have never been one to suffer from allergies at this time of year although my poor husband does. But this year I have had a bit of allergy issues. It must be age or something I’m not sure. The lake at our house has had a permanent film of yellow on it for a couple of weeks now.

Last Sunday I finished knitting a pair of socks and immediately started another pair. I got my ball winder out and rolled four balls of yarn. I will probably use two of the balls for socks and one for a scarf and I’m not sure what I will use the other one for.

I visited the Mennonite Farm Market near my house yesterday. They had some beautiful vegetables. And of course they always have those fresh baked cinnamon rolls. I have to buy one every time I go. Yesterday was no exception. The drive to the market is almost as good as the things I find to buy. It is especially beautiful this time of year.

Lots of luscious vegetables and fruit at the market. I wanted everything.
I may have mentioned that the market also has these wonderful, delicious HUGE cinnamon rolls. I always get one when I am there.
A beautiful sunrise Friday morning.

So if you are ever overwhelmed, anxious, scared, nervous etc etc. and don’t know exactly how to manage the next moment just do the next right thing whatever that may be.

And always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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