The Crazy Cat Lady

Several years ago for Halloween I dressed up as The Crazy Cat Lady, you know from the Simpsons. I searched for weeks for kitty cats to complete my outfit. Who would have thought a few years later I would actually be living the true Crazy Cat Lady Life. But here I am.

I may just have to make this my Halloween outfit again this year.

It has been a stressful week. We were finally able to get our mama kitty, Allie, spayed. I was so happy. I was afraid she had already gotten preggers again. But luckily she was not. It is amazing to me how many kittens a cat can mother every year.

We were worried about how we were going to coax Allie cat into the carrier to get her to the vet Wednesday morning. I wasn’t too concerned because me and Allie have gotten a bond started between us. Mark on the other hand was ready to suit up in head to toe padded gear and go after her. I told him to just let me handle it and I did. I simply picked her up and plopped her into the crate. She looked a little startled but she was actually a very good girl. Some half hearted yowling could be heard from the backseat but all in all she did great.

After she got home that evening she was so spacey and sore. Even though I knew we had to have her spayed I felt so bad that she was in pain. I was worried she would never trust me again. She stayed away from the kittens as much as possible. I had bought her a new soft bed but the four kittens had already claimed it. She got into a basket in the garage and I put towels in it to make it softer.

The next day she disappeared for several hours and we found her on the back deck curled up in a chair. The kittens don’t know about this area yet so she had a lot of privacy.

I got up at 4:00 this morning to check in her and make sure she was ok. She was.

I do remember Kitty Kitty going through the same thing a few years ago. And we will have to go through this again with all the kittens very soon.

This morning I asked hubs if we should continue looking for a home for two of the kittens. He immediately said no!!! Why? I asked innocently. Because you could give up one of your arms easier than you could one of those kitties. He knows me so well. And if that makes me the crazy cat lady then so be it. I will wear that title proudly. I have given up half of the garage for them. Those five stay outside and live in the garage where we will be investing in cat houses for them very soon. They already have a collection of cozy beds and play toys.

Mama (Allie) Cat
Allie Cat Isn’t she beautiful
Buster (Mama cat’s favorite)
Milo ( The goofiest and lovable of all the kittens.)
Sadie (Shady Sadie I call her now because she is the one that went missing for a day and a half. )
Izzy, She is so sweet and cuddly

Molly, Scruffy and Kitty Kitty, know they have new brothers and sisters. Molly is afraid of all the cats, Scruffy is curious and still wants to chase them a bit. Kitty Kitty is not sure how she feels. She knows that she is still Queen of the house and that is all that matters. And the good thing is we have love to spare for all of them. Six cats and two dogs. Too many? Time will tell.

Scruffy and Kitty Kitty

How is your week going?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Crazy Cat Lady

  1. I absolutely love the costume!! Way too cute! So “Shady” Sadie [wonder where you got that name-lol] and the fur tribe are staying. Yep, they would be difficult to get rid of. Although, neither Scruffy nor Queen Kitty look very happy about the whole deal. Means they have to share you. Scruffy will faint, for sure. lol You, Crazy Cat Lady, you. 😻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Shady Sadie is the perfect name, thank you, she’s very elusive and likes to hide. And yes Scruffy probably will faint the first time one of them starts to claw him. What will I do with this zoo I have. I’ve even started showing pictures of all 8 of them at the grocery store to random strangers. My co-workers are over hearing about them. lol.


    1. Thank you. We are still debating on giving two of them away. We have 5 cats outside and one inside and then the two dogs. If we do give two away we want them to go to a home together. I just don’t know if I can part with them.


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