Weekly Catch Up

Wow!! here it is Sunday again and back to work tomorrow. Do you or did you, if you are not working now, ever get the Sunday Scaries? Supposedly this happens on Sunday when people get anxious about returning to work the following day. It could be any day before you return to work from time off. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday. I do get the Sunday Scaries a lot. I love my job and I really don’t hate returning to it. I think it is just the fact that I like to be home doing the things I love without interruption and plenty of time to do them. Sunday Scaries is the total emotional opposite of Thank God It’s Friday. Oh well neither of those feelings last very long anyway. So how was your week? It was a very rainy week here with wind and cold and some local flooding. Monday of course was a holiday but I had to work. Being in tourism there are very few holidays that we get off because that is when everyone else is off from work and traveling.

Wednesday I had to take our last kitty baby Sadie to get spayed. The last time she was scheduled to go with Izzy and it didn’t happen. That was just after Christmas. That particular morning we were in the garage trying to get Izzy and Sadie into the kitty crate. We got Izzy easily enough but Sadie is still scared and skittish and she darted away from us every time we got close. We finally took Izzy in by herself and rescheduled Sadie. We had to reschedule Sadie again so that I could take my sister to the doctor so it was just this past Wednesday that we finally got Sadie back in with the vet.

I was worried sick about trying to catch Sadie. I was on my own this time because Mark had to leave for work even earlier than I did. I went out early Wednesday morning and she and all the other kitties were waiting by the back step of the garage, I had closed the garage door the night before to help make it easier, and I just reached down and plucked her up. I put her in the crate until I got the kitty carrier and transferred her over. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. She however was very unhappy and let me know about it all the way to the vet. She did fine and I picked her up that afternoon on my way home from work. WHEW!!! I am so glad to have all five of the new kitties spayed and neutered.

We have had so much rain that schools have been closed, buses couldn’t get through a lot of the back roads. I have seen some of the fields near our house flooded like I have never seen before. It’s crazy!!

We have a little car that belongs to my mother in law. It is literally the car that the little lady only drove to church and back. When she moved into the assisted living center and could no longer drive we kept the car for awhile. But we really didn’t need it and she needed the money from the sale of the car so we decided to sell it. It sold really fast and we were supposed to sign the car over on Friday. I called a local car cleaning service and they came on Thursday and picked the car up while I was at work. They washed and waxed the car and shampooed the interior and brought it back to me. It looked fabulous. I had had the oil changed on Tuesday morning. Mark delivered the car on Friday and now it is no longer sitting in my driveway taking up space. I do love that.

We still haven’t gotten the new gate painted. It does look much better. If you missed the story on our new gate you can check it out here: The Gate Story. I was very unhappy about it to start with but after some tweaking and taking away some of the board work It looks much better. I think it will look great when it is painted and shrubs are put around it.

Friday was a long day. I had lunch with my friend Lorie, we were craving Mexican and it was so good. But the best part was just catching up with each other. We realized we had not seen each other since just before Christmas!!! That is crazy and we will definitely have to work on that. I stayed late at work so that I could be in town for a funeral that night. I took some extra clothes with me to work and changed into those. Usually my work clothes are pretty casual and I can wear a sweatshirt or hoodie with our attractions’ name on it. I do this especially in the winter when the crowds are down. I didn’t get home until about 8:00 so that made for a long and tiring day. I think I was in bed by 9:00. I have been watching Ozark and I watched one episode of that before getting into bed.

Saturday was grocery day so I bought groceries and did a few things around the house. I bought another Orchid. I may be slightly obsessed with them. I have been wanting a yellow one and I found one that I loved. I brought it home and introduced it to the two others. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have named all three of them. I KNOW!!!! Mark and I went to visit his mother and take her some groceries. We got take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant in Sweetwater and headed home to feed and walk all the babies. I watched a couple of episodes of Ozark and worked on the temperature blanket I am crocheting. I can’t wait to show you what it looks like so far. I am only two months in and you do a row a day with the color depending on the temperature.

Sunday, today, it was cold and rainy a good day to just stay in and read, knit, or crochet since I am working on the temperature blanket, watch Ozark and chill with the family. I made blueberry muffins. I forgot to drain the blueberries before dumping them in the batter so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out but they were sooooo good. I will have plenty for the rest of the week. We had cheeseburgers for dinner with sweet potato fries, easy and yummy. How was your week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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