I’M ON VACATION!!!!! Sort of.

Hello friends, How are you? I have had such a wonderful few days. I took off a few extra days from work before the July craziness starts. I hate to use the word staycation but I guess that is what I have been on. NO!!! I am on VACATION!!! It started last Friday. My niece and I spent the day going to the Mennonite Market and going to yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, they are called many different things here in the south. I love them all!!!!

One of the sales we went to was a huge Victorian Style Bed and Breakfast that was being sold. The owners were ready to get rid of everything and anxious to move on. They were selling everything dirt cheap. The B&B theme was “Gone With The Wind.” There were pictures of Scarlett O Hara and Rhett Butler everywhere. It was beautiful!!! I just wanted to live in the house. I bought three sets of napkin rings. They were selling them in sets of six for $5.00 a set!!! I bought three sets that I thought could be used together. HA!! when will I ever realistically use cloth napkins? Well you never know, right???

Look at all of these napkin rings. I loved all of them!!!
These are the napkin rings I purchased. I feel that they could be used together if needed.
Gone With The Wind was the theme of this Bed and Breakfast. How cool is that????
This is one of the bathrooms in the Bed and Breakfast. It was ahhhhhmazing!!! I want to live there!!!
I love this little spring house.

On Saturday my sister and I went shopping in Knoxville. We hadn’t been in ages. We had so much fun!! We laughed and laughed and shopped and ate a wonderful lunch and came dragging home tired and spent out. I bought several pairs of shoes. Shoes are the only thing you don’t have to worry about if you gain weight.

On Sunday I did a mountain of laundry. I washed everything that could possibly be washed in this house. Scruffy too.

Monday came and I decided to work in my shrubs. I will not be posting before and after pics because my shrubs look soooooo bad. I don’t know what is going on with them. Some of them are dying and I think they just need to be cut back. I have a plan but I haven’t gotten it all put together yet. You will see soon. So I spent the rest of the day finishing a pair of socks I had been working on and cleaning house and reading and just enjoying the time off.

Sure I could be that girl on the beach with my toes in the sand but no I am here knitting socks and waiting for winter. I am o.k. with that. lol.

Tuesday came and I worked on a Fourth of July project. I will share more with you on that later.

How is your week going?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

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