Painting Pumpkins And An Estate Sale

Cool mornings, leaves falling, wood smoke in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year. I may have mentioned that a few hundred times. I want to grab every day and cling to it and savor it. The colors here are changing but not as quickly as they have in past years. We have had really warm weather so we still have a lot of green on the trees. This week the temps are supposed to be cooler so maybe some color changes are coming.

That’s actually Scruffy going through the woods looking like a wombat or something.

Saturday I went to an estate sale in Madisonville. I love these sales. The location of the sale is in the same place each time. The items from the estate are brought in and the sale starts on Thursday with everything being full price. On Friday everything is 25% off, Saturday 50% off and on Sunday some items are 75% off. I usually go on Saturday because I am off from work. Although I have gone a few times on Thursday just to scope it out and see what treasures might be available.

I saw lots of things that I was interested in. I always walk through the entire building several times. There are several rooms within the building. There is also a bid box. If you see something you want but don’t want to pay the asking price you place a bid in the box along with your phone number. If the item is not sold the highest bidder will get the item. Of course when you do this you are taking a chance on losing out altogether.

I just loved this painting of the girl with her cat. I really love the red color of her dress. I think it will stand out anywhere I hang it. And it was half off of the price listed!!!! Score!!!
I loved this little teapot. I just had to get it. I am thinking I may give it to a friend. It’s adorable.
Look at these wooden stockings. They spell Merry Christmas. They are hand painted By the man this estate belonged to. They were priced at $65.00, well half of that, and that was a little high for me. I was talking to the man who conducts the sale and I told him I was going to place a bid in the bid box. He asked how much I was going to bid and I said $25.00. He told me I could have them for that. Yay!!! He said that he had put them out and taken them back a few times for himself but he just didn’t know if he would actually get around to hanging them. I promised him that I would and I would bring him a picture. I love them. They are really old.
I added this wooden Santa for my Santa collection. His arms move. I don’t have one like him.

I try to reason with myself that bringing items in only creates more clutter. But I also promise myself to continue with my decluttering that I have been working on. Yes I know not bringing it in to start with would technically kill two birds with one stone but what is the fun of that. I also got a couple of old books. One of them has a stamp on the inside with a date of 1916.

Sunday was the usual laundry, cleaning and taking care of all the fur babies. Molly and Scruffy both needed a bath. I made banana bread and cooked dinner both Saturday and Sunday. Spaghetti on Saturday night and then a rice and grilled chicken bowl on Sunday night. It was delish. I also got a little knitting in and finished painting my pumpkins.

I gathered these rocks out of the flower bed last week. As I saw one that I thought would make a good pumpkin I would add it to the collection I had on the entry table near the front door. Mark kept asking what I was going to use all the rocks for. I said they’re not rocks they’re pumpkins. I had to put numerous coats of the orange paint on them and let them dry in between. I think they turned out pretty well, just time consuming.

So I gathered the rocks:

I put the first coat of paint on them and I was pretty discouraged.

So I added SEVERAL more coats of paint. Letting each coat dry in between applications. Luckily they dried fast.
They were starting to look a little better.

And this is the way they turned out.

So back to work today and a busy week ahead. How are you? How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

2 thoughts on “Painting Pumpkins And An Estate Sale

  1. I love estate sales. I am also trying to organize the house. I need to start preparing where all the Christmas decor will go. Love the pumpkins, they came out so cute. Paint seems to be getting thinner and thinner like it is all watered down. I have resorted to looking for sale paints and even small sample testers at the hardware store. House paints are much thicker and don’t need as many coats. You can sometimes find the little tester containers from .50 cents to $2.

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    1. I never thought of house paint that’s a great idea. I did think about using spray paint and I may try that next time.


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