Hello Monday!!

Hello friends I know I haven’t been around this past week. It has been a sad sad week and a half. My two boy kitties, Milo and Buster went missing over a week ago. We have a terrible coyote population in this area but we had never had problems with them before. Of course we never had small animals outside either. Even when Molly stayed outside she was a pretty big girl. So we fear the worst. On the Friday that Milo went missing I found a lot of his fur in the side of the yard and down closer to the lake. His fur was so thick and distinct having that beautiful orange color. I can’t tell you how awful it was finding his fur. I gathered it up and put it in a bag. I blamed myself because I wasn’t there when it happened. I never found any of Buster’s hair but he was very short haired. Since we didn’t find blood or bodies of the kitty babies we hoped and prayed maybe they had gotten away and were hiding somewhere and would be back home. As each day goes by my hopes of this are less and less. People have told me that male cats will take off, even after they have been neutered, and return even weeks later. I have my doubts about Milo and Buster though. We don’t really live near a lot of houses and they were such home bodies. They stayed right near the house and usually in the garage where I had all their kitty toys and beds. I have a kitty call that I do for them each night to get them into the garage. I would sit in the garage and do this call and they would come in one by one. After they went missing I walked through the woods and drove up and down the main road doing my kitty call. I am sure if anyone heard it they probably thought I had totally lost my mind. Oh well, it sort of felt like I had.

Milo, the orange kitty, and Buster you will never be forgotten. We still pray for a miracle that you might return to us.

The other kitties miss them terribly. Mama kitty and Buster were best friends and went everywhere together. They would stand close to each other with their tails wrapped around each other. Mama now sits on the driveway staring out like she is looking for them. The other two girls, Izzy and Sadie seem traumatized so I am not sure what all they saw if it was coyotes that got them. I can’t really bring myself to even think about that. I make sure the garage door is down at night and I never let the kitties out before daylight anymore. We have a lot of lights around our house and I always thought the babies were safe. I have never killed an animal in my life but if I see a coyote on my property in my yard I will not hesitate to shoot it.

I think people who don’t have a love of animals or have pets just don’t fully understand the loss that you feel over losing one of your fur babies. I have cried a million tears and searched constantly for them and pray that by some miracle they will return. That is all I will say about that right now.

Luckily my week was pretty busy and I am thankful to have my mind occupied. I had a dental appointment early Monday morning. I went to Sister Lunch with the sisters. I finished two scarves and got them washed and blocked. I worked on the temperature blanket and another scarf I am making. I binge watched Ozark. I took several walks with the babies. I have also been trying to get a daily walk either on my treadmill or at work. The temps were great last week getting up into the seventies it felt almost like summer. Then just as East Tennessee weather has a tendency to do we had a huge snow over the weekend, well huge for us anyway. We only got about three inches up in our area but some of the surrounding areas got six and seven inches. On Saturday the high temperature barely reached 30 degrees. So the temperature blanket has been getting a lot of color. I will show you a progress update on that at the end of the month. On Saturday morning I went out early and took a lot of pictures of the snow. I will have more of them on Wordless Wednesday. It was such a beautiful heavy snow and just the way I love it it was gone by the next day.

This gray scarf is one of the two I finished. It has so many shades of gray and the yarn was soft and easy to work with. This was an easy lace pattern.
This scarf had no special pattern just straight mindless knitting which has come in handy for me lately.
I added another orchid to my orchid family it was on sale at Walmart half off so I just couldn’t resist. You can also see my Aloe vera plant peeping through. He was doing very poorly in the kitchen window and I moved him onto this table and he is doing so much better.

I have missed being in this space with you. I enjoy my time spent here but it was really hard to put any words to anything because I was missing my kitty babies so bad. I have lost many fur babies through the years and it is terrible each and every time but finding Milo’s fur and just having him and Buster disappear like they did has just broken our hearts. We cherish our babies and keep them close to us.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday!!

  1. Lisa, I’m hoping for the best for your cats. I’ve also found that you just never know with male cats! Your crafting and orchids are beautiful. I hope they’re helping you through this difficult time!


  2. OH.NO. Let’s pretend for a moment that they are two young adult males who went off on a bender, looking for chicks, and realized they can’t do anything with them. Now they are embarrassed, holed up somewhere, and afraid to come home. I pray that they’ll come strutting out of the trees like nothing happened. ❤❤

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  3. So sorry to hear about your kitties. It must have been so devastating to find the orange kitty’s fur. I do hope that they avoided the cayote and that they will return soon.
    Your snow photos are really beautiful! We had a little snow this past Monday. Enough to cover the grass and deck. By the end of the day it was gone, Yay!
    Your scarves are beautiful. The gray one has a lovely pattern. The mindless knitting one has such rich, beautiful colors. Yay for mindless knitting. We all need some of that at times.
    I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to plants, but I keep trying. I have never had an orchid. I have heard they are hard to keep, so I haven’t bothered getting one. Yours are gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you so much for all the nice comments. Yes it was horrible finding the orange kitty fur. At first I tried to convince myself that it could be fur from another animal but it had that distinct orange color. When my husband came home I showed it to him and he said yes he was sure it was Milo’s fur. So far the orchids are doing great and I am trying to resist buying a white one, which I do not have, but I’m trying to be strong. I know they will lose their blooms soon but hopefully they will come back. I just love the colors and learning so much about them.

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