The Appreciation Game

Do you ever stop to think of all the little things that you appreciate? No, really do you? how often? This morning I was thinking about things that I truly appreciate in my life right now and I just thought I would share them with you.

My Family.
My Health, My families Health.
Blackberries starting to ripen.
Fresh Strawberries.
The smell of freshly mown grass.
A new knitting project.
Being at home with my precious family after being gone for a few days.
Having lunch with my sisters.
Baking bread.
Walking outside and breathing in the sweet smell of summer.
Friends that love you and never leave you.
An amazing first cup of coffee, You know what I mean!!!
A good book that you can curl up with and read for hours.
The first taste of an amazing meal.
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
Soft rain on a Sunday morning.
Fresh green fern growing wild in the woods.

Don’t ever forget to appreciate!!! It’s not really a game it’s life. Love it, live it!!!!

Love your day your way!!!

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