Saturday Happenings

Hello and happy Saturday. Come and join me today.

This morning I decided to go and buy groceries really early. I hate buying groceries when the grocery store is so crowded. I needed a lot of things for Thanksgiving so I decided to head out before it got too crazy. Grocery shopping on the Saturday before Thanksgiving can be a little scary.

At 7:30, after doing a full kitty search inside and outside of the car, I took off. It was a chilly 33 degrees F. I did stop along the way and take a few pictures. It was such a frosty morning it almost looked like snow.

We are still having some colorful trees and doesn’t this look like snow. It was a really heavy frost.
Look at my puzzle I found at Walmart. I can’t wait to start it.

After I got home I put up the Christmas tree but I haven’t added the ornaments yet. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

Scruffy and I chilled for a bit, I ate some leftovers for lunch and then we went out for our afternoon walk. I worked on a hat and it is driving me crazy. The yarn is a little rough and it is really making my hands dry although that happens in the winter anyway when I knit a lot. But for some reason this has been the most annoying piece of knitting. I have dropped several stitches and even pulled a lot of the stitches out for several rows. I am almost finished thank goodness. I have barely worked on the afghans for my nephews for Christmas. I will get to work on those this week, maybe, probably, I had better or they won’t be ready by Christmas. Oh well I am sure they would make great birthday presents. Mark worked outside most of the day mulching leaves and making our yard look like someone actually lives here.

To be honest with you now that I look at this I’m not really crazy about the colors.
Oh well I will finish it anyway and maybe wear it when I walk the babies.
Me and Scruffy chilling. I love the way the light filters through the room but it makes it hard to see the t.v.
Leftovers for lunch while I worked on this blog post. Check out my screen saver. HA!!!
Molly is letting me know it is time for our walk.
This little snuggle bug did not want to get up today.
One of my sweet co-workers brought me this snowman. I love him!

I made spaghetti for dinner and continued to work on the dreaded hat. I will let you know how it turns out if I ever finish it.

I hope your weekend so far is fabulous!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings

  1. Adorable furry family members and I love your home, so pretty. I started getting ready for Christmas with a few items. We have yet to find our tree this year. This year we will be getting a live tree from an Arizona forest. You’re right, that photos does look like there is snow on the ground.


  2. This time of year is really hard on our hands. And with knitting and sewing and papercrafting, it all sucks what little natural oils we have left. We must remember to lather on the lotion when we are not crafting. I hope that your hat plays nice so that you can get it finished. You have a lovely home and your fur babies are so cute. What a sweet co-worker to gift you such an adorable snowman who looks perfect in his new home.
    My weekend went by so fast, so now I am still trying to tackle things on my to do list. Have a wonderful week and holdiay.

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    1. Thank you so much and yes I have really been applying the hand cream. I finally finished the hat and it’s not so bad after all. Some of the things I think will be so easy turn out to be the most troublesome. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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